[TRA apologist] Glenn Greenwald resigns from the Intercept following dispute over Biden story - The Washington Post by notgonnabenice in GenderCritical

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Idk, it's the title I took from ovarit, linked above. If you have an account, you could ask for specifics? Maybe he changed. The only thing I'm aware about him is the Coleman sob story.

Cisgendered menstruators want to erase my identity | Jarvis Dupont | Spectator USA by notgonnabenice in GenderCritical

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I think they relaxed that rule on Ovarit. This was allowed recently. As long as the info reported is true, it should be used since there aren't enough media sources covering this to be picky about political leanings.

[TRA apologist] Glenn Greenwald resigns from the Intercept following dispute over Biden story - The Washington Post by notgonnabenice in GenderCritical

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Glenn really knows how to throw a temper tantrum. He goes on and on about integrity but just a few months ago wrote a glowing article about the redemption of the misogynistic Aaron Coleman, who is currently the D nominee for State Rep in KS.

Not once did Glenn ever reach out to Coleman’s previous partners, who days later all told the press with proof Coleman did not change. He had beaten up his last girlfriend just months before he was sobbing to Glenn about how he grew up poor and grew so much from sending revenge nudes while he was 12. Glenn has went out of his to defend Coleman and how we shouldn’t judge people for the the mistakes they made as kid. Never did Glenn ever contact the victims of Coleman’s actions, instead painted Coleman as the real victim. However, Coleman’s behavior when he was 12-13 was indication of his deep seeded misogyny which continues to this very moment.

The proof got so bad, that Ryan Grim (another Intercept reporter) had to write an another article. The Intercept editors were completely fine publishing this misogynistic garbage.

Stripped of women’s records, transgender powerlifter asks, ‘Where do we draw the line?’ (Great comments section) by notgonnabenice in GenderCritical

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Some other comments

2) Trans women: We are women in every way and any suggestion to the contrary is a form of violence. Also trans women: We don't mind if our actions undermine a century of progress in women's sports and the enormous benefits that have accrued to female athletes who are finally getting a limited share of the sports pie, so long as we get what we want.

With friends like this, who needs enemies?

3) "Two weeks later, she is still hurt and angry, as the larger sports world continues to wrestle with defining and imposing gender classifications, finding a balance for competition that’s both fair and inclusive."

Regardless of how Mary Gregory feels, biologically she is not a female and should not have competed against biological women because she has them at a disadvantage. I'm sure the women who competed against her were "hurt and angry" when they found out that a biological male beat them. They probably also felt cheated. There is a reason why there are separate categories for male and female weightlifters. Maybe she should petition for a 3rd category if she is truly looking for a "fair and inclusive" solution to a problem that will continue to grow as more people identify as another sex.

4) As a 54 year old recreational lifter who didn't start lifting until I was 50 and works my ass off, I can say that there is no way that any biological woman could do what she did, starting as an amateur so late in life. I simple do not buy that she had so little self-awareness that she didn't look around the gym and realize that her frame, musculature and abilities were way beyond other woman her age. One would think that someone who has transitioned would have a pretty good grasp on the biological differences that can not altered by drugs or surgery. Instead she choose to brag about awards that an ounce of self-awareness would have told her were not fairly her due.

1 year ago As a female competitive lifter, I agree with you. I completely support transgender rights and I hope there is a fair solution, but this is uncharted territory, and letting her compete in the women's division is simply not fair. She could compete in a non-drug-tested fed, but her numbers would get blown out of the water because they're simply not that high, especially for her weight class.

1 year ago If you completely support transgender rights, you must allow this. Unfortunately, most people do not see anything concerning about the transgender movement until it wanders into their backyard.

1 year ago Why must we support ignoring biology to accommodate a personal perception ? NO matter what you feel like, biology says XY are males.

1 year ago (Edited) "These chromosome are amazing! So there's males, and there's females, you say? Golly, I can't wait to start running tests on everyone so they can know which one they are." - Some scientists in the 1890s on discovering sex distinctions

Oh wait, no, sex isn't just chromosomes, biology is all kinds of complicated, and people and society are radically free.

1 year ago gadu, at first I was going to disagree with you but I gave it a second thought and realize how true this is with most things of a controversial nature. 1 year ago But in that case of competing in a different fed, would the athlete need to make claims of taking transition hormones? Or could Gregory compete with natural male physiology? Even juiced women can't compete with unaltered men.

1 year ago They all do. The cyclists, the runners, the MMA fighter, they all know they have an advantage and anyone paying attention to the results knows it. Trying to argue otherwise is absurd. Sports were so important to me growing up and still are. It breaks my heart to think of girls and women being pushed out of their own sports. The rugby team that was so important to me in college would have looked really different under these new rules.

1 year ago She’s got the ego of a male, for sure.

5) 1 year ago (Edited) I believe every person should be free to live their lives as they deem appropriate for themselves.

That said, there are aspects of life to which our bodies might not be acceptable, such as sports competitions.

Semanya, the runner from South Africa, is the perfect example. While she considers herself a female, her biology states otherwise and gives her a biological advantage over other women runners. Based on that, she has recently been disqualified from competing against women in some venues of running.

All of us can't do everything we want to do, no matter how bad it hurts.

6) 1 year ago It's been said before, correctly, but I'll say it again - A trans person, previously male identifying as a woman, competing in a sport where a male has an advantage by virtue of their natural physiology, should not be competing against naturally born women. It's not a matter of "identification" it's a matter of physiology. The average man is, in the majority of cases, bigger and stronger than the average woman. You cannot get around that, no matter what sort of post-grad social justice pretzel logic is used.

It's interesting that athletics, the one realm left where physiology and merit count above all else, leaves absolutely no room for interpretation (you either win or you don't, you're either the best or you aren't) and goofy "social justice" politricking simply has no bearing whatsoever.

Stripped of women’s records, transgender powerlifter asks, ‘Where do we draw the line?’ (Great comments section) by notgonnabenice in GenderCritical

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Usernames couldn't copy over, but each reply begins with a posting date.

1) most liked thread

1 year ago I'm trans, MtoF, and I am stronger than most women yet haven't touched a weight in 6 years and I'm on enough estrogen to feminize a male Clydesdale. I'm sorry if these people can't understand it, but if you transition, you lose the ability to compete with natal folks. Period, end of story. And yes, idiot, it's all about exposure to testosterone. If you've ever been exposed to normal male levels of T, you can't compete with women. Natal men's T levels are 600-1200 while a "normal" natal female's are 0-60. My levels have been zero for 6 years, and I can't lose the strength, god knows I'd like to, but I can't. Can't get rid of the muscle mass either. I'm a serious progressive, but I have to be real. Transitioning means choices, and giving up the ability to compete in athletics is one of the repercussions.

1 year ago You are right, of course. I would suggest that anyone should be able to compete as a "male" athlete, regardless of gender. The "female" category should be reserved for those who never had male sex hormones building easy muscle.

1 year ago (Edited) This stuff really upsets me. I feel it puts transpeople, and specifically transwomen, in a negative light. BTW, it's "transgender" not "transgendered", and yes, she is a she, if she has done everything necessary. Becoming a female, i.e. transitioning, takes enormous amounts of resources, time, and sacrifice. Self identifying is not appropriate, one must have the appropriate surgery and be certified by a doctor. I'm sorry if hearing this isn't palatable, but if you haven't checked all the boxes, you are still a guy. Don't have the money, sorry, still a guy. Don't want to have the surgery, sorry, still a guy. we as a society have to have definitions and standards. Being a female is enormously hard and you have to give up your previous life. Powerlifting is a guy thing. She should take up running, and just enjoy life.

1 year ago I'm usually on the far liberal side on gender issues - but I do agree being under a year transitioned in your mid-forties is disqualifying. I have no issue letting her compete at meets in the female class to help form competitive bonds and participate, but she should not be eligible for records or trophies until at least 7 years of documented transitional treatment.

But I do take issue with your saying surgery is a necessary part of the equation, if you don't get it "still a guy" - that is insulting and narrow-minded - being a woman or man in society is far more than what's between your legs - it's about what's between your ears. Also, I take issue that you say powerlifting is a "guy" thing shows a disregard for the very critique of gendered behaviors that gave you a chance to exist in this world as your true self - you can think that activity is ill-suited for yourself now and a relic of who you used to be - but to determine another's personal passions as "wrong" for their gender reinforces stereotypes that we don't need in our lives. It gets weaponized very easily by the transphobic and homophobic.

1 year ago Yet what's between my ears gets discounted because of what's between my legs on a regular basis. That's what being a woman is. Can't deal with it? Don't buy the ticket.

1 year ago Just pointing out that power lifting isn’t just a “guy” thing. Women do it, too.

1 year ago

But I do take issue with your saying surgery is a necessary part of the equation, if you don't get it "still a guy" - that is insulting and narrow-minded - being a woman or man in society is far more than what's between your legs - it's about what's between your ears. 

Women do not have penises. Period.

1 year ago Surgery doesn't make you female. You are still XY regardless. Female of the species are XX . Yes, there are outliers with a different combination but they are the exception.

1 year ago Even after all the surgery, every cell of that body will still be genetically male.

1 year ago Very well said, thank you. When a person makes a choice then the best thing to do is live with the consequences, not pretend that none exist.

Best wishes.

1 year ago Thank you for your comment.

1 year ago (Edited) great post, thanks. I do feel however like the lifter was cheating and was aware of it. 1 year ago Anybody who can come up with a self-deprecating wisecrack like " I'm on enough estrogen to feminize a male Clydesdale" has the ability to put things in perspective.

Thank you for a wonderful, honest, informative post—from a person qualified to give us an inside view. And thank you for sharing.

1 year ago Also trans, agree completely. After male puberty you have advantages that never go away, and it’s not fair to compete with natal women. Intersex is where the real grey area is, but for trans post-puberty transition nope nope nope. Just don’t.

1 year ago This^ As a female former collegiate athlete, I think there is a lack of understanding among some about the huge and lasting difference testosterone makes in strength and power.

1 year ago Well said. Like everyone, I too have factors that limit what I am able to do in life. For example I was born with very crappy eyesight so even though I have great vision with glasses I was unable to get a promotion I wanted into field investigative work. We are all born with limitations on what we can do: whether physical, intellectual, mental, economic, or otherwise. We all need to embrace what we can do and accept what we cannot. I think professional sports should be an area where you only compete against those whose gender you were born into. Otherwise you need to sit out the competitions.

1 year ago Thank you for the honesty and a great post. A lot of people in this world could take a reality lesson from you, much to their potential benefit.

Cisgendered menstruators want to erase my identity | Jarvis Dupont | Spectator USA by notgonnabenice in GenderCritical

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Stripped of women’s records, transgender powerlifter asks, ‘Where do we draw the line?’ (Great comments section) by notgonnabenice in GenderCritical

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Gregory, 44, says she never misled anyone. Two weeks later, she is still hurt and angry, as the larger sports world continues to wrestle with defining and imposing gender classifications, finding a balance for competition that’s both fair and inclusive.

“I felt like they were invalidating my gender and my identity,” said Gregory, who began hormone replacement treatment a year ago and feels she should be allowed to compete alongside any other female.


"The Disturbing History of Research into Transgender Identity" (this article is far more disturbing) by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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Wokeness being passed off as "science" yet again this time by a "physician-scientist."

What good science shows us is that when we accept transgender people, they thrive.

The article links to a NYT Opinion piece written by the same author. "Jack Turban is a research fellow at Yale School of Medicine, where he lectures on the treatment of transgender and gender-nonconforming youth."

Critics point to flawed studies that suggest that roughly 80 percent of prepubescent children ultimately change their minds about being transgender. Even if this were true, would it have been worth forcing Hannah to live as a boy, putting her at risk for depression and perhaps suicide? Though going back to a boy’s name and boys’ clothes would probably be hard, even a small risk of suicide is scarier.

At this point, data on the benefits of early social transition is scarce. But this year researchers at the University of Washington published a study based on 63 transgender youth who were allowed to socially transition. They found that their levels of anxiety and depression were just about indistinguishable from their non-transgender peers.

Course at Berkeley (formerly prestigious US uni, but also Home of Judith Butler) teaches that sex is a social construct. I need to find a way to tell my body that. by BEB in GenderCritical

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Height is a social construct. There's no difference between a petite person and a tall person. If you think there's a difference, you're a heightphobe. How dare you invalidate a short person's hard work to be their real tall self by wearing high heels?

The Federalist: Trans demands aren't human rights by WrongToy in GenderCritical

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Is that something about posting conservative news links?

TiF porn-apologist Buck Angel pleads, “Please do not call transgender women men. They are transgender women…It will not move us forward #coexist” by BEB in GenderCritical

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It's not even about using transwomen and transmen. Apparently, it's transphobic to not put a space in between. TRAs want trans women and trans men which they'll use as a launching point for trans women are just a subset of women, TWAW, rather than TWATW.

TiF porn-apologist Buck Angel pleads, “Please do not call transgender women men. They are transgender women…It will not move us forward #coexist” by BEB in GenderCritical

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There's no difference between saying TWAW and using the term transgender women to refer to males.

Is there really any room for Gay men to speak up on Gender Critical? by Kai_Decadence in GenderCritical

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I thought I'd give you a heads up in case this place gets deserted when Ovarit stops being invite-only. It is women-centric, not female only, so you can join if you want. https://www.ovarit.com/o/Announcements/6103/notes-on-who-can-join-ovarit-and-our-culture

‘More girls in hell’: The ethics of Maïmouna Doucouré’s film, ‘Cuties’ by notgonnabenice in GenderCritical

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More nuanced than I anticipated, the film was one more cultural artifact in a long line of “Exhibit As,” demonstrating that girls are under siege. Beyond outrage, I just felt sad, overwhelmed by what girls are up against as they are rushed down a steel-jaw trapped path on their way to “womanhood.”

Cuties is essentially a warning about what happens when we throw girls to the Big Tech/Big Porn/Big Pop Culture wolves: abandoning them to porn-inspired prescriptions about how they should act and be in the world. It is a social critique of what follows when we dismantle the guardrails and allow a misogynistic, violent, exhibitionist, internet culture to ravage girls — a culture that trains them to wield their immature bodies as currency; a culture that encourages girls on the outskirts of sexual maturity to present themselves as sexually mature and knowing; a culture that urges them to weaponize the limited tools at their disposal.

Are We in the Midst of a Transgender Murder Epidemic? | Quillette by notgonnabenice in GenderCritical

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Fake news, 150% and 1000% respectively. hashtag mathisoppression hashtag reclaimmath /s

Feminism is not an inclusive human rights movement but a partisan exercise in exclusion | Post Millenial by notgonnabenice in GenderCritical

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This article by a woman criticizes feminism and mentions GC. The author shared this background on twitter regarding the article. https://porlawright.com/2015/12/18/when-is-a-feminist-not-a-feminist/

Specific GC mentions:

1) As documented in the British Library archives, the controversy was intense in a movement that was already riven with disagreements between anti-porn radical feminists demanding a pornography ban, and free speech radical feminists who opposed such censorship. These anti-porn radical feminists are the same feminists today, derisively labelled TERF's by trans activists and intersectional feminists.

2) While radical feminists battle intersectional feminists for the right to female only places, it was radical feminists who, decades ago, began campaigns to make same sex clubs illegal, and they are still doing it. The Garrick Club, one of the oldest "gentlemen's clubs" (no not that kind!) in London is being sued by a female lingerie tycoon because she cannot become a member, but is welcome everywhere in the club as a guest, as are other women. And this is happening while exclusive women's only clubs, such as The Wing, are popping up all over the shop! What's good for the goose is clearly not good for the gander.

3) These battling dogmatic demographics are vanishingly small yet have complete executive control of the debate. Trans activists and intersectional feminists need to understand, it's not TERFs they are fighting, it's just normal women who do not identify as feminist. Radical feminists need to understand that their theory does not represent what women want either. It has been clear for many years that feminism and women's rights are not one and the same thing and all creeds of feminisms, which necessarily sign up to ludicrous post modern, neo-Marxist, critical theories of the world and human nature, are fundamentally intellectually compromised in their supposed goal of social and moral amelioration.

Sen. Mazie Hirono scolds Amy Coney Barrett for using the term ‘sexual preference’, declining to mention its exclusive use by leftist TRAs to attack people for their orientation by jjdub7 in GenderCritical

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Her religious group inspired The Handmaid's Tale so it's not a coincidence.

Nothing says misogyny like defining feminism as equality for all by notgonnabenice in GenderCritical

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In the age of celebrity feminism and performative male feminists, the idea that feminism is about “equality for all genders” has become increasingly fashionable. And yet, to me, nothing says misogyny like defining feminism as equality for all—as if focusing a movement, or policy, or activism on women alone is taboo. Or too risky. The knee-jerk, “all lives matter” refusal to center women in this latest iteration of feminism is, I believe, a significant cause of the stalled gender revolution. We cannot address or end the systemic oppression of women if we refuse to center women in that fight. And that means reconsidering what we mean when we talk about equality and power.

Feminism as a politics is a movement among people, but as an ethics it begins as a movement within the self. I think this is where we have to begin: within the self. Social pressure and conformity are not qualities of independent thinking but dangerous omens of fascism and cultural decline. Instead of taking the definition of feminism as truth, we need to question what it is and what feminism means in this new century. We need to question the meaning of empowerment, and seek power rather than work to corrode it in others. We need to question equality, and whether we shouldn’t replace this desired ideal with that of freedom. We need to question the impulse to decenter women. We need to imagine what feminism looks like in action, in policy, and in society. And, then, we need to develop the strategies to achieve those ends.

Because the future of women’s existence depends on it.

Woman fired by restaurant after posting support for JK Rowling on Facebook. Started creating JK Rowling-supportive stuff to sell, but got canceled by ETSY for "hatred" of "protected groups." by BEB in GenderCritical

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Shared this on ovarit. I remember both of these incidents being posted here. She's brave to go on record.

perhaps a fellow employee, alerted Vanessa's boss, Mark Rodford, to her page. He called her out for posting "intolerant" content on Facebook. When she asked for an example, she says Rodford at first demurred, then finally, at her urging, pointed out a posting titled "I supported trans ideology until I couldn't anymore." Vanessa says he admitted to not having read the actual post, but insisted the title alone was sufficient to indicate it was harmful to trans people in "denying their reality." According to Vanessa, Rodford equated his employment of her with employment of a "racist."

Vanessa says she riposted that it is not intolerant to wish to protect women in their private spaces from sexual predators, nor should she be obliged to subscribe to the "religious belief" that surgery changes a person's biology. To this Rodford allegedly replied that this opinion was proof of her intolerance. (I informed Mark Rodford by email of Vanessa's allegations and invited his response as to their veracity, encouraging any further comments he cared to make regarding the incident, either by email or in a telephone interview, but I had no reply.)

To be clear, I have no wish for Mark Rodford or his business to be materially affected by this column. I am not calling for the mob to descend upon him in retaliation for his ill-considered treatment of Vanessa Vokey. I don't want The Cornerstone to lose a single takeout order on my account. Because that is not the way we anti-Wokesheviks operate. Indeed, I would have some sympathy for Mark Rodford if he had fired Vanessa because there was a mob of trans activists standing outside his restaurant screaming at him to do so on pain of a social media campaign denouncing him and his business. But there was no mob. He fired Vanessa off his own bat. So I have no sympathy whatsoever for him.

edit: Update found this via ovarit, Etsy reached out to Vanessa again and said the definition of woman is against their policies https://twitter.com/JessDeWahls/status/1316827224910295041

Rosie Duffield: ‘It feels like Gilead where women aren’t allowed to ask questions’ by jet199 in GenderCritical

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QotD: "The Labour LGBT committee (behind the hounding of Rosie Duffield) has 16 members.^

There is supposed to be 8 women on the committee and 8 men. But 4 of the "women" are biologically male.

So 12 males and 4 females.

Labour say that this is "gender balanced"."

Can we choose our own identity? | Kwame Anthony Appiah | Guardian by notgonnabenice in GenderCritical

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from discussion of this NY Times Ethicist article written by the same author on ovarit


in a liberal spirit, we could wonder: why not ditch the guards and adopt an open-border policy? Why not agree that people are whatever they say they are? We could follow the lead of Humpty Dumpty in Alice in Wonderland:

“I don’t know what you mean by ‘glory’,” Alice said. Humpty Dumpty smiled contemptuously. “Of course you don’t – till I tell you. I meant ‘there’s a nice knock-down argument for you!’” “But ‘glory’ doesn’t mean ‘a nice knock-down argument’,” Alice objected. “When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean – neither more nor less.”

By the logic of Humpty Dumpty, everyone should be able to assume whatever identity they choose. There’s glory for you.

Or maybe not. Like all the words in our language, the identity labels we use are a common possession. Were everybody to follow Humpty Dumpty’s example, we simply couldn’t understand one another. If Toni Morrison isn’t a black woman, the term isn’t doing any work. The ability to apply identity labels in a broadly consistent way is what allows us to use them to tell people who someone is, and so, in particular, to tell others who we are ourselves. It’s because there’s some agreement about menswear that “man” is a useful label when you’re shopping. And labelling ourselves only helps others if it can guide expectations about what we will think, or feel, or do. “Lesbian” isn’t much use if you’re looking for a partner on Bumble unless it signifies a woman who might be open to sex with another woman.

SNL Shits on JKR and Whole Other Misogynistic Monologue by Anon123 in GenderCritical

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I was a fan of Bill Burr. I'm going to have to watch this and see how bad it is when I have the time.

ovarit discussions

https://www.ovarit.com/o/GenderCritical/6056/snl-just-called-out-jkr-and-other-misogyny https://www.ovarit.com/o/GenderCritical/6034/did-anyone-see-tonight-s-snl

Can life-changing decisions be left to children? — The Times by notgonnabenice in GenderCritical

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Check the mod log.

Stephen King, Margaret Atwood - cowards, rape enablers and science deniers - sign open letter championing transgender demands by BEB in GenderCritical

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She was in the news recently for retweeting a junk science sex is a spectrum article from some magazine like National Geographic or the Smithsonian.

Stephen King, Margaret Atwood and Roxane Gay champion trans rights in open letter by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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“When JK got involved in [the debate in the UK over transgender rights] it gave a lot of legitimacy to something that before seemed fringey. It became more accepted, because people know JK from Harry Potter,” Johnson told Publishers Weekly on Thursday. “Sometimes you need to put your name on the line and say, ‘I don’t agree with what’s going on.’”

Fringey? That's how women would describe how a previously fringey group of males now gets to steamroll over women's rights and boundaries with the blessing of the establishment. These wokesters lose nothing and gain woke points for saying TWAW while GC women are the ones risking their livelihoods here to speak out.

ovarit discussion

Etsy bans 'I heart JK Rowling' items but carries 'F*** JK R' products by notgonnabenice in GenderCritical

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Rachel Rhys Veronica Ivy McKinnon is trying to get women bicyclists in trouble - Her Thighness is at it again... by BEB in GenderCritical

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ovarit discussion

great comment

“Kira Maximovich and a LOT of other US riders were VERY loudly cheering for Dawn after she lost her second ride to me in a VERY obvious ‘congrats on being first female’ way.”

Like... it’s not enough that this dude is allowed to compete in the women’s category despite being male. It’s not enough that he’s allowed to win the women’s category despite being male. No, that’s not nearly enough. Anyone, anywhere, who might cheer for a female human or acknowledge that she has excelled at her chosen sport by beating all other female humans needs to be silenced and/or destroyed - and until this happens, he is an oppressed victim. Only male people deserve glory in sports; female people need to shut up, accept their inferiority, and get back in the kitchen.

Prominent US biologist, Heather Heying, pushes back on the Uber Woke & Transwomen are Women by BEB in GenderCritical

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So to adults of all ages who have been captured, even just a little, by the new ideology, allow me this example of what the capture looks like. I will use the messaging of Trans Rights Activists, whom I distinguish from true trans people, the latter of which are extremely rare, and do not pretend that biology is a fiction. The Trans Rights Activists, however, would have us believe, among other things, that men can give birth—and they’ve got the New York Times going along with their fantasy.

Note that this is crazy talk. Five hundred million uninterrupted years of sexual reproduction in our lineage assures us that male and female are distinct phenomena. It is no less crazy than suggesting that plants are animals or that Europe is Australia. This is crazy talk, and no amount of social pressure changes that fact.

How, then, does the crazy idea spread?

When you object that, actually, men cannot give birth, your activist friend will look at you with sadness in her eyes, and a question: Why can you not just be generous and kind?

If you persist in your claim that men are not women, you will be shamed. And after a while, after repeated exposure to the thing-that-is-proclaimed-to-be-true-that-patently-is-not, you may begin to question your understanding of reality.

Now the activist will swoop in and ask you to cede small points. Because this isn’t your area of expertise, and in no way the hill you want to die on, you may accept them. Surely the only difference between men and women is chromosomes? What then do we make of chromosomal anomalies? Doesn’t this put the lie to biological sex? (To which accurate answers are: Male and female are far older than sex chromosomes. Complex systems are imperfect. And no, biological sex is real.)

But if instead you do cede small points, the activist will be so appreciative, and make another request: Can’t you go a little further? This is often more effective than brute force attempts to change thinking. You will be asked to “educate yourself!” and you will be provided the bad thinking of some over-educated and under-smart “experts” with which to do so. Beware arguments from authority, though. Track your logic back to first principles when you can.

If you resist the sad eyes and gentle words and attempts to re-educate you, the activist may move down the list of accepted actions: after shaming, perhaps gaslighting. Then smearing of your reputation, including outright lies. Threats of violence are a last resort—but only if you resist! The activist will assure you: it’s best not to resist. Accept the crazy talk, else you are inviting whatever happens to you. You are doing this to yourself!

Do not cede small points in order to keep the peace. The peace will not be kept this way. Cede small points, and you will be expected to cede more. Apologize for things you did not do, and you will be held accountable for those things, and more. This movement is cloaked so beautifully, as if it is a gift of freedom and justice for all. But it is not that. It brings division and destruction. Do not accept the horse at the gates.

UK Law Society dismisses the legal notion of "sex" & says law firms should abolish single sex spaces to make staff comfortable (except female staff, because what law firm needs female staff, amirite?) by BEB in GenderCritical

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Written by the Law Society's LGBT+ Committee but published and promoted to law firms without wider consultation of Law Society members, the template states that the Equality Act 2010 is not fit for purpose. It also dismisses sex, one of the protected characteristics under the Equality Act, as being based on stereotypes, placing a question mark over the Law Society's support for sex-based rights and issues.

the template also serves to codify more contentious positions.

It embeds in law firms the position that the Equality Act and the Gender Recognition Act 2004 (GRA) “fall short in protecting and assisting the trans and non-binary community".

Sex is real. The fact that some transgender people value gender identity over sex doesn't invalidate the importance of sex to women who can't identify out of their oppression. There's a reason why women fought for their own spaces. If someone has a different identity, fine, but people shouldn't be forced to participate in how others see themselves.

John Oliver - hypocrite by BEB in GenderCritical

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Fair enough. I only watch him occasionally if the topic interests me, so I'm not up to date at all about him.

John Oliver - hypocrite by BEB in GenderCritical

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Imo, a 2015 stance doesn't make him a true believer, especially since his segment was timed when it was after the Supreme Court ruling. Even a lot of GC people still hadn't peaked then.

This is probably a better example by the show's twitter with another JK Rowling quip. Even if he didn't write it, he probably gave the go-ahead so he's complicit at the very least. https://twitter.com/LastWeekTonight/status/1269679181815787520

John Oliver - hypocrite by BEB in GenderCritical

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Is the only joke at the 18:30 time stamp? https://www.ovarit.com/o/GenderCritical/5416/joke-about-jk-rowling-on-last-week-tonight-with-john-oliver

If it is, I agree with an ovarit commenter that it sounds more like an acknowledgment of what is happening rather than an endorsement of any position. If so, I will continue to watch Oliver as long as he doesn't become a TRA.

Senator Claire Chandler Takes Up The Fight To Preserve The Dignity Of Women’s Sport. by Doobeedoo661 in GenderCritical

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the complainant dropped his grievance with the Tasmanian Human Rights Commission at the eleventh hour because Senator Chandler refused to sign a confidentiality agreement, so that’s great news for her

She was wise to refuse the confidentiality agreement. There's no way a secret tribunal by holy "human rights" judges who saw enough to cause to hold the tribunal in the first place and a TRA is going to do anything but condemn her.

edit: this person seems to be the complainant, click to read crybullying last words 10/1 https://tasmaniantimes.com/2020/10/chandler-complaint-withdrawn/

9/23 Senator Chandler refuses to back down https://tasmaniantimes.com/2020/09/update-chandler-discrimination-complaint/

(long version) https://saidit.net/s/GenderCritical/comments/6jow/australia_senator_chandler_update/

John Oliver - hypocrite by BEB in GenderCritical

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I really liked his show too. I'm going to have to watch that episode when I have time and see for myself. I'm not too surprised though, leftist males think they are incapable of misogyny by virtue of being leftist. It doesn't work that way.

How do you join Ovarit? by Panchino in GenderCritical

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Contact flapyourwings the mod

Chris Uhlmann Questions Tasmania’s HRC - Thou Shalt Not Harm The Trans, Better Yet, Let’s Fuck Up Anyone Who Tries To. by Doobeedoo661 in GenderCritical

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In a free society, an individual’s right to make personal choices about the course of their lives should be respected and defended. But why should someone else’s subjective truth become an objective reality for the whole of society and the law used to enforce it?

Great article, thanks for sharing. The free speech angle might be the most important one for the resistance.

They only burn heretics in sorrow, for their own good and that of society. Zealots know those who defy them are sinners.

As if it wasn't apparent enough that it's a cult...

Barbie Kardashian now being held in custody in women's section of Limerick Prison by notgonnabenice in GenderCritical

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[Sept 2020] Julia D Robertson dropped by her publisher after JKR tweeted her article by notgonnabenice in GenderCritical

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I crossed it off the suspect list.

Eddie Redmayne flips and flops depending on which way public opinion looks to be going. Almost as if the streak of piss went to the same school as David Cameron and Boris Johnson. by jet199 in GenderCritical

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Fantastic Beasts 3 isn't out yet. Earning millions while denouncing the author especially since most people aren't TRAs isn't a good look, and meeting JKR on the red carpet would probably be too awkward if he couldn't say the bare minimum decent thing. If he believed she was as horrible as everyone said, the movie's done, but he should refuse to do press tours and tell everyone to boycott the film. That's what a true TRA ally would do, but these male feminists/TRAs never do. It's so easy for them to tell women to give up their hard-earned gains when they lose nothing and gain virtue signal points.

[Sept 2020] Julia D Robertson dropped by her publisher after JKR tweeted her article by notgonnabenice in GenderCritical

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Yes, I'm aware of how publications work. Imo, the drop in January statement doesn't sound right if her book publisher was going to drop her. Why include the time and if they were going to drop her why not right away? If they're not going to publish a book, it'd be strange to frame it as when they'll officially drop her, . A specific time being named makes it sound like there is still some more contract to run through, like the content creator situation you mentioned. Colloquially, I think people also use "publisher" for news sites, local newpapers, magazines, journals, or anything that publishes things. Aren't people also arguing that reddit and facebook might be "publishers"? It would be very hard to describe the situation like she did if it were Medium or Wordpress since they seem to just deplatform right away.

[Sept 2020] Julia D Robertson dropped by her publisher after JKR tweeted her article by notgonnabenice in GenderCritical

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Here's where she talked about being dropped but it doesn't mention which one. https://twitter.com/JuliaDRobertson/status/1309984278093103104

I was told I'm being dropped in January

This sounds more like a news or magazine than a book publisher

Julia Diana Ghassan Robertson is an award-winning Arab-American author and has contributed to Huffington Post, AfterEllen, Quillette, Curve, Feminist Current and more.

Maybe one of these. Perhaps she can't say because of her contract right now, but January will tell.

"I ❤️ JK Rowling" shining bright on 14 screens at Washington DC Metro network by notgonnabenice in GenderCritical

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https://imgur.com/saNIqWy Utah too according to ovarit

Take heart: /r/news pushing back against woke narrative by stitchedlamb in GenderCritical

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Not accounting for sex differences in Covid research could be deadly | Guardian by notgonnabenice in GenderCritical

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Not accounting for sex differences in Covid research could be deadly

Analysis suggests too little attention is paid to gender disparities in medical trials

Historically, medical research has often taken a one-size-fits-all approach, lumping women and men together despite growing evidence that the sexes differ in how they catch and fight disease.

A stark example was the heart drug digoxin, which was widely marketed in the late 1990s on the basis of a trial that showed it to be effective and safe. But over time a higher incidence of side-effects in women emerged. When the same dataset was analysed on the basis of sex, it showed digoxin decreased mortality in men – but increased mortality in women.

“Women are not just small men,” one expert said.

Covid-19 seems to be a case in point when it comes to differences between the sexes, with men thought to be up to twice as likely as women to die from the virus. But a new analysis suggests that scientists involved in the race to develop medical interventions for the coronavirus have paid little attention to these disparities.

In a still to be peer-reviewed study, researchers found that only 416 of the 2,484 Covid-19 clinical trials mention sex/gender as a recruitment criterion on the ClinicalTrials.gov database.

There had been just 11 original reports of randomised-controlled clinical trials published by journals in June, and none of the analyses was disaggregated by sex – although each study did report the number of female and male participants.

Some of those 11 studies evaluated hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), a decades-old malaria drug that initially generated buzz as a potential Covid-19 treatment.

HCQ causes heart rhythm side-effects that can be deadly, and the drug’s side-effects are known to be more prevalent in women, said study author Dr Sabine Oertelt-Prigione, chair of sex and gender-sensitive medicine at Radboud University in the Netherlands. If you don’t provide a sex-disaggregated analysis for a drug like this, she said, “what happens with all the potential new therapies?”

Mathias Wullum Nielsen, of the University of Copenhagen and an author of the latest analysis, said: “I think our study … suggests deeply ingrained norms that are difficult to change.”

While there is recognition today that women should be adequately represented in clinical trials, a series of birth defects and other problems resulting from foetal exposure to certain drugs between the 1940s and 1970s prompted scientists to initially exclude women and their foetuses, and later women of childbearing age, from clinical drug research.

Women were also seen as confounding test subjects, with their fluctuating hormonal levels, by researchers who generally believed that women and men would similarly respond to drugs. Eventually, Caucasian males came to be considered the “norm” population. Regulatory standards slowly shifted in favour of re-including women in trials by the 1990s.

But change came slowly, and even though researchers now typically maintain sex balance in trial recruitment, the final step of analysing data by sex does not always occur – with damning outcomes.

A 2001 study conducted by a government agency that holds US Congress to account found that of the 10 drugs that had been withdrawn from the US market since 1997, eight posed greater health risks for women than for men.

“The problem is, if you don’t do sex analysis – if males and females have very different responses – you could miss [accurate data on] everybody,” said Londa Schiebinger, a history of science professor at the University of Stanford.

Many funding agencies now require that scientists conduct sex analyses, as have some medical journals, while drug regulators are encouraging the practice. But until the exercise is enforced it appears the status quo will continue, experts said.

“People will promise anything if it allows them to either record the study or secure funding … but if it’s not being monitored, it doesn’t necessarily happen,” said Oertelt-Prigione.

“Women are not just small men. We have different hormones [levels], smaller kidneys and more fat tissue where drugs can accumulate,” said Dr Cara Tannenbaum, a scientific director at the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. “There’s so many reasons why things can go wrong.”

When it comes to Covid-19, and infectious diseases in general, female immune systems are considered stronger, in part because they have two X chromosomes that are understood to shape immune responses, although environmental factors play key roles. There are other established physiological and anatomical differences that may also make women more susceptible to some drug-related risks.

It’s therefore imperative that scientists analyse data by sex, the experts stressed.

“It’s a new virus we’re dealing with … there’s a lot of open questions,” said Oertelt-Prigione.

“Especially in a situation like this, providing data can help move mountains, and it can help convince people who usually wouldn’t think that this is a priority.”