Cryptocurrency support for by magnora7 in SaidIt

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you could also think about adding an opt-in mining algo. (only as opt-in option, never ever by default!) this way all users could use some spare computing power to financially support the website. (or alter the algo to mine for themselves... which they could have done from the very beginning anyway... xD)

the point about "environment-friendly" is a heavy one, thou. some cryptos are trying to get rid of the Proof Of Work concept, which is really resource heavy in most(all?) cases (you burn a lot of energy), towards a Proof Of Stake concept. I have no idea if an opt-in mining option/algo is possible with an underlying PoS structure.

Magnora7 and D3rr have completed the Alpha version of the new reddit spin-off, and now we're ready for a new name to start the Beta version. Help us decide! by magnora7 in AntiExtremes

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i like none of those.


like :D

In the year of Our Freud. by totallyabsurd3 in C_S_T

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i think of freud as kind of the modern aristotle.

aristotle had some really good ideas, but most of them were just plain stupid/wrong. he slowed us down for a few thousands of years, because people worshiped him and didn't allow criticism of his ideas.

i see pretty much the same thing happening with freud today.

also, freud's nephew... ugh...

Joyner Lucas - I'm Not Racist by necaremus in music

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yeah, i was surprised as well. my first thought was "dat nigga wearing a 'make america great again hat'? oh my, this gonna be a ride..." than he started rapping... :D

greetings from across the pond o/
we don't have this racial divide over here.

Valerie - AnnenMayKantereit & Natalie (Findlay) by necaremus in music

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another song, where the guy (henning) is singing the refrain (german)

burned down McDonalds give evidence to our heroics.

and since we chased Nestlé away from the fields, apples taste like apples and tomatoes like tomatoes


"a 100 euro bill, what is that supposed to be? why should i take something from you, when we share everything?"

State of the Website - updates 11/19/2017 by magnora7 in AntiExtremes

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hope it comes soon :)

State of the Website - updates 10/31/2017 by magnora7 in AntiExtremes

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the only problem with self-signed certificates is, that you have to accept them manually.

for anyone not knowing what the fuck a certificate is this looks "shady". ..but there really is no technical/security issue with self-signed certificates.

a lot of "big" ca issuers have been regarded as "not trustworthy" or at least "shady" in security minded communities. (i don't really know much about this topic, to confidently state something... i just know things are somewhat shady...)

... don't know if a self-signed certificate would be an option for this domain, i wouldn't mind :)

"Conspiracy Theorists Have a Fundamental Cognitive Problem, Say Scientists," from reddit conspiracy by i_cansmellthat in conspiracy

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ok, i kinda don't want to read the paper to the end. (but i guess i have to... maybe tomorrow, got rl to do)

my current analysis is, that the article is complete bullshit. the author most likely only read the abstract of the paper...

the paper itself i would rate as low quality to OK-ish. the studies were done via an online platform with a participant size of ~250 (varying). dat sample size... sure you can conclude a meaningful statement out of it regarding whole of humanity /s. additionally it may be possible that some people know how to change their IP and take the study more than once.

they are claiming they used "random" patterns... yeah, algorithm generated randomness... tell me more about it. talk to a crypto anarcho and try to claim an algorithm is random. he is going to stump you into the ground. they should have used the correct term of pseudo-randomness. most likely their "random" algorithm wouldn't even qualify for any cryptographic use, because it isn't pseudo-random enough to be secure. (just a claim! didn't look at the algorithm)

i lost it, when they first wrote that they've input a distribution of 50/50 over 100 coin tosses in the algorithm and afterwards claimed that every coin toss has exactly 50% chance of being heads or tails. dude, fucking learn and understand the algorithm you are using. after the first coin toss, the probability is 49/50. you coded it in yourself. that is not a 50% chance.

why should i trust anything out of this paper if you can't even do basic math?

at that point i stopped reading the paper... and no there is no reference of pizzagate in that paper until that point.

what. the. fuck.

... talk about critical thinking... -.-

"Conspiracy Theorists Have a Fundamental Cognitive Problem, Say Scientists," from reddit conspiracy by i_cansmellthat in conspiracy

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ok, read the article, now starting to read the paper.

first thing i noticed:


This phenomenon, called illusory pattern perception, they write, is what drives people who believe in conspiracy theories, like climate change deniers, 9/11 truthers, and “Pizzagate” believers.

i can't find any reference to pizzagate in the paper this article is based on. the article just included it on their own. why?

not finished reading the paper. if i find a reference, i gonna refute this.

/edit: oh, and they are moving the goal post in the article... first they are talking about conspiracy theories in general, afterwards they reduce it to false conspiracy theories... the paper seems to only focus on false theories and not all.

/edit2: hihi, the paper is citing Rothschild... the irony x'D

little annoying bug in the css - horizontal scroll by necaremus in AntiExtremes

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not related to the chat. (have it disabled, using a stand alone client)

it's in the main ae frame. i'm assuming it's some kind of miscalculation - adding ~5px to much to the width somewhere.

little annoying bug in the css - horizontal scroll by necaremus in AntiExtremes

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add opera to the list of buggy browsers. only chrome seems to be not effected. (nobody is using edge... so no point in testing that one xD)

[positive vibes for ya] We are the hearts -by- EXGF by necaremus in music

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You were here; our voices echo:

We. Are. The hearts.

We will never be bought or sold.

We are the hearts.

... and the future runs through our bones.

you know, you know why

now you know, we don't go



listen, listen

through, thorugh

come, come, come

we, we

i just love that the line we will never be bought or sold is missing in the last chorus. like we have overcome the idea of property, monzeys and all those other stuff the heart doesn't understand.

Cause of Death - Immortal Technique (explicit) by muad_dib in music

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thx for sharing. i usually do not look for rap music, but some of it still keeps it real.

Why have some subreddits been banned? by DeadChild in AntiExtremes

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i just wanted to point towards those, so you can install/add a script, which blocks these trackers, to your firefox version ;)

captchas by necaremus in AntiExtremes

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ugh it's like reddit sabotaged the open source version.

... and the name of the files seem to encode the actual value, in b64, the captcha wants. if you know the key, you could just scan the filename without opening the imagine and get it right. just blocking other bots. (hypothesis!)

Why have some subreddits been banned? by DeadChild in AntiExtremes

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blocking all the google trackers? every other site has them.

Proposed features and enhancements for AntiExtremes by magnora7 in AntiExtremes

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under preferences add a menu item "use dark theme" which can be checked, if you uncheck the "allow subreddits to show me custom themes".

maybe even a little "use custom css"-interface where you can play with color/font settings and it directly displays them in a demo. save them in a cookie and add a little script checking for the values. if a value in this cookie throws an error, catch it and replace that value with a default one.

(not everyone knows how to manually edit css and how to add a script that overrides the css of the site ;))

add an additional sort option, "sort by activity". pretty much the (old) standard sorting of forums, where a post bumps the thread to the top. this is very useful for small subs. (this one really bugged me about reddit...)

add some varying logos like the chans or pouet do. start a pinned thread, where people can submit their design. just randomly pick one on load - maybe add an option in preferences "always load dis logo", but not necessary. the current one is ugly af (personal opinion ;p)

Donate Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Dogecoin to support AntiExtremes by magnora7 in AntiExtremes

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the addresses are all missing.

on a side note: is this service, by chance, hosted on an amazon server farm?

If you find any the word "reddit" anywhere or any of its imagery, post here! by Temple_of_Light in AntiExtremes

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title of 404 error page page not found

... couldn't you do a quick search over the whole source to find all instances? :3

I've enabled sidebar chat for this sub by magnora7 in C_S_T

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i just connected via a stand alone client. (atm irssi, thinking of using hexchat or weechat) does that count as "get it working"?

maybe add a little more info to the sidebar? like alternate ways of connecting to the irc channel.

the channels are hosted on

/join #C_S_T[ae] to talk

had to do a little web search to find this out :3

i assume the chat widget is pretty much copy&pasted in. it throws a "Too many connections from your IP" error... maybe the widget loads twice and i can only see the 2nd one? idk...

Expeditionary party landing by CelineHagbard in C_S_T

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hello from across the pond :)

(1st Real Post?) A Critical Look at Linda Moulton Howe by swallowtail in C_S_T

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i can't deny or prove the existence of extraterrestrial beings. i think it is highly likely they exist. according to our current understanding of the physical laws, it seems highly unlikely we are (already) interacting with them - but our understanding of the physical realm is flawed.

i do not like to dive too deep into this subject. If there are extraterrestrials who do not help/harm us, but merely watch, all is good. if they do not wish to show themselves, for whatever reason, i don't want to force them. we are on our own on the path of finding truth and meaning - and i really do like to walk this path; i would like some help, i would try to overcome malicious interference and i certainly do not mind walking alone ;)