Windows is Dead: Microsoft Adds Mandatory System-Wide Artificial Intelligence Engine “Windows Copilot” to Windows 11, Promising “Helpfulness.” Exactly How Will Your Data be Analyzed? by Questionable in technology

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copilot can fail at times so i wonder how they handle that. or just don't and let it run for everyone's excel files

I switched to Brave Browser by LarrySwinger2 in whatever

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firefox better than chrome, but yeah if you are at an level that you suspect duckduckgo, use every measure (freebsd, etc.)

Double standard by Oyveygoyim in politics

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if genetic engineering and / or bioengineering (that changes race) has low economic and ethical cost, which is kinda inevitable, i wonder what master race people will create.

How Reddit is preparing the platform to be a tool for Psychological Warfare by sasha_knows_all in propaganda

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reddit has always been left leaning. its comment section is not as diverse as twitter. while leftists are able to have an actual foothold on twitter, rightists don't have any actual foothold on reddit.