Fluoride, Bernays, and a little bit of digging by Vaxthrul in conspiracyundone

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i used an air still to distill my drinking and cooking water. it worked well for years, i recommend it. thanks god i live a fluoride-free area now.

i think there is a difference in how it interacts with our bodies between fluoride from black tea and additives to the water system which are usually byproducts of industrial production (toxic industrial waste they dont know what to do with).

even without the use of fluoridated water and toothpaste, detox is always a good idea - i heard homemade hard cider (no added sugar, just apples, water and yeast) is a good pineal gland treatment, but there are additional methods..

People get upset about Nestle because they claim having water isn't a basic right. Why don't people get upset about the government and banks doing the same thing to land? by Vaxthrul in C_S_T

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why is freedom not a basic right, they are doing the same thing to freedom.