Why The "Proud Boys" /Are/ White Supremacists by AFutureConcern in debatealtright

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Individualism by Macdonald argues that over the past approx. six thousand years Northwest Europeans have been genetically evolving in ways to support egalitarianism, individualism and meritocracy. From the Indo-European aristocratic individualism to modern liberalism.

The Uniqueness of Western Civilization is an extremely pro-Western book that shows the unique traits of white people such as scientific curiosity, risk-taking and how this has built the greatest civilization in world history. He's extremely critical of postmodernism and its constant undermining of western accomplishment.

Blueprint is basically a recent book on the "Nature over Nurture" debate that stresses the importance of DNA in shaping who we are.

A Troublesome Inheritance argues that humans have evolved tremendously since splitting off into different racial groups. As a result, each region of the world has developed independently from a cultural perspective, but these cultural differences also have a genetic basis. It was a highly controversial book, but I'd definitely recommend it as it does explain many aspects of human evolution.

Why The "Proud Boys" /Are/ White Supremacists by AFutureConcern in debatealtright

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Two books that challenge this belief:

"Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition" by Kevin Macdonald.

"The Uniqueness of Western Civilization" by Ricardo Duchesne.

Books that discuss the strong links between DNA and behaviour/culture:

"Blueprint: How DNA Makes Us Who We Are" by Robert Plomin

"A Troublesome Inheritance" by Nicholas Wade

New Murdoch Murdoch: Wizards & Bros by lothrop_evola in debatealtright

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If you argue that racism is inevitable in a multi-ethnic society, then every "racism scandal" would count towards your argument by bruker in debatealtright

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Exactly. I've always found it ridiculous that the same news organizations that constantly complain about racism in society are the very same ones endlessly pushing for more immigration.

The left is lying so bad that I don't even feel like countering it by [deleted] in debatealtright

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Back in the 20th century the media could lie all day long and nobody was able to stop them. Now, thanks to social media, the lies are being exposed and mocked within hours of being published. But social media is also widening the rift between Democrats & Republicans because most people are getting their news in echo chambers that fuels anger towards the other side.

19 Black Families Purchase 97 Acres Of Land To Build A Safe City For Black People by kesh in whatever

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The Washington Times had an article back in 2016 when BLM first started up. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/dec/26/black-suspects-more-likely-to-be-shot-by-black-cop/

Looking for sauce on a recent post here - Goebbels quote on America by RuckFeddit in sauce

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Fellow whites in the protests. by arainynightinskyrim in debatealtright

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Oh my goodness, it's almost like our fellow whites have a vision to remake Europe and America. https://www.bitchute.com/video/7jbmz2qwCvPU/

If the Alt Right loses in North America, would you be content with White Liberals suffering the absolute consequences of this defeat? by ShiversRussia2017 in debatealtright

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Low population density, lots of available land, mostly conservative cultures that protest constitutional rights. Also, the Patriot Front is well organized up there, which is a great plus. But mostly I favor the PNW strategy because there are three paths for North America: (1) whites are saved by some miraculous series of events in the next two decades or (2) no savior appears, things gradually get worse while we stay in place or (3) things gradually get worse but we build effectively ethnostates with high birth-rates in areas that we all agree to congregate in.

PNW already has some momentum behind it so I think it's the best choice. But if others want to try northern Michigan or upstate New York, I'd say go for it too. There's plenty of space out there.

Ukrainian Pizza Commercial by lothrop_evola in debatealtright

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If the Alt Right loses in North America, would you be content with White Liberals suffering the absolute consequences of this defeat? by ShiversRussia2017 in debatealtright

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If by 2050 we fail to achieve any political power, we need to concentrate in the Pacific Northwest and breed like crazy while most of the continent falls into 3rd world status (yes, the Liberals that cannot afford gated communities will suffer). After 200 years the combined birth rate of the PNW plus the Mormons and Amish will give us a foundation to rebuild for the distant future.

Wanted to ask people here: Who do you think did 9/11 and why? by Jesus in debatealtright

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Between the "Lavon Affair" and the "Dancing Israelis", I've become very suspicious of that country.

Should America balkanize by race? by [deleted] in debatealtright

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Your proposal sounds reasonable. It's sad that White Americans went from ruling the whole country to being reduced to a partial ethnostate after just 55 years of the Hart-Cellar act. That was extremely rapid ethnic replacement.

Should America balkanize by race? by [deleted] in debatealtright

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Most of that is the coldest land in the world and Canada, Russia and Australia have the majority of their land being uninhabitable. Antarctica is up for grabs if other people are jealous.

Gunman charged with murder one in Kenosha, Wi. It will never stick. by [deleted] in politics

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His home is in Antioch, Illinois, literally right beside the Wisconsin border. The "crossing state lines" thing seems overblown to me.

Gunman charged with murder one in Kenosha, Wi. It will never stick. by [deleted] in politics

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Here's a good video summary of the shootings. You can see that Kyle starts calling 911 after the first shooting, is then chased and attacked by a crowd before firing again at the 2nd and 3rd victims. https://www.bitchute.com/video/PwFSVpVmAcea/

[Book Review] The Blackening of Europe by Clare Ellis | The transformation of Europe as an elite project by Jacinda in debatealtright

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Thanks for the link. I hadn't heard of this author before but I'll definitely check out her work.

I wonder if there are Poles here that are against the general opinion that NS Germany are bad. by aa1874 in whatever

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Here is a 3 paragraph excerpt from this webpage: https://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/world-war-two/the-red-cross-and-world-war-two/

"Up until ‘Operation Barbarossa’, the USSR had failed to respond to appeals by the Red Cross to set up a delegation in Moscow. After the huge loss of manpower in the initial stages of Barbarossa, the Soviet government agreed to allow the Red Cross to help and an office was set up in Ankara. Its task was to find out about Russian and German POW’s from the conflict on the Eastern Front. In August 1941, the first list of names of Russian POW’s reached Ankara from the Germans. It was to be the last. The Germans claimed that as the Russians seemed unwilling to send them a list, via Ankara, of Germans POW’s, it would also do the same. This also led to the Germans failing to allow Red Cross visits to the POW camps that housed Russian prisoners. The Germans argued that as the Russians did not allow Red Cross visits to German POW’s, it would do likewise with Russian POW’s.

In Germany, the Red Cross visited every other nationality that the Germans held – but not Russians. The first time the Red Cross had formal access to Russian POW’s was in the last few weeks of the war as Nazi Germany crumbled.

The Red Cross also attempted to help those in concentration camps. Here, they met with mixed results. Attempts to get the names of those in the camps met with failure. In 1943, the Nazis did agree that Red Cross parcels could be sent to named non-Germans in the concentration camps. Somehow, the Red Cross got hold of a few names and sent food parcels to these names. Receipts for these parcels were returned to Geneva – sometimes with as many as a dozen names on each receipt. This method allowed the Red Cross to collect more and more names. By the time the war ended, the Red Cross had a list of 105,000 names of people being held in concentration camps and over 1 million parcels were sent out – even to the death camps in Poland. As the war came to its end, to observe what went on in the concentration camps, a Red Cross delegate stayed in each camp."

Update: Judge Orders Texas Father to Pay $5,000 a Month So His Ex-Wife Can “Transition” Son James Into a Girl Named “Luna” by Daily_Reformer_US in news

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This is absolutely ridiculous, and it's hard to believe it's happening in a "red" state like Texas. Being forced to pay $5k per month for something you wholeheartedly disagree with is beyond evil.

you will never guess who got the most media attention by SNCA_Furweeb in whatever

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We have to start politicizing every single one of these injustices because we have a ridiculously biased media that will always ignore black on white violence, while actually justifying large mobs of protestors to protest and destroy property (in the middle of a pandemic!) in support of a career criminal that was actively resisting arrest while high on drugs.

These stories received international attention, even though the victims were actively resisting arrest or committing crimes in every case: - George Floyd - Rayshard Brooks - Ahmaud Arbery

These stories, all from 2020, of black on white violence received very little national coverage and didn't lead to any protests or political change. This is why white people need to collectivize and start speaking out after every one of these cases. We certainly can't trust the media to do it for us.

Elderly white couple murdered by black man for no reason while visiting son's grave: https://www.lawenforcementtoday.com/elderly-couple-slain-at-delaware-cemetery-visited-their-sons-grave-daily/

Black man records himself punching disabled white people in nursing home: https://madworldnews.com/racist-disabled-nursing-home/

White mother shot by blacks for saying All Lives Matter: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/07/young-white-mother-killed-black-lives-matter-mob-allegedly-saying-lives-matter-national-media-fully-ignores/

Black man shoots 5 year-old white boy in head: https://abc11.com/cannon-hinnant-5-year-old-shot-cnn-darius-sessoms/6368478/

Unprovoked attack against Macy's clerk: https://www.bizpacreview.com/2020/06/23/media-fumes-after-trump-shares-video-of-a-black-man-beating-macys-clerk-in-unprovoked-attack-938241

Group of blacks attack white man in parking lot: https://abc13.com/convenience-store-fight-brutal-attack-spring-texas-at-exxon/6251202/

Additionally, here's a case of an unjustified police killing against a white man which received very little media coverage.


I wonder if there are Poles here that are against the general opinion that NS Germany are bad. by aa1874 in whatever

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Thanks for the links - I'd never heard of this massacre before.

It's interesting that Germany frequently cooperated with the Red Cross throughout the war while the Soviet Union despised the Red Cross. Germany also allowed the Red Cross to inspect all of its concentration camps during the war, including Auschwitz, Sobibor and Treblinka while the Soviets did not.

George Floyd Body Camera Footage LEAKED, This Will Probably Exonerate The Officers By Casting Doubt by Tarrock in politics

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I've gained a lot of sympathy for American police officers after watching the full bodycam video. George Floyd spent virtually every moment on video disobeying orders, resisting arrest, lying, fighting with police, crying, whining, etc. For a guy that was arrested on 9 previous occasions, he wasn't very good at cooperating with police.

By the time he started crying that he couldn't breathe it doesn't surprise me at all that the police weren't listening to him. They probably just assumed he was making it up.

If you haven't considered homeschooling your children then it's time you did. by calmbluejay in WorldPolitics

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We've started home-schooling our kids and there are some hidden advantages that surprised me:

  • You don't have to buy expensive smart phones for your kids due to peer pressure. It causes kids great anguish if they're the only one in the class without the latest expensive gadget but that becomes an immediate non-issue with homeschooling.
  • it's a huge time-saver. We're able to teach the entire recommended curriculum in just a few hours. After lunch the entire day is free to do whatever we want. (Schools have to teach at a slower pace for a couple of obvious reasons).
  • The social aspect was a key worry for us, but it's not a problem at all. We've networked with other homeschool parents & kids and also signed our children up for sports leagues and activities so they can maintain a network of friends.

I just wanna say... FUCK YOUTUBE! I was watching a live video from a conservative black lady dropping truth bombs, and less than 7 minutes in, they cancelled it saying: "This video has been removed for violating YouTube's Terms of Service." Bull. Fucking. Shit. Fuck you, YouTube. Your CEO is a cunt. by suckitreddit in censorship

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According to socialblade.com, Bevelyn Beatty had 268 subscribers on June 3rd, but she's gained 40000 new subscibers just in the past 3 days alone.

Is Antifa A "Spiteful Mutation"? Are We Headed To A "Mouse Utopia" Collapse? | Articles by Richard_Parker in debatealtright

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Based on the thread title, I was expecting the author to be Edward Dutton. I was mistaken.

Nantes Cathedral in Flames: Arson Suspected by lothrop_evola in news

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This investigation is taking a long time. For Notre Dame they were able to rule out arson while the cathedral was still engulfed in flames.

Finally some data from France: non-whites between 20-35% of youth in most areas, 40% in Paris. Alsace-Lorraine now mulatto territory. by EinmuetigeErhebung in debatealtright

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France has roughly the same non-white demographics as the UK, and there are similar estimates for Germany and Sweden. We have probably 20-30 years remaining before the window to save our race is slammed shut.

We should stop recommending Mein Kampf by VarangianRasputin in debatealtright

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Which translation did you read? I've heard it makes a big difference since some are translated poorly.

Reddit Mods Remove Viral GP Article About Woman Murdered for Saying ‘All Lives Matter’ by asterias in MeanwhileOnReddit

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The left acknowledges problematic black behavior sometimes, denies it other times. by tantamle in debatealtright

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The left contradicts itself on immigration so much it's ridiculous.

In the 1960s we were told that our high birth rates were bad for the environment and we should have fewer children. Now, we're told that our birth rates are too low and we need massive levels of immigration to keep the economy running.

Leftists say that they don't care about race and don't see skin colour. We're all the same. Yet, any region of Europe that is "too white" needs more immigration and more diversity. So apparently they do care about race and they do see skin colour.

Immigration to Europe is a punishment for colonialism. But it's also a great benefit because "Diversity is our Strength".

The key to understanding leftist ideology is reading about Postmodernism. The goal of the Postmodernist movement was to deconstruct and destroy the power structure of western civilization (read: heterosexual, white, male Christians). That's why we're relentlessly attacked at every opportunity without any concern for logic, truth or consistency.

Reject White Guilt by [deleted] in altunitedkingdom

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The Hundred Handers strike again!

Those people do great work.

Two Antifa white women (one of which insists is non-binary) were struck by a car on an occupied Freeway. People are not asking the right questions. by Richard_Parker in debatealtright

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We'll see the complete hypocrisy in the media/legal system now when we compare the treatment of James Fields versus Dawit Kelete.