I was just scrolling through my (fake acc) facebook feed. It is so fucking unfair by mip in Incels

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How am I even the same species. My jawline starts at my fucking earlobes. Not even $100k worth of surgeries could possibly get me anywhere remotely to what some people are just born into. Forever a deformed goblin

Why the "insightful" and "fun" votes? I am new and I immediately dislike them. by [deleted] in SaidIt

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The fun vote might sometimes be used as a downvote, but in doing so, you still push the comment upwards instead of down, so it doesn't exactly work towards enforcing biases as on reddit.

Why Modern Movies Suck - They're Written By Children. In the second instalment of my series exploring the flaws of modern moviemaking, I'm going to be discovering why smart, mature characters seem to be a thing of the past. by Chipit in Movies

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Hmm I'd agree, but it's a bit more difficult than that I think. You could argue that the reason it wouldn't become iconic in today's mediascape is because it is already saturated with media that was inspired by the OG Star Wars / got released in it's wake and following trends. If that kind of movie wouldn't exist as of yet, I wouldn't rule out that Star Wars could repeat its success

My hatred towards foids is proportional to their apperance by Mazurro in Incels

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Same for me. I guess it is simply the knowledge of how fkn easy attractive foids have it, life in tutorial mode

Food For Thought: What About Foreign Women? by DependentTrainer21 in Incels

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The foreign women you describe exist, but you don't have access to them as a foreigner.

Cross-borders marriage has become fierce, serious business. You'll find uppity golddigger whores only.

This place is deserted by Dreadcel in Incels

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The incel 'fad' is over, volcels, fakecels & edgy 14 year olds have moved on.

er's brother by mip in Incels

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As the title says, this is in fact ER's brother, Jazz.



"Why won't any of you lesbians date me? God, you're so transphobic!" by Tarrock in whatever

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Even the highest-end neovagina jobs to date only come remotely close to a natural vagina. Also, the characteristic male bone structure is only punctually alterable through surgery. 'Basically indistinguishable' is a faaaar reach. Let's not even talk about uteruses and such.

Merkel, die Deutschlandvernichterin: Bilanz ihrer Zerstörung by papiersackratte in deutsch

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Was mich überrascht ist der Vorwurf des Bexits. Nicht, weil es so absurd ist, ihr den Brexit vorzuwerfen, sondern weil der Brexit meiner Erfahrung nach in solchen Kreisen positiv gesehen wird. Sollte sie dafür nicht gelobt werden?

'in solchen Kreisen' wird der Brexit als Reaktion auf die Entwicklung der EU begrüßt. Noch besser würde jeder finden, wenn es gar nicht erst zu dieser Entscheidung hätte kommen müssen. Dass die Briten abspringen ist folgerichtig - aber dennoch bedauernswert.

Was ist in Augsburg passiert? by ellenlang in deutsch

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Bei dem mutmaßlichen Haupttäter handelt es sich nach Angaben des Innenministeriums um einen in Augsburg geborenen 17-Jährigen mit deutscher und weiteren Staatsangehörigkeiten.


[Request] PDF Translation software/methodology advice by Vigte in whatever

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Glad I can help. I am not really deep into the material, but not entirely unfamiliar either. And I have a thing for old books / scriptures in general as documents of their times. So it's not like there's nothing in it for me!

To clarify, there is nothing except the preface written by the government. It is only transscripts of found documents, with the only metadata added being the identification of certain authors via handwriting or other information. According to the preface, the documents have been published as a warning for bavarian citizens about joining an organization, or as is written 'sect' like this. At this time , Secret societies have also been recently forbidden and therefore been persecuted - which more than likely led to the collection of these documents.

A bit back to the OP: A good, open tool for reading in these 'Fraktur' typesets may be 'tesseract ocr' with a specialiced dataset, I think I used it for a book years ago. It's a bit fiddly to use (command line only) However, the difficulty would still lie in automated translation. The German back then - especially in written form - can be vastly different to the contemporary.

To your questions:

I) Yes, it's a really simple cypher, letters are replaced by one corresponding number each - you find according sequences of numbers throughout the book.

II) It says the used calendar is yezdegerdian, or persian, and lists the months names.

III) Yes, exactly

V) Talked about creating - what use it would have, how it should be organized etc. really briefly. They appear to be in negative terms with the jesuits. It is mentioned that the jesuits failed to overtake or abolish a certain committee which seems to please the author. Unfortunately a large chunk of this passage seems to be lost. The 'progress' in these parts seems to mainly mean installing members in good positions.

XI) No ritual guide, more like guidelines on how to handle new / prospect candidates for their 'leaders'.

XXIV) Turns out I misinterpreted something upon skimming - 'Quartblatt' doesn't refer to a quarterly magazine as I initially assumed, it's just a certain format of paper sheet. Old german is tricky. It is noted that instructions were given to a person leaving for a longer period of travel.

XXXI) There are a lot of number codes in these letters, hard to make connections without a full transscription. It seems they write about 'replacing' someone. Some member is thought to be a jesuit. Talk about a creating a secret circle of chosen persons, about 'using' someone.

XXXIII) Yes I referred to the cypher, it is really used a lot in these letters

XXXV) Some of the info might maybe useful in a certain context. One noteworthy entry describes again an inner circle, or 'other System'/'expanded System'. Any regular member of the order should under no circumstance know about it, and instead advance in the 'normal' order degrees. Members of the 'other System' have a certain key sentence, so they can identify each other.

XXXVII) The beginning talks about a possible chapter being founded. Interestingly enough after going through the journal, there again is talk about 'our System' in the second part

XLI) I might be mistaken again, it says a Freemasonic 'table', with the annotation it is found at the end of the book. As far as I can tell, it is not there though. Maybe it refers to the cyphers / codenames in the beginning

XLVI-XLVII) Again the 'System' is mentioned, also mentions Rosicrucians (not in good terms with them either). They talk about the persecution of secret societies in Bavaria. 'Rome' is mentioned which is a bit confusing at this point, because while it is the code for Vienna, no other codes seem to be used in the letters, maybe it's literally rome. Again probably needs a full transscription/translation.

[Request] PDF Translation software/methodology advice by Vigte in whatever

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Hello, here from s/deutsch,

I skimmed through the book and made a quick translation of the headline or a summary of each chapter. Maybe I can find the time to do some full translation of certain chapters if something piques your interest.

The book is essentialy a collection of documents collected in house searches of a semi-high ranking official in Landhut, in the year 1786. It is scanned by the Bavarian State Library in Munich

It seems at a glance, to mainly reveal inner workings of the local chapters of the order around the time. And some rather common freemason-ish 'lore'.


I. A simple cipher used by the Illuminati

II. They used a different partition and nomenclature for the months

III. Codenames for a few German/Austrian Regions and Cities – used throughout the following documents.

IV. Excerpt from a member‘s directory, obviously code names

V. Different pieces 1. and 2. discussions about a female order 3. some letters about progress in the region, needs III to decypher I guess, mentions Jesuits

VI. Statutes of the Illuminati

VII. Reform of the Statutes for the ‚1st class‘

VIII. Some ‚Main Principles‘

IX. A bit about hierarchy it seems, more statutes

X. more moreal statutes

XI. something about new candidates, seems to require knowledge of ‚inside‘ terms

XII. Some formal oath

XIII. More statutes, documentation, secrecy

XIV. Questions to new candidates

XV. ceremonies, oaths

XVI. Oath

XVII. Initiation ceremonies of certain members

XVIII. Four notes with instructions

XIX. Different notes, secret self destructing compartment (lol)

XX. Thoughts about suicide, some letters

XXI. Cover of a book

XXII. Long Essay about society, civilization

XXIII. Cover of a manual or something

XXIV. Annotation on a magazine

XXV. Letter, seems like someone wants to quit

XXVI. Letter maybe to an artisan

XXVII. Excerpts from letters

XXVIII. More letters

XXIX. Letter...either there‘s something encrypted in all these, or they are the most boring correspondence ever

XXX. More Letters

XXXI. Handwritten notes, maybe some of the local members are plotting against each other

XXXII. A huge lot of letters

XXXII. (is used twice) another letter

XXXIII. Another letter, two prospect members with lots of money for ‚books and experiments‘, some information about members using I.

XXXIV. More letters

XXXV. Journal entries – Seems like the local order was kind of in a set-up phase

XXXVI. More letters

XXXVII. Letter, nothing interesting, travel to another chapter of the order

XXXVIII. More letters

XXXIX. Letter, possibly mentioning international districty (or cyphered again)

XL. More Letters

XLI. Cover of some freemason book

XLII. More letters

XLIII. Letter

XLIV. Letters

XLV. Letter

XLVI. Letter to someone important it seems

XLVII. Copy of the response to the previous letter

XLVIII. More letters

XLIX. Cover of some instructions or something