IP2 promoting home invasion, home invader admits to being paid to shout out IP2 by mrgisCool in SaidIt

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Saidit IP2 being racist and harassing brigading to get streamer banned off streaming platform by mrgisCool in help

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IP2 doesn't actually care about any Terms of Service, the sub targets streamers that have rebelled from their sphere of control and try to de-platform them.

While they are currently reporting Ice for underboobs on Mixer they've harassed streamers like Novaruu, reposting and sharing her nudes in the hopes she wouldn't get partnered on Twitch. They tried getting Mizkif banned for saying the N word while they call you a SJW normie for not saying the N word.

On reddit they encouraged people to egg Ice Poseidon and convinced a youtuber named Crazy Tempo to press Ice whenever he streamed outside. They complain Ices content isn't the same when they played a part in making him afraid to go outside alone.