YouTube Advert: Why God? [Kylo Edition] by Tiwaking in Tiwaking

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You see ads on youtube? Why?

Police surveillance planes to fly above Baltimore in 2020 The city of Baltimore will soon be monitored by three surveillance airplanes by codedtestament in WorldNews

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Virginia still has its guns and doesn't need that.

Childs profile on gay sex site got offers from over 100 men, pride activists by useless_aether in pedogate

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I think supply is short of demand here. There is going to be rationing. The question is if it's price rationing.

But it's probably a cop catfishing anyway.

Damn Socialists by EndlessSunflowers in conspiracy

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Germany and Korea also have faster internet, and they let companies set prices however they want including pay per gig over residential wired. Yeah, private industry produces bad results when you don't let pricing work.

By the Numbers: Is the Porn Industry Connected to Sex Trafficking? by offendedsexregister in whatever

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The best solution to this problem is to get rid of copyright. Media markets require risk to non-paying individuals to function. Copyright has produced mostly garbage. Some of the best works were produced before it (for free if you could print it). And if it helps enable human trafficking then it's not worth it.

the finest SoCal residents by [deleted] in CringeAnarchy

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The? I count like four.

Man can't stop laughing at the ending of new Star Wars movie by kokolokoNightcrawler in MovieAnalysis

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Part of me wants to know why this movie sucks without seeing it, but everything I've seen on youtube are 1:30:00 analysis. At that point I could just see the bad film.

Man can't stop laughing at the ending of new Star Wars movie by kokolokoNightcrawler in MovieAnalysis

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I don't know that much Spanish but he's telling a story about hitting a kid with a shoe, "La Chancla".

It's a relatively well know feature of spanish culture that La Chancla is the motherly weapon of choice, but unlike a belt or a switch it has distance. This provides constant fear in children.

“Accuse Your Enemy Of What You Are Doing, As You Are Doing It To Create Confusion.” --Karl Marx by useless_aether in quotes

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What did he say that others do, that they don't do, that he does instead?

“Accuse Your Enemy Of What You Are Doing, As You Are Doing It To Create Confusion.” --Karl Marx by useless_aether in quotes

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I noticed someone commented this on the same thread in Voat.

Seen this quote ascribed to Marx, Goebbels and the CIA.
Pretty meta, no?

the problem with illegal immigration by futurefunk in politics

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It's also irresponsible to your children. If I went to go live in China illegally and had the gaul to attempt to have children there, when I get deported or jailed I'm leaving my kids to fend for themselves or have the government look after them.

I'm pretty anarchist, but while the law exists you cannot be a criminal and have children and be a good person. People complain about families being seperated.. yeah, a bunch of irresponsible people did stupid shit while they have kids.

If we sent the parents to jail instead of deported them the kids would have the same problem.

Of course you get rid of government and taxes and programs all of a sudden the lure of the sweet life goes away and they stop coming. Any successful nation with a mixed economy is going to replace its population generation to generation when the people who would be on the receiving end of a mixed economy move to it. I've yet to see a country with that kind of migratory pressure enact any law that prevented immigration.

Study: 46% of homosexual men reported homosexual molestation when children (only 7% of the heterosexual men reported it) by Orangutan in whatever

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That's pretty fucked up.

Study: 46% of homosexual men reported homosexual molestation when children (only 7% of the heterosexual men reported it) by Orangutan in whatever

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I torrented too much. Like click the magnet link and find out whats in it afterwards level of torrenting. Some CP went through the network and cops saw it. I was charged with possession of child pornography. I wanted to fight it but my lawyer (one of the few decent ones) convinced me rightly so that its a kangaroo court on this issue and I'd loose. Because they can charge pretty much anyway they want on that I could have faced a life sentence if I fought it and they adjusted the charges. Such is the retribution you receive if you don't take a plea deal. It really is compelled testimony and a violation of the 5th amendment. On the other hand taking a plea deal I was likely to get straight probation because of the inseverity of my case. I'm one of two people that lawyer has ever gotten straight probation on those charges for and he does this full time for a little over a decade in his current practice (such was the in inseverity of my case).

I still have a really really hard time finding work because of it.

On the second issue you raised, I am religious so I won't absolutely deny the possibility but I don't know anything about that. I think it has a lot more to do with attempting to reapproach subjects that caused trauma. They say that if you have ptsd from war that you should play first person shooters. Most people run from their trauma but they want to readdress it on their own schedule. I know one guy who when he was a kid his brother and his brother's friend made him suck their dicks. Years later he got charged with possession of child porn. He's a decent guy, and a father who never did anything to his own kids (there are polygraphs involved). I guess he wanted to feel some sense of familiarity with the subject that caused him trauma.

Study: 46% of homosexual men reported homosexual molestation when children (only 7% of the heterosexual men reported it) by Orangutan in whatever

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I know a lot about this because I'm a registered sex offender. I've had to be in the same groups as many other kinds of offenders, including gays and child molesters, throughout the process. I've also interacted with many different psychologists who are experts on this very thing, and lawyers who are too.

There are maybe a couple facts I'd like to bring up but the most immediate and direct conclusion is that abuse within homosexuality seems to be the only abuse that is strongly viral, and it chains off into other kinds of non-viral abuse too.

One thing they ask you when you complete a psych assessment (per-sentancing) is about any homosexual interest. The main reason why they ask about it is because in that kind of assessment is designed to estimate the level of danger you might contribute to society if given less time and allowed to be free. The main issue is that gays are much more likely to produce violent offenses while heterosexuals will either just look at porn (illegal) or gain concent from someone who is younger than some would like (or more likely get catfished by a cop). But the thing is in 90% of heterosexual offending behavior no one actually got hurt as a direct result of their actions. With gays it's a different story.

One thing I've learned from Milo is that all gays exist in a pedophile culture, even if they aren't involved directly. I've also met many gays myself who can confirm this. Gays regularly engage in non-monogamous behavior and often do it at parties. At such parties under age boys are almost always present as a given.

When I attended a mandatory psych-group, half of the people were molested themselves as children, and the majority who committed legit crimes like molestation were. Only three in all the people I met were there for gay things and 100% of them were molested. One of them was a really sad story. He actually grew up in a prison in Iraq at 8. You can guess how that went. About half of the people who had looked at heterosexual child porn were molested homosexually.

About half the people in there, and 80% of the people in there for actual harm were the bi-product of gay molestation. All non-gay offenders never committed an offense that would have vectored.

The result is that if you could somehow end homosexual molestation you would cut down the majority of harmful sex offenses.

I guess my message is generally that there is a moral panic in this country and it often gets out of hand and leads to punishing people in ways that violate the 8th amendment and the basis of the punishment is often depends on logical fallacy, which is common with moral panic, but in relaying that message I don't want to mislead people from a genuine truth that there is something here on this homosexual issue. It's actually one of the few areas worth addressing, but I hope that society can address it with more rationality than they addressed my issues.

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." - Martin Luther King, Jr. by magnora7 in quotes

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D = CV*min(1,FR/FV)-CR. FR is the risk applied to people who don't pay. D becomes zero when FR is zero. Increasing CR even to multiples of FR will never resolve the issue because a distribution minus a distribution with both of them having both positive and near zero extents will result in a distribution with a positive extent. Similar issues are relevant to the drug war.

In practical terms CR (risk of commercial activity) is much smaller than FR because generating FR is so much cheaper to do (finding people torrenting) than addressing CR. Police put most of their effort into generating FR thinking that they are helping. More money goes into it and more effect is generated per dollar. It's a three fold problem. More money, more effect per dollar, more impact on the demand curve per amount of risk generated, just happens to be in the exact opposite direction of anything useful. One is a multiplicative effect (with limits) and the other is subtraction (with limits tied to the fact that we are dealing with distributions that make it a bit more like an exponential decay on the area under the demand curve which is roughly proportional to resulting market volume).

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." - Martin Luther King, Jr. by magnora7 in quotes

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Implementing a prohibition to child pornography has the same economic effect as instituting a copyright for it because it applies risk to people who don't pay which enables a coordination between supply and demand that previously didn't exist. Because of it the production rate of child pornography has sky rocketed since it became a felony matter at the federal level.

I will not be silent. Judges are fucking uneducated on economics.

Guns and the left: I’m an anarchist. Guns aren’t just for right-wingers. by sawboss in firearms

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I'm talking about socialism with guns. Once the price fixing (or lack of prices all together) have their effect people are not going to take it. Socialism would be dead pretty quickly.

Conspiracy theories are dangerous—here’s how to crush them by [deleted] in ConspiracyHeadlines

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Isn't the speculation that speculation is dangerous itself speculation and therefore dangerous.

I guess that didn't disprove their point entirely because it isn't a contra-example. What they are saying is dangerous.

Who Inflicts the Most Gun Violence in America? The U.S. Government and Its Police Forces by dcjogger in politics

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The title isn't well crafted for that. I agree with your point and the per capita is hugely relevant though.

The smallest population group description I can find that is responsible for a majority rhymes with Wack People.

Bill Clinton's Alleged Son Pleads with Monica Lewinsky For Help with DNA Test by Tom_Bombadil in whoadude

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Is he Bill's son?

That depends on what the definition of is is.

Can you think of anything more disgusting than a chink tranny with a coldsore? by coontoons in AskSaidIt

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A black tranny with a coldsore. You know I'm right.

"I look at each issue on its own merit. Partisan politics don't matter. It only matters whether something is good for the American people or not. That’s why many have a hard time figuring me out. I don’t play their games. I don’t fit in their boxes." Tulsi Gabbard by EndlessSunflowers in quotes

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It looks like someone's polling identified what people want to hear.

I don't listen to what any candidate says in this period. It's all manufactured.

I laugh when someone says "I really like what this candidate has to say." So you really like their polling data? Smart.

I will use what they say against them though. Like if they say they would give free health care to illegal immigrants then I know there is a risk of the US becoming the world's health care provider. Like if you would do that for someone who traveled here illegally wouldn't you do it for someone who traveled here legally but isn't a citizen? So now we get NHS lines but with the whole world in line.

I'll also believe what they are saying if it goes against polling data. Like when Ron Paul said he would legalize heroine. I'll believe that.

Guns and the left: I’m an anarchist. Guns aren’t just for right-wingers. by sawboss in firearms

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That would get ugly.

Fellow pedosexuals: How young is too young for YOU? by badno in AskSaidIt

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Technically not pedo myself but I don't believe in sex before marriage, but as young as 16 can be interesting to me. Would date if I could. (and most of civilization did before me). As young as 14 can be fun to flirt with just for the fun of flirting. As young as 12 can be interesting to look at porn wise. They fucking love giving bjs. But I prefer older in that department. Like you said, what is the youngest. Well that's the youngest.

EU Intellectual Property Office Produces Dumbest Propaganda Film Ever, Pretending Without IP There Is No Creativity by zyxzevn in propaganda

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Oh, so media doesn't get made without applying risk to non-paying parties.

Then explain to me how your laws about child porn make any sense?