Saidit is worse than reddit with censorship. by Troll in SaidIt

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The irony of someone who supports physical_removal, crying about having their sub removed. It's your own ideology come to life! You should therefore support my actions. But that irony aside...

There has been plenty of discussion about why, ad nauseum.

"didn't feel like talking to a guy like you."

Pretty certain I never said anything like that.

Physical removal is removed for advocating violence ("Let's throw gays and communists out of helicopters, so to speak." being a central meme), and coontown is also removed for advocating violence. ("Black people are just the worst and shouldn't exist, and we should probably hang them" being a central meme)

You seem more upset you can't set up little mod fiefdoms than you actually are upset about your information being limited.

The issue has been explained to you. The community doesn't really support you. What are you even trying to accomplish here? If you want to hate black people and gays so bad that you need to make a whole sub about it, just go to voat. Seriously.

We have banned 5 subs in 16 months, so this idea it's "worse than reddit" in terms of censorship is just laughable.

What's inspiration behind your username? by Vulphere in AskSaidIt

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magnora I made up with random syllables and I thought it sounded cool, and the 7 is because I've been banned from reddit 6 other times... - Side-by-side vote buttons are here! by magnora7 in SaidIt

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Here's a comment to test the votes on

So much for "free speech" by TakeemtoToontown in Incels

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The "expendableness" of a sub does not depend on the size of saidit. We give every person and sub an equal chance under the saidit rules and that won't change.

We are absolutely not keeping this sub around here because we need the numbers, as you imply. We don't even have ad revenue so that theory doesn't even make sense. People are allowed here because they're not breaking the rules, just like any other sub.

If the inability to advocate violence and support mass shooters is a deal-breaker for anyone, then saidit isn't for them, and has never been for them. That has never changed.

But if people want to talk about literally anything else, then that's what saidit is for, and they're welcome here.

Anyway, just wanted to make that clear for the record.

Can you guys make voting like reddit why does a downvote have to be a happy face and count as a 'fun' vote, thats retarded by shadow_wolf7 in SaidIt

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We seem to be doing just fine, thanks for the input though

Reddit can go [deleted] itself right in the [removed]. by [deleted] in Introductions

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Just kidding

Props to Josh at kiwifarms for giving 0 fucks. by useless_aether in censorship

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If everyone acted this way, the intelligence agencies would collapse overnight.

Can you guys make voting like reddit why does a downvote have to be a happy face and count as a 'fun' vote, thats retarded by shadow_wolf7 in SaidIt

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Yup and that's the exact reason we got rid of them. They're not coming back, we are very happy with our 2-dimensional upvote system - "Highlight new comments since last visit" option now available to everyone by magnora7 in SaidIt

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I guess this is the part where I say "Thanks for the gold kind stranger!" lol

So much for "free speech" by TakeemtoToontown in Incels

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No, it has nothing to do with incels. It has to do with praising violence, and especially praising murder. It's not acceptable to praise mass murderers on saidit. We're not budging on this issue.

VOAT goats urged not to use Saidit: The leftist censorship shithole by VantaFount in MeanwhileOnVoat

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Extremism hates non-extremism, no surprise there. Just for the record, saidit has banned literally 5 people total in 16 months out of 8,000 users, other than obvious ad spammers who never respond. So this idea it's "even worse than reddit" in terms of censorship is just silly.

Meanwhile they have "ProtectVoat" brigades that will censor you to -20 if you say anything out of line with their site culture, ensuring you never get to use your downvotes yourself, because it requires a user score of 100 to be able to use.

The post on voat is basically propaganda, to beg people to keep them from leaving the extremist echo-chamber they've created, imo. Not surprising at all. Let's just ignore them, and keep making this place better and better. The best way to progress forward is to build something so good that it makes the old ways obsolete.

TIL H.P. Lovecraft, who was born in 1890, was a racist. Shocking! by sawboss in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Mainstream racists in the 1890s? You don't say. Next you're going to tell me Mark Twain wrote a popular book with the n-word in it!