Mom agonizes about how to reach her son, a man with a Buddha tattoo who woke the fuck up by [deleted] in politics

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Well. She could only manage to marry a gay man....

The kid needed a dad, and didn't have one. So he went looking for one.

BAN CIRCUMSCISION by yabbit in whatever

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I'm happy I got my fingers chopped off, so I don't have to clean my nails.

" Freedom is what you do with what's been done to you. " ~ Jean-Paul Sartre (unverified) by JasonCarswell in quotes

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The original is:

"L’important n’est pas ce qu’on fait de nous mais ce que nous faisons nous-même de ce qu’on a fait de nous." in Saint Genet, comédien et martyr (1952) Gallimard p.55

[What matters is not what is being done of us, but what we do ourselves with what has been done of us]

MGTOW Banned On Ruqqus (After Being Banned On Reddit) by sirrup in MGTOW

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"advocates violence". Lol. Beware of thots is violence. No wonder women saying they've been abused have zero credibility...

MGTOW Banned On Ruqqus (After Being Banned On Reddit) by sirrup in MGTOW

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It's becoming quite ridiculous. And always saying it's because Mgtow advocates violence. This excuse is the "stop resisting" of social networks....

There are two genders. by christnmusicreleases in whatever

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That depends on the person determining their sex. If one starts making concrete rules such as "penis = male" or "XX = female". Then you end up with contradictions.

Male = small gametes, female = big gametes. That's how biology differentiates sexes. And that ability does not appear out of nowhere, so disorder in its development do exist, but this does not negate the fact that there are only two sexes. Just like people born without legs do not negate the fact that humans are bipedal.

Arkansas Passes ‘Save Adolescents From Experimentation Act’ To Ban Trans Surgery, Puberty Blockers For Minors by Drewski in news

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On par with cutting their dicks off.

Arkansas Passes ‘Save Adolescents From Experimentation Act’ To Ban Trans Surgery, Puberty Blockers For Minors by Drewski in news

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Gender reassignment is to gender dysphoria what lobotomy used to be for a bunch of mental disorders.

Reddit bans anyone for mentioning their new admin Ashton "Aimee" Challenor's name by TurtleFuzz in WatchRedditDie

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The trans community is to the pedos of nowadays what the Church was to the pedos of the 1950s: a safe heaven that allows them to operate and if anyone points a finger, the whole social shaming goes against that person.

Those fuckers used to done a roman collar, now they just put on a whig and pretend they're women, and god forbids if you call on their actions, they'll brand you transphobic.

Reddit bans anyone for mentioning their new admin Ashton "Aimee" Challenor's name by TurtleFuzz in WatchRedditDie

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At the Green party spring conference this weekend, a motion which sought to introduce a party policy on women’s sex-based rights was defeated. A whopping 289 delegates (out of 521) voted to not include biological females in the party’s list of oppressed groups.

All the motion aimed to do was simply add a paragraph to the Green party’s ‘Our Rights and Responsibilities Policy’. The motion reads:

“‘This is to include the protected characteristic of sex as currently our Record of Policy statements supports the other eight characteristics (age, disability, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, race, maternity, religion/belief, marriage/civil partnership) but not that of sex discrimination – aimed primarily at women…’

The motion was opposed because, in essence, it is considered ‘transphobic’ to recognise that women are targeted by male oppression precisely because of their female sex.

The Green party leader Sian Berry, who has declared that she wishes London to be the most ‘trans inclusive’ city in the world, seemed to see this as a victory. In a series of tweets following the vote, Berry stated: ‘Motion E01 was defeated. My party voted for inclusive women’s rights and someone is having a big old cry. Thank you Greens!’ Berry signed off with, ‘Vote for inclusion and kindness!’

But by voting against the motion, the Green party has effectively contradicted the 2010 Equalities Act, which includes sex as a protected characteristic. In their rush to be ‘inclusive’ the Greens have ended up excluding 51 per cent of the population.

Other anti-women motions passed at the conference include the support for self-identification, which would enable trans people to declare themselves as the opposite sex without the need for any medical intervention, and for trans parents to be recognised on their child’s birth certificate as father, mother or parent, such as in the case of Freddy McConnell, a trans man who wishes to be the legal ‘father’ of the baby he gave birth to.

The Green’s record on women’s rights is a disgraceful one. In 2019 its Regional Council (GPRC) announced the appointment of the two new co-chairs, describing them as ‘Self identifying Non-Male Co-Chair: (female)’ and ‘Self identifying Non-Female Co-Chair: (male)’.

The party explained that, ‘to specify that the chairs must be a “man” and a “woman” would exclude people who have non-binary or other identities, and we want the roles to be open to everyone.’ I asked if, to ensure that lesbians were not excluded, they would also advertise for ‘non-male non-heterosexuals’ but did not receive a response.

The Green party leadership has long capitulated to the trans Taliban. Take Caroline Lucas, the former Greens leader. Prior to 2016 Lucas steadfastly supported the feminist campaign to criminalise paying for sex as a way to deter men from creating the demand for prostitution. She told me back in 2008 that she wanted to see an end to the sex trade because she understood it to be exploitative of women and a barrier to equality. But in 2016, having been told off by trans activist Paris Lees (who is of the view that feminists that campaign to end prostitution are posh, white prudes) Lucas did an about turn, offered to meet up with Lees, and has since supported the campaign to decriminalise pimps, brothel owners and punters.

I spoke to a serving member of the Green party executive (who asked not to be named) minutes after EO1 was defeated. She tells me that, ‘Women are set to leave the Green Party in droves. For a significant number, this is the final straw.’

‘The planet is burning,’ another senior party member tells me, ‘but you would think they would pay more attention to that than bloody pronouns.’

Another senior official thanked me for covering the story but told me that even ‘liking a tweet by you would get me excommunicated’.

The Green party is destroying itself in an effort to capitulate to bullies. The likes of Sian Berry refuse to recognise that extreme transgender ideology is simply misogyny thinly disguised as progressive politics. Last year, Scottish Green MSP Andy Wightman resigned from the party following threats to expel him after he had the nerve to attend a public meeting on women’s rights at which I spoke. Wightman accused the party of being ‘very censorious of any deviation from an agreed line.’

Reddit bans anyone for mentioning their new admin Ashton "Aimee" Challenor's name by TurtleFuzz in WatchRedditDie

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Clown world to the max.

23-year-old Christina With 11 biological Children Says She Wants More by format in Entertainment

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That's the circus we knew would come.

Oklahoma Bill Would Expand Raw Milk Sales, Set Foundation to Nullify Federal Prohibition Scheme by Drewski in politics

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Finally might be able to get decent cheese in the US...

Jewish guy says he supports Palestinian human rights in synagogue, imagine the reaction. by Vigte in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Funny that you equate Palestinian human rights with a nonsensical theory that is not even supported by most churches, including the main ones, Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican.

It looks like it was Ruth Bader Ginsburg who 1st swapped “sex” for “gender” - what a mistake… by BEB in GenderCritical

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Simone de Beauvoir's landmark book first published in 1949 and a perennial bestseller around the world from then was called The Second Sex.

That's because in French, the word gender "genre" has only the grammatical meaning, at least until the last few years. Or it means "kind" as in "my kind"

Arguing that the word "sex" was still used in 1972 or even after does not invalidate the claim that someone started using "gender" in its place in 1972. The word "gender" does increase in its use in the 1970s, probably because it starts to be used as more than "grammatical gender".

Do you guys think men and women have different brains? by eddyelric in GenderCritical

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Here is a presentation about brain differences in the brain. Click Cc for English subs

Everything learned in 12 years of school can be learned online in less than a year... by iraelmossadreddit in whatever

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Can you imagine college students taking classes at home? That's just DUMB.

That's exactly what's going on in many countries because of COVID. Japan for example.

We're not even talking about test-taking and cheating too.

College level tests should be essays anyway, so cheating is moot.

Everything learned in 12 years of school can be learned online in less than a year... by iraelmossadreddit in whatever

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The important word here is "CAN". The point of the school system is to have the word "WILL".

It's mostly university education that is almost fully replaceable by online classes (save lab works and other practical duties). Covid is actually showing that suddenly...

I've been just permanently banned from r/feminism for saying that in humans sex is a binary, and that intersex people aren still either male or female. I'm a biologist. by BioFem in GenderCritical

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Like I said, I'm a biologist, and I'm getting pissed as I incresealy see more and more "sex is a spectrum" things, even from scientists who want to be woke.

There are two sexes and a whole spectrum of mental illnesses.

Why are we obligated to defend foreign countries? (USA) by [deleted] in politics

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You REALLY think your country has EVER "defended" a foreign country? For real? You're THAT indoctrinated and ignorant?

They truly do believe this. Even better, they think they won WW1 (despite appearing at the last second) and WW2 (forgetting that the Soviets did the bulk of the work).

Why are we obligated to defend foreign countries? (USA) by [deleted] in politics

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I've got news for you, the Soviets defeated Germany in WW2, not the Americans. The US pursued its own interests, and rightly so. Nobody is blaming them for doing that. What bothers European is how the US PORTRAYS their involvement as "we save your asses", which is ridiculous.

I am so sick of America being blamed no matter what.

Then get the fuck out. That's exactly what Wallace wrote to Truman

"How do American actions since V–J Day appear to other nations? I mean by actions the concrete things like $13 billion for the War and Navy Departments, the Bikini tests of the atomic bomb and continued production of bombs, the plan to arm Latin America with our weapons, production of B–29s and planned production of B–36s, and the effort to secure air bases spread over half the globe from which the other half of the globe can be bombed. I cannot but feel that these actions must make it look to the rest of the world as if we were only paying lip service to peace at the conference table. "

See, "lip service". That's what irks people outside the US. It's not so much what the US did or do. It's how it portrays its own actions.

"What's worse I think" part is spot on.

So you're not obligated to do anything. That's how Americans try to make themselves feel indispensable (dixit Hillary). Noone is asking you to, you just like to pretend that you did it for others instead of yourselves (like in WW1 and WW2). Nothing wrong with that, but stop taking others for stupider than they are.

Moving to France doesn't make you French by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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The problem of your analogy is that you chose a nationality that's super easy to acquire. You can become French by either staying there legally for 5 years or by graduating university there with at least two years of stay... Maybe Japanese would be a better analogy...

Arrestation d'Alain Soral. by lestratege in france

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"Selon ses avocats, il aurait été arrêté dans le cadre d’une enquête préliminaire pour un délit de presse : « provocation à commettre un crime ou délit portant atteinte aux intérêts de la nation » (article 24 alinéa 4 de la loi du 29 juillet 1881)."

On aimerait savoir de quelle nation on parle...

A blue check saying that WOC are masculine so it is RACIST to believe transwomen are not women and only RACISTS feel that way... This makes me feel amazing as a black woman! by throwawayfuckreddit in GenderCritical

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I am saying that saying that a religion is patriarchal because in English it uses he as pronoun for God is a silly argument.

A blue check saying that WOC are masculine so it is RACIST to believe transwomen are not women and only RACISTS feel that way... This makes me feel amazing as a black woman! by throwawayfuckreddit in GenderCritical

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So what? The version I mentioned still exists and is the model society has been built on, and is the one most people know.

Not really. Gen 1-27 is a quote very well known in many languages, for example "Homme et femme il les créa".

Besides, whichever version, it still holds a "he" as the supreme creator, which is a Supreme Ho Hum.

In the English version. Can English speaking people stop projecting issues of their own language upon the rest of the world and pretend that it is a general issue? First off, the original Hebrew does not have a pronoun subject, so your argument that "He" is written is language dependent, but I guess if it is English, then it must be for the rest of the world right? There is no subject pronoun in the original Hebrew as it is a language like Japanese and many others that does not require a subject. The subject "He" is added in English because English is a language that requires a subject.

Second, "He" refers to a male, but there are plenty of languages whose pronouns do not refer to sex, French for example, where a male can be refer to a "She" if you use a feminine word (the proper meaning of gender which is grammatical gender).

So can you please stop ascribing to humanity what is specific to English. And that should actually tell you that your argument is incorrect since Jewish and Christian beliefs developed long before English was used. So saying "the Bible says HE" so it is patriarchy, is a nonsensical argument because first it is false (there is no subject in Hebrew), and second it is an English based argument which considerably restrict its scope.

I just got auto-banned from r/offmychest because I posted on r/watchredditdie. Oh well, it brought me here... by Oof_Too_Humid in WatchRedditDie

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Turn the tables and report the offmychest mods to the admin for targeted harassment.

Claiming an abandoned sub by lestratege in help

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Yeah I get that hence there is no urgency. The problem might be along the way, if the sub takes off and the original mod comes back, then he does whatever he wants with whatever others have done with the sub. I have seen it on reddit.

A blue check saying that WOC are masculine so it is RACIST to believe transwomen are not women and only RACISTS feel that way... This makes me feel amazing as a black woman! by throwawayfuckreddit in GenderCritical

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Their most revered religious tracts, the Old Testament of the Christians / the Torah of the Jews, dating from far earlier than the birth of Christ, defined women as the second created, who were created solely as companions and helpmates ("meets") for men.

That is ONE of the narrative in Genesis. There are TWO stories of the creation of humans in Genesis, one says (Genesis 1-27):

So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

TIL that the last sword duel in France took place in 1967, between the mayor of Marseille and the presidential candidate of the Socialist Party. by Jashfior in TIL

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The mayor of Marseille. It was at first blood.

Claiming an abandoned sub by lestratege in help

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Indeed. So it is indeed the sub I'm talking about. It's not urgent or anything but if there's an official process, that would be nice. The user who founded it just disappeared without posting or commenting...

Claiming an abandoned sub by lestratege in help

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Geez. Didn't realize these were case sensitive...

Claiming an abandoned sub by lestratege in help

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Well it is about France, not about a French language only. English would be permitted.

Claiming an abandoned sub by lestratege in help

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Thanks for the info. There's no hurry because the sub is not super active but in case it does I would hate to see it goes the way r/France went. There's no need for two super politically correct France subs ...

Claiming an abandoned sub by lestratege in help

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Is there a specific procedure or we just message them?


‘Anti-Feminist’ Lawyer Is Suspect in Killing of Son of Federal Judge in N.J. by [deleted] in news

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Yahoo is actually better than the NYT...

"Oral arguments in the case were scheduled to be heard by Salas last month, but were "cancelled without new date," the court docket read."

It's politics 101: if you do not hear people's grievance, they will make them heard through force.

"Justice is subject to dispute; might is easily recognised and is not disputed. So we cannot give might to justice, because might has gainsaid justice, and has declared that it is she herself who is just. And thus being unable to make what is just strong, we have made what is strong just.” "

And there you go...

So many dead new subs... by medium_tomato in whatever

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If you don't have to fight for something, it's often because it is not worth it. And if you stop fighting for something, then don't be surprised when it gets taken away from you.

Just post once a week in a sub. No more no less.

Why do we have Insightful/funny over Upvote/Downvote by posty in SaidIt

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You have to be a special kind of snowflake to consider being ignored to be censored... Noone owes you any attention.

Check out /all/new and /all/comments! There is a new feature where subs taken off of /all are also now blocked from /all/new and /all/comments by magnora7 in SaidIt

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This however forces you to subscribe to all the subs. What if you want to see all the subs but you don't want to subscribe to all because you are just browsing/shopping. Maybe a s/every/new and s/every/comments would be helpful. Those would display everything, even those from subs that do censor, while s/all would remove those censored subs...

Just my two cents.

What does everyone think of Monique Wittig, a lesbian feminist, and her claims that sex ("male"/"man" or "female"/"woman") is a social construct in her "one is not born a woman"? by AllInOne in GenderCritical

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FYI the English version of Beauvoir's quote "One is not born a woman, but becomes one" is a mistranslation of the original French. If that English version was the correct one, the French version would have been "On ne naît pas une femme, on en devient une". But this is not what the original quote was. It was "On ne naît pas femme, on le devient" which litterally means "One is not born woman, one becomes it." She was not referring to "woman" as a person of flesh, but "woman" as a concept used as the other by men. Beauvoir interestingly notes, in 1949...:

"Many American women particularly are prepared to think that there is no longer any place for woman as such; if a backward individual still takes herself for a woman, her friends advise her to be psychoanalysed and thus get rid of this obsession. (...) To decline to accept such notions as the eternal feminine, the black soul, the Jewish character, is not to deny that Jews, Negroes, women exist today – this denial does not represent a liberation for those concerned, but rather a flight from reality."

A flight from reality...

Le Business du Féminisme d'Etat by Lingenfelter in france

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On se distribue les prébendes. Rien de nouveau sous le soleil...

Why I am deeply alarmed by reddit censorship by Jizera in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Reddit was once a small site, and it grew out of Digg's demise. And Digg grew out of Newsgroups by adding the voting option. If Reddit does not serve a purpose, another site will. It might take a few months, but there is no demand that is left unmet if the tools exist. Saidit is in a good position to grab the disgruntled mainstream users, while Voat has just already monopolized all the rightwingers because they were the first to be kicked out of Reddit and it was the only alternative then.

Welcome, Reddit ban wave refugees! by [deleted] in whatever

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/s/Lesbians (for female women who've only ever experienced erotic interest in female women)

It's at once hilarious and sad that this had to come to this...

Former Reddit CEO, Ellen Pao, Knew about Epstein Pedo ring - Said nothing. by scrubking in politics

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Let's be fair. She strongly condemned it in her head at that time. What more can you ask for?

The History of Political Correctness by asterias in history

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The Frankfurt school is just Marxism in discourse. That's why they all went to live in the US and political correctness started there. Instead of heading first against economic power, the Frankfurt school felt more comfortable to head against power as discourse. The US capitalist elites were happy to entertain such useless blabbers who were explaining that what mattered was not class struggle, but just the discourse on class struggle. Hence instead of strikes, and better salary, what matter was how to talk about strikes and salary... No wonder the US liberal elites welcomed those guys who were all talk and no walk.

12-Year Reddit veteran, sadly acknowledging the site won't return to the way it was 7+ years ago by neovulcan in Introductions

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And brain differences can also be due to non-genetic factors and epigenetic factors and all that.

Except there ARE differences.

Click Cc for English subs.

TIL American chickens can be processed in China, shipped back, and legally sold in the U.S. as American products by Saturday in TIL

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Maybe it's a claim of sovereignty over China by the US.

Out of the loop, when did this all start? by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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The current trans ideology is just transhumanism thinly disguised. It's all about considering the body as an accessory of the mind, an ideology not so surprisingly embraced by weakly but rich men in the Silicon Valley.

Once people approve that one can change your sex just because you feel like it, then why not change your whole body? Hey! Cloning is right there, if there are transgendered people then transhumanism is already existing, so what can the body fetishists, some being known as TERFs, do about it?

Life is not just a ‘sex party’: Throuple give birth to second baby by DevilsAdvocate in MGTOW

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It's called polygamy and it's common in many places in the world.

Men following GCF by woodrup in GenderCritical

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The reason there's few in the Middle Ages is that the Witch hunts is actually a consequence of the rise of the institutionalisation of science in the modern age.

While folk remedies and popular midwifery was perfectly acceptable in the Middle Ages, when the reign of reason started, anything that didn't fall into the category of a science started to be frown upon then completely condemned. The result is that the science held by groups of women became severely suspicious, hence the witchcraftery accusation.

The initial targets of witchcraft accusation were not of religious nature. As I mentioned about Montaillou, in the 1300s the Inquisitor didn't take such accusation seriously and brushed it aside as just something completely unimportant.

I have yet to find any serious trace of paganism in Western Europe at that time. We're talking about areas that had been christianized a thousand years before. Remnants of pagan cults did linger in the High Middle Ages, but aside from fiction, I've not seen any evidence of such surviving cults in the late medieval period in Western Europe.

Men following GCF by woodrup in GenderCritical

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By the 1400s, the only faith in Europe was Catholicism in the West and Orthodoxy in the East. What indigenous faith was that book talking about? I'd be interested to read about it. Unfortunately too often, things about witchcraft often dwell into shoehorning New age practices that seem more like modern invention than actual history.

In Montaillou, Leroy-Ladurie actually uses the Inquisition records against the Cathars of the future pope Benedict XII, so early 1300s, and there's a brief mention of witchcraft but it's treated as nonsensical superstition by the Inquisitor. Witchcraft didn't become heretic until the end of the 1400s, so at the Renaissance.

Witch hunts were really not a medieval practice but a modern one. They peaked in the 1600s ...

The very real and ongoing effort to censor the internet is years in the making and soon to be achieved. The establishment is getting creative in their methods. by BraveAndStunningTERF in GenderCritical

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The absolute refusal of the possibility that some behaviors might be based on biology rather than socialization, and that sex is an innate biological characteristic was actually the dogma on GC.

It just doesn't make sense that humans would be the only mammal species to have their behaviors completely disconnected from their biology.

There can be debate on what is ascribed to socialization, and what is ascribed to biology. And it cannot be only male aggression....

GC for 15 years. Octopus hot dog lady is fed up. by Octopushotdog in Introductions

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GC means Gender Critical. They are people who remember from their highschool class that sex is a biological characteristic, not a feeling to prep in the girls bathroom.

Reddit’s C.E.O. on Why He Banned ‘The_Donald’ Subreddit. Stunning and Brave, Steve. Except we saw you coming and left months ago by bobdobalina in WatchRedditDie

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We welcome opposite political views as long as those do not threaten in any shape or form, even if only as an argument, our own political views. Punching bag is a valid form of being a Trump supporter, and they should be glad we actually let them participate as such. They are really ingrates.

Reddit, Inc duped all its moronic powermods by SpezForgotSwartz in WatchRedditDie

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At some point, these internet platform will be redefined as content providers and held liable for the content. Mods will quickly exit left since they would not want to be liable as publishers while doing free work for Reddit, Facebook, etc.. That's when the business plan of these platform will collapse.

That's what they probably fear the most...

Men following GCF by woodrup in GenderCritical

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That's because the witch hunts were not a medieval phenomenon, unlike what many believe, but took place from the Renaissance on, and especially in the 16th and 17th.

RI Moore's book is interesting because it details how violence started to be used as a normal tool to deal with heretics.

Stella Kamnga - "Il y a un bourrage de crâne pour cultiver la haine anti-blanc !" by Lingenfelter in france

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La tentative d'importer les mêmes "combats" partout dans le monde est assez évidente... C'est pour ça qu'on entend rien sur les Amérindiens parce que ça obligerait à poser la question du droit des vrais locaux..

12-Year Reddit veteran, sadly acknowledging the site won't return to the way it was 7+ years ago by neovulcan in Introductions

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Yeah it really is a question of size. However the fact that mod logs are public and miss are limited in how many sobs they can mod may curve the inevitable takeover by political correctness. I guess it's a cycle.

I created a new GC space on reddit: /r/AdultFemaleHumanPorn by JoanofArc5 in GenderCritical

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"r/AdultFemaleHumanPorn has been banned from Reddit This subreddit was banned due to a violation of Reddit’s content policy against creating or repurposing a sub to reconstitute or serve the same objective as a previously banned or quarantined subreddit."