Is this real? Alleged drone arson footage from Liveleak. by nothingtosee in conspiracy

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Found it first on twitter, just the video, googled around until I found that liveleak page.

Why Trans Identified Males are not seen as a threat by many, and the females that are OK with them. by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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This was actually the cause of my "peak trans" moment. I started hanging out more with a TIM and they were allll up in my space. And seriously, it would've been weird to have a female friend this up in my space. But this felt 100% like what it was... a male-bodied person with five inches and sixty pounds+ on me, who was obviously attracted to me, using what excuse they could to be snuggly with me. It took forever to get the courage to tell them to stop in any fashion and literally I just told them I was in trauma therapy and needed more body space. This person is part of my husband's main friend group so if it were just me, sure, let people think I'm transphobic. But I felt very aware that calling out this person in a not-perfectly-delicate way could have lost my husband his whole friend group. My trans-movement support broke with that.