Saidit is growing - A look at the numbers by magnora7 in SaidIt

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Another interesting stat is that if we ran ads, we'd make about $3/day (about $90/mo). But we're not going to ever run ads, everything will be run by donations and other means. This will ensure that ad revenue won't eventually become the main motivation for site designs and improvements, which is the exact path of action that destroyed both and is now destroying reddit. We do not want saidit to go down a similar path. So we run on donations.

If you want to help saidit financially, look to the 'donate' tab at the very bottom of this page, we offer both patreon and cryptocurrency donation options. /u/d3rr and I are both personally currently paying about $20 out of pocket per month while also doing all the programming. And our server/domain/DNS guy is working for free too.

So any extra help in this area would be genuinely appreciated. We don't have to make money on it or even really get paid for our labor, but it'd be cool if it wasn't a net financial loss for the people running it. Especially as saidit scales to become larger and requires better servers.

Thank you to the 5 people who have already donated and subscribed to payments already to financially help out saidit. It is a huge help! This is what needs to happen for saidit to scale properly and it's good to see people caring enough to actually lay down money for it. Saidit appreciates you!