CITIZENS OF CANADA UNITE ! - I asked the mod of "canada" if I could co-mod or provide a custom banner for the sub, to no response. SaidIt's admins might grant us Canucks access to our nation's sub if we beg politely. I'd be happy to co-mod with all Great White North subjects of the Queen. by JasonCarswell in canada

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Sorry guys, I just sort of forgot about this site. I'll be more active from now on, but I'm happy to let /u/JasonCarswell manage the sub however he wants. Thanks for putting in the effort on it.

Any other old Diggers from The Great Exodus of 2010 forced to migrate once again? by thegreatmighty in Introductions

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The powermod situation is really out of control on reddit. Look at the mods of any massive subreddit and you can see their extreme political bias just from the list of other subreddits they run. I hope this site spreads out the power a little more. I think it's great that they have rate limits on making new subreddits so one user can't just spend all day registering all the obvious default sub names.

Reddit Falls Out of Top 20 Sites Worldwide by useless_aether in news

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I worry that any social media sites that get big enough to draw serious advertising dollars will go the same way. They all start favouring censorship that supports the political goals of the advertisers.