Someone Made A Deepfake Of Steve Buscemi's Face On Jennifer Lawrence And It Is A Thing Of Ugly Beauty by Mnemonic in funny

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Like a young Madeleine Albright

is there a discord chat for saidit while the saidit chat feature is unavaiable? by WilliamHung in frontpage

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Wow I haven't seen a William Hung joke since like 2007

What would happen if we sent people to Mars, it's a huge success, and then the Martians develop into a separate species? by Alduin in AskSaidIt

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That may be the dumbest thing I have ever heard in my entire life. — Feb 5, 2019 — Minor site fixes and updates, full self-voting, removed all remaining mentions of gold, removed useless preferences tabs by magnora7 in SaidIt

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Nothing super special here, just a lot of small stuff to polish the site a bit more. Glad to be able to vote my own stuff funny though — Feb 4, 2019 — New Rule: No upvoting yourself using alternate accounts by magnora7 in SaidIt

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This is not a decision we made lightly. This is only the second time we've changed the rules in the 15 months saidit has existed. In the end, it's the only course of action that really makes sense if we want a saidit with a front page that truly represents the users.

"Society is like a stew..." Edward Abbey by EndlessSunflowers in quotes

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kombucha stew lol

I know the truth - it's not what you think! by [deleted] in 911truth

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Good riddance, if you want to be a gatekeeper for info that could help, we don't really want you around

I know the truth - it's not what you think! by [deleted] in 911truth

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Lol what is this information gatekeeping. It serves no purpose

No need to install: Microsoft has controversial fake news filter NewsGuard built into mobile browser by useless_aether in censorship

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Microsoft has a mobile browser? lol "Should the US Provide Reparations For Slavery & Jim Crow" - Make me puke, the Africans in America are ungrateful sods whose ancestors were granted refuge from cannibalism by altruistic white ppl, all a ship had to do was anchor anywhere in the Congo delta they would swarm aboard by Dillinger22 in MartinTimothy

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"altruistic white people"? please... now you're denying slavery existed? I agree they also had it bad in africa, but I wouldn't classify the people who took them over en masse on those cargo boats to work them for their whole lives for free by force as "altruistic" by any means