The problem that is /s/ice_poseidon2 by HorrorShow in SaidIt

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Reports only go to mods, not admins

This is the stuff I'm talking about, Jason. Reports go to both mods and admins. Why are you telling people otherwise when you don't know? You seem to lie with authority like that an awful lot. Please stop. If you don't know, then don't say anything.

/s/AltRight_Memes has banned me, without explanation. Read on.. by JasonCarswell in censorship

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Don't be like this.

Remember when we had that big argument that almost ended in you getting banned several months ago? I haven't forgotten... you're still on thin ice and I don't like to see you stirring drama like you are. You still have 2 strikes from before.

this place is so dead by [deleted] in SaidIt

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It's funny... the more traffic we get, the more people we get on saidit announcing how dead saidit is.

We get about 550 posts a day and about 4000 comments a day, and those numbers double about every 5 months. So if it's too dead now, just check back in a few months

Magnora7's best posts of the last 4 years by magnora7 in magnora7

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I posted this link of my top-ranked posts in saidit chat and I figured some other people might like to browse this too, if they like other things I've written. There's some really great information in those top posts! You will learn something interesting, I tried my best to guarantee that.

[Pedophile alert]basedaf1 admitted himself is a pedophile by [deleted] in pedogate

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Given the second half of his sentence, it's super damn obvious he was being sarcastic. Snow, stop fishing for things to accuse people of. It's not productive. You are only causing fights, fights that don't need to happen. Stop pinging me for your accusations against others too please.

ADL Adds 13/52 as a ‘Numeric Hate Symbol’ by HeyImSancho in SundogsPlace

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Who cares. Stop giving the ADL a microphone for their bullcrap

The Oldest Televised Cartoon(1950-57): Crusader Rabbit - Episode 01 by magnora7 in Television

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Every episode is on youtube for free, since it's just shy of 70 years old! It's kind of fun to watch something so old and think about how it compares to modern animated comedy. This was the pioneer for all those shows. Nice holiday watching :)

The guy who produced it ended up going on to produce Rocky and Bullwinkle:

/s/AltRight_Memes has banned me, without explanation. Read on.. by JasonCarswell in censorship

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Hmm.. I've assumed hostilities to be more knee-jerk than pre-meditated. But it could be an underestimation.

I had this same underestimation when I first came in to being a saidit admin.

However an additional consideration is that even if it is knee-jerk, sometimes making them aware of it still doesn't help, because they're angry in that very moment. This is an instance where I think like a 72 hour ban might be a good thing to have. We don't have the functionality of timer bans, but that is something we could potentially build someday.

The problem that is /s/ice_poseidon2 by HorrorShow in SaidIt

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If you had clearly expressed what the problem is, we wouldn't be having this discussion.

This is the last time I will state it.

You need to stop attacking other users. You need to stop anything that even remotely resembles trolling. And you need to stop acting as if you're some sort of admin. Stop giving me and others advice about saidit when you clearly don't know what you're talking about. And if in doubt, don't say anything.

This is what I'm asking of you. Not going to state it again. Act right. You have 2 strikes. We are not revisiting this discussion again, I've said what needs to be said, and all that's left is to see you act appropriately and act with respect toward saidit and the users on saidit. I've given you so much leeway but I don't have infinite tolerance for this type of behavior. The way you act sometimes causes far more problems than it solves, and I think you know that.

Now that that's clear, goodbye. No more discussion is needed.

Don't fuck with angry birb by zyxzevn in Aww

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He's even worse than a cat!

The problem that is /s/ice_poseidon2 by HorrorShow in SaidIt

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I know, but he "genuinely misunderstands" so frequently and then speaks with authority that it's constantly creating administrative messes and misunderstandings that I have to clean up, and it's exhausting. Months and months of this.

Even if it is unintentional, it has caused me an awful lot of headaches over the last few months. It's the long-term pattern of doing this that makes me frustrated, not just this one instance.

The problem that is /s/ice_poseidon2 by HorrorShow in SaidIt

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How come you didn't respond to any of my reports?

Not every report deserves a response.


Well, you lied before just then, and are now pretending it didn't happen.

And you know that, and you say that far too often about many people.

I actually very very rarely call anyone a liar, I honestly can't think of the last time I did it. So there again you made up a lie to smear me!

Saying nothing is actually a much better and more helpful option than making up lies.

The problem that is /s/ice_poseidon2 by HorrorShow in SaidIt

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Reports only go to mods, not admins, and if the mod is the offensive author then...

I didn't know that, that makes a big difference.

Because it's false. Jason is making up crap and then speaking with authority for basically no reason. Reports go to both mods and admins.

Judea declares war on Germany by TheJamesRocket in WW2Myths

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BDS: "It's okay when we do it, but if you do it to us, that's literally illegal" - Israel

Kind of like how Israel always talks about Iran building nuclear bombs illegally from nuclear energy material, which is exactly what Israel did 40 years ago!

If you could change one thing about saidit's code, what would it be? by magnora7 in AskSaidIt

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and even maybe make it so it does it automatically

Good news! I just finished implementing this feature for you guys.

Now when you paste in a URL for a post, and then click out of the URL field, it will auto-fill in a title if there's nothing there. If there is something already in the title box, then you can hit "suggest title" to make a new title, like usual.

So now it's automatic! I'm going to try and improve the actual fetching functionality now.

If you could change one thing about saidit's code, what would it be? by magnora7 in AskSaidIt

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I wish we had an iOS app, that'd be my 1 thing as far as frontend stuff.

Maybe someday we'll find someone to help us port an open source iOS reddit app like "Beam" to saidit.

Bitchute grew by 4 million visits last month by useless_aether in Internet

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looks like they have about 110x the traffic of saidit

Aloha and welcome to Hawai'i! Well, not really... by madazzahatter808 in Hawaii

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What is your favorite Hawaiian island?

Washington Lobbyist openly talks about creating false flags to initiate war with Iran by magnora7 in WarWatch

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This man is Patrick Clawson, and here he's speaking on behalf of the lobbying organization WINEP (Washington Institute for Near-East Policy) which is an offshoot from IAPAC, which is the largest pro-Israel lobbying group in the US.

Here he is, talking about creating incidents to increase pressure and create public reception to the idea of war with Iran, for profit. And now we see in the current news, some of these very ideas coming to fruition.

Pay close attention to the tricks of the military-industrial complex. Don't let them trick you.

I want to mod s/teachsnowenglish by [deleted] in SaidIt

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banned useless_aether (27124) (permanent: Dragging down discussion on Pyramid Of Debate: name-calling)

6 hours ago Snow removed comment by useless_aether on "basedaf1" (remove)

OP, you might want to give it a rest. for one, if this is the best you have - it's ridiculous and proves nothing, and second, he already left saidit, thanks to your harassment primarily. you are just wasting our time, which is the most annoying problem about you!

even you are admitting it you were possibly wrong here:

what gives?

Snow, you're not allowed to delete this comment from your sub as a mod. It's on-topic and in good faith. You also cannot ban this user. That is one strike against you.

I've un-banned this user and un-deleted their comment. If you continue to act this way you will be removed as mod from all your subs and maybe banned from the website.

[Pedophile alert]basedaf1 admitted himself is a pedophile by [deleted] in pedogate

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maybe the trolling post of basedaf1 before effected my judgment for him,

Yeah obviously. It was obvious your judgment was affected 5 days ago, that's why I started ignoring you when you started harassing multiple users. Stop trying to act like admin, because you're not, and just use the site like everyone else. Please.

1% rule (Internet culture) - "only 1% of the users of a website actively create new content, while the other 99% of the participants only lurk" by magnora7 in Internet

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Variants include the 1–9–90 rule (sometimes 90–9–1 principle or the 89:10:1 ratio),[1] which states that in a collaborative website such as a wiki, 90% of the participants of a community only view content, 9% of the participants edit content, and 1% of the participants actively create new content.

I find this here on saidit too. 90% only lurk without logging in, maybe 10% login in with their usernames, and maybe 1% actually vote or comment or post. We get 20k unique visitors on an average day, and about 4000 comments per day, and 500 posts per day (made by about 200 users). So that's 1%, the rule holds!

Joe Biden Actually Just Told Coal Miners "Learn To Code" Proving Democrats Learned NOTHING From 2016 by Tarrock in politics

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I find this criticism a bit funny because republicans are always preaching self-sufficiency, but then when a democrat does it, it's said to be repeating a losing strategy? I don't get it

Happy New Year Everyone! by Tiwaking in SaidIt

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Happy new year!

Anyone Who Doesn’t Realize We Now Live in an Anti-White Reality is an Idiot by Tarrock in politics

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Ah headlines that call people idiots, such quality... /s

Snow banned me by [deleted] in teachsnowenglish

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Snow has been quite clearly provoking others... so he's just getting what he's dishing out. I'm not saidit's mom

According to experts, climate change will result in “millions” of deaths, major European cities being sunken, nuclear war and global environmental riots…all within the next 5 days. by Chipit in news

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I'm still waiting for the predictions from Al Gore's "An inconvenient truth" to come to fruition.

This amazing Drone show.. Better than fireworks? by magnora7 in gifs

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Haha. I'm just a bit afraid they're going to start doing this 24/7 for advertising...

Which group/people love to DDoS Saidit? by [deleted] in AskSaidIt

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Unnecessary worry also shortens lifespan, so I'm not going to worry about it and instead just sleep when my body is tired instead of trying to force an arbitrary schedule, which doesn't work well for me - Decentralized and federated alternative to Saidit by macadoum in SaiditAlternatives

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Thanks for the recommendation, I added it on our new saidit alternatives list here!

Trump Exposes Pelosi And Son's Ties To Ukraine-Linked Energy Group by useless_aether in corruption

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I've been calling out this thing with Biden's son being put on the board of energy of the Ukraine for a while, since before it became an issue with Trump. It blows my mind that Trump calling for investigations of obvious collusion, is itself met with accusations of collusion.

What's the bigger collusion, that Trump asked for some quid-pro-quo about investigating corruption, or that Biden has literally made his son nearly the head of the energy sector for the entire country of Ukraine? It's obvious the latter is the bigger corruption.

I'm not a huge Trump fan, but the hypocrisy of these people is astounding. And now we see Pelosi may be involved too. So many palms being greased. Disgustingly corrupt.

When was Saidit created? by sus_ in SaidIt

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Just for fun I found the first post:

You can see every post after it in order at links like this:

etc. This is basically the same indexing system notabug is using to record everything for the mirror. The first one starts at 26 because all the ones before that are bot-generated posts to test out the reddit system. It's a functionality that came with the reddit open source code. If you look at a post before 26 you can see it's garbage snippets of random text, so technically those are the first posts! Fun fact.

Insightful or Fun? Are you people serious? by itsgettingcloser in SaidIt

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Yes. It worked for slashdot. Downvotes just allow for brigading by people to censor others as reddit has shown. Our layout is a good design if everyone wants to be heard without being censored. Plus it allows for 2 types of sorting by the type of upvote

The Oldest Televised Cartoon(1950-57): Crusader Rabbit - Episode 01 by magnora7 in Television

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This is also an interesting read, just to see the history of tv and tv shows:

Turns out I Love Lucy was one of THE first tv sitcoms, ever. 1951 was when it started, just a year after Crusader Rabbit.

Merry Xmas/Happy Holidays!! by dark_devil_dd in whatever

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Merry Christmas! I hope everyone has a good holiday break. Lots of rest and joy :)

APOLOGIZE NOW YOU BIGOT by Lowkey2017 in CringeAnarchy

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Sarcastically pretending to be the people you hate in post titles is played out, imo

Can we have less use of the words "left" and "right" here, please? by Robin in SaidIt

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This is something that is frustrating about forums that have a political bias. Right-leaning forums are like "Us normal people vs those insane radical communist libtards" and then left-leaning forums are like "Us normal people vs those murderous racist fascist alt-right". And then they each cherry pick articles about the worst of the other side, to support that narrative.

And then there's all these people in the middle who are just getting completely ignored because everyone is so obsessed with hating the extremists from the other "side", while ignoring the extremists from their own side. Tribalism at its finest. I hope someday humanity as a whole can stop being so easily mentally swept away by this type of thinking. Some people are learning, and that culture is growing, but man it's like 10 steps forward 9 steps back. I guess that's the story of human history, in a lot of ways. Maybe someday we'll figure it out.

Fake News by Ommission by useless_aether in FakeNews

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which I probably shouldn't,

Simpsons actor says he will no longer voice Apu by Nemacolin in news

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Sad they folded to that pressure. They have many stereotypes on that show, it's kind of the point of the show in a lot of ways. They acknowledged apu was a stereotype several times in the series, same with the italian pizza guy, tony the mobster, the fat german kid that eats candy... half the characters are stereotypes. And it's not like Apu was portrayed as some kind of mean or 1-dimensional character... he was an important part of the family in a lot of ways. Now they're just erasing that, because a couple of people were upset about a voice stereotype that isn't even inaccurate!

Just another sign of the decline of the Simpsons. They're too afraid of controversy to really hit on anything meaningful anymore. Can't really blame them though, they're in Season 31 or something ridiculous. It's clearly just a cash cow at this point, and that's reflected in the humor and writing of the show.

Sweden hit by mounting welfare costs by useless_aether in Europe

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I guess this is the endgame of having too many people that they can't support in the long-term, despite best intentions. Now their gov't money is spread too thin, and it's probably eventually going to end up financially imploding like Greece did in 2009.

You can't give out more money than you have, unless you own your own central bank and money creation abilities. And sweden, much like greece, does not own that. The EU does.

They have an aging population combined with over-immigration, it seems. If they'd stem the immigration numbers a bit so they could stabilize, they might have a chance to not have a greece event.

Every year about 1.5% of the entire population of sweden's worth of immigrants arrive. Total population of sweden is 10.1 million.

Sweden is almost 20% immigrants by population now, extrapolating from this 2012 data:

When they bring in so many people who typically need a lot of support, it's no wonder that their welfare financial situation is being significantly strained. Nothing wrong with immigrants, but don't take in more than you can actually support...

Afghanistan watchdog delivers damning testimony on US failures: 'We have incentivized lying' by magnora7 in WarWatch

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In the 18 years since the U.S. began the war in Afghanistan, taxpayers have shelled out upwards of $133 billion, and more than 2,300 American servicemembers have died there

All for that poppy, which is 90% grown in Afghanistan. Used to make all the opioids used in the US by pharma companies. This graph says it all:

As soon as the Taliban banned poppy growing, the US invaded Afghanistan. This is the world we live in.

Israel begins extending ‘silent annexation’ over the West Bank, with the blessings of the Trump administration by salvia_d in WorldPolitics

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This article was written in 1967 /s

When something is "free" they want to attack your brain by useless_aether in Psychology

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They want your ad revenue.

You could make the same argument about political "outrage" articles

The problem that is /s/ice_poseidon2 by HorrorShow in SaidIt

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Yeah we're done arguing. You behave and follow the rules, or you're gone. Simple as that.

The problem that is /s/ice_poseidon2 by HorrorShow in SaidIt

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I still have no idea what I did to rub you the wrong way

Your lack of self awareness won't save you forever. I already told you many times over what the problem is.

The problem that is /s/ice_poseidon2 by HorrorShow in SaidIt

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Ha yeah you have to type it in manually. The other day I wanted to see a subreddit's modlog and I forgot I couldn't... lol. Saidit has spoiled me

Shrillfarter appreciation by SJC_Doxxed_Me in Ice_Poseidon2

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should be shot dead like the animal he is...dump'd in acid so the body is never found

Hi advocating violence is against saidit's rules:

You've been banned for this comment and others advocating violence.

Shrillfarter appreciation by SJC_Doxxed_Me in Ice_Poseidon2

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Thanks, that one is definitely a violation of our rules.

The problem that is /s/ice_poseidon2 by HorrorShow in SaidIt

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same, it's a great way to see activity

The problem that is /s/ice_poseidon2 by HorrorShow in SaidIt

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Sure thing, no worries. We've been here 2 years, and I was just excited at the prospect of someone having the required setup to port that beam app haha. Anyway, welcome to saidit, glad to have you here

The problem that is /s/ice_poseidon2 by HorrorShow in SaidIt

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Correct. Also is an unfiltered list of comments for the whole site if you have no subs muted

The problem that is /s/ice_poseidon2 by HorrorShow in SaidIt

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But assuming the android app is mostly replacing reddit refs with saidits, would it be possible to use i.e. beam for ios?

Yes! Based on our research, Beam is our preferred iOS app to port. It's open-source. And like you say, it's basically replacing a bunch of 'reddit's with 'saidit's (not all of them though, most stayed 'reddit' in the API calls and stuff, which makes it even simpler). So beyond that it's really a matter of graphics and getting it on the app store so people can download it.

I think someone who knew exactly what they were doing could do it in a few hours. However neither d3rr nor myself have the apple dev environment required to develop it... that's one of the big hurdles too.

Anyway, I'd love to see Beam as our iOS app port. Do you have a apple computer and phone you can use to develop the iOS app?

The problem that is /s/ice_poseidon2 by HorrorShow in SaidIt

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But for ios, why not a WebApp that runs on ios, android, windows, mac and linux?

We tried that at first, building an app using xamarin for all platforms, but fell apart. However d3rr was able to port redreader successfully to saidit, which is an open source android reddit app.

We'd love to have a multi-platform app like that, but we're also not going to give up on our android app because it has over 5000 installs.

Here's the github for the android app:

I'm open to any approach, as long as we end up with an iOS app!

The problem that is /s/ice_poseidon2 by HorrorShow in SaidIt

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We have a prioritized to-do list that's about 70 items long, but it's private for now. The top things are an iOS app, some backend upgrades, and a crossposting system. We basically complete projects as we're able, but we're always looking for more coding help if you happen to know anyone.

The problem that is /s/ice_poseidon2 by HorrorShow in SaidIt

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Yes there are a few subs that are that way by their own choice. We're thinking about making an unfiltered_all someday, or something similar, that has absolutely everything, including subs filtered in this way. Every sub still comes up in the subs list and /all/new currently, just not /all/hot