Facebook has been fined 6.7 billion won ($6 million) in South Korea for sharing user data without their consent. The US company shared data of at least 3.3 million out of its 18 million users in Korea to other companies without their consent between May 2012 to June 2018. by Pis-dur in WorldNews

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lol, they probably made more than $6 billion selling that data, a small price to pay, one they would be more than happy to pay over and over again if the fine is all they get.

Is there a process to request an existing sub with defunct/inactive or squatter mods? by nihilnashwar in help

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wrong post buddy.

Welcome to Kashmir. by nihilnashwar in kashmir

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Is it Okay now?

working on subreddit css. currently comments in dark mode look like this. How to fix it? by nihilnashwar in SaidIt

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update: I have fixed the back ground issue of comments, but the outer box background still remains the same

update2: All fixed ;)

Welcome to Kashmir. by nihilnashwar in kashmir

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yeah i'm actually trying to fix it. have posted in help

How do I request an existing sub? I can't find any official process for this. by [deleted] in SaidIt

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that's the point. making a viable alternative to reddit instead of a place to complain about reddit

How do I request an existing sub? I can't find any official process for this. by [deleted] in SaidIt

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not if i can't remove existing spam, unrelated stuff and bring in a mod team.

Someone in India made a post on Facebook that contained a vile insult to Muhammad, and Muslims rioted in response. "The mob burnt vehicles on the road, they attacked the police station," Commissioner Kamal Pant said. "The police had no escape and they had to resort to firing and three people died." by Chipit in WorldNews

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surprisingly, the "post" was actually a comment that mentioned that mohammed was a pedophile because a 9 year old can't consent. This meme/comment was in replying to a muslim who had made derogatory posts about hindu gods, using vulgar language and photoshopped pornographic pictures of hindu (and non islamic) gods. Most media houses are not mentioning the first part.

Also, the investigation conducted has been uncovering grave information with involvement of ISIS trying to insinuate a violent riot in india.

Why are we obligated to defend foreign countries? (USA) by [deleted] in politics

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You make a mess, you clean up or pay up. The USA incorporated is only interested in stealing, not paying up its due. The US should've asked this question before going in and robbing the place of resources. Now if you back off, it will encourage and lets these places under your heels want to do nothing with you and isolate themselves or look for support somewhere else. If one country drops the dollar, its a chain reaction from then on. Without the dollar, the US is dead and will deteriorate in to thousands of warring tribes within weeks.

Here is how I ended up here. by nihilnashwar in whatever

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The alt right is very interested in debate because that's one of the ways to expose the lies of the leftist propaganda.

I have to disagree with that. Because for the numerous times i have tried to present an argument with the said alt-types, most simply wont acknowledge a simple logical fact and expect the counter argument to be made from within their own comfortable ideological bubble, when these encounter an immature and easily frustrated member of their opposing tribe, such examples of "LEFTIST COMMIE EXPOSED!!!" , "ALT-RIGHT NAZI DESTROYED!!!" type of content comes in to existence. To put it rather simply, most alt right chronic "arguers" wants someone to explain to them the difficulties of running uphill through using only the parameters of their experience of striding downhill, which in itself is an illogical viewpoint to the problem being discussed. They build their arguments based them going downhill and keep circling around it claiming uphill is a hoax. Replace alt-right with the extremists of the other side, you have a perfect disaster of a society where these two groups makes the loudest of public opinion and drives the social optics.

Is we getting a job?! by kokolokoNightcrawler in whatever

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OP, i tried this, specifically in a fresh window with all tracking disabled. The suggestions are not at all what is shown in your post. It appears that you have evidently searched for these specific things to manipulate a system, and then pretend it is rather a common occurrence, so that you can reinforce your own preconceived prejudices.

(BTW, from cold hard data, majority of the welfare benefactors are white conservatives and registered republicans. But that doesn't mean these are a burden on the system. A lot of those people are in that situation simply due to the bad policy choices of your elected and non-elected government, which affected their means to earn. I'm not an american and i hold no prejudices towards any of its political parties in case you wondered)

Here is how I ended up here. by nihilnashwar in whatever

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It wasn't that the alt-right (or sameoldrightbut2.0andupdatedvocabulary) had no viable counter arguments, it had to do more so with both sides being very tribal in their approach to any issue and the general lack of interest or an open mind to the arguments of the other side. But one side had the authority of controlling the flow and they shut the gates as they wanted to.

The weather is still tribal in nature and it is rather evident by the inability of the said alt-right to escape the rabbit hole despite distancing from their left counterparts, the arguments and language, and the general nature in approaching any problem remains quite the same. The extreme positions taken by either due to their proximity to each other hasn't subsided even after the proximity has been dissolved. The problem is simply tribalism and i'm afraid it is here to stay. It can only be overcome with an enormous amount of active effort to communicate from parts of either side which none appear to be interested in investing themselves in as it is believed to be of no reward to do so.

Hydroxychloroquine: The Narrative That it Doesn’t Work is the Biggest Hoax in Recent Human History by [deleted] in Coronavirus

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Hmm, I read this. There is a lot of unsubstantiated claims and accusing. No solid counter evidence and mostly looks like an opinion on certain scientific/medical process rather than a critique based on hard facts and data. With the little amount of knowledge i have on biochemistry i discern that the author is rather politically motivated than anything else that has to do with having actual concern for public health. I am more so ever highly skeptical of this claim and I am utterly unconvinced regarding its truthfulness.

i was duckduckgoing chimp human hybrids and there are videos of white woman having sex and giving blow jobs to chimps not joking or being racist. literal fucking monkeys from the jungle...i'm done with the internet by iraelmossadreddit in whatever

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a long list of very smart and learned people's research and their conclusions disagree with your opinion. You are free to have your opinions, but in this case they are immaterial.