How pathetic is it that LGBDropTheT is still private? by aHobbitsTale in LGB_Discussions

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It's still being private is really funny though. I know that them dogpiling me because I'm a gold star was what caused it but I didn't know that me bringing up homophobia in the radfem community was also an issue. Gay men also did that, were they also kicked out?

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Yep. I vividly remember as soon as I wrote I've always known, and I have never been with men, the avalanche of comments started. It still kind of hurts because several of them were my friends, they helped me when my insomnia was worse than usual, they helped me get through my grandfather passing away in October, and they would take the time out of their day to check up on me, but they turned on me so quickly. Even after I supported and defended the LGB several times for six months it still wasn't enough, the group just assumed I was an awful person.

The irony is that many people in that group believe they are better than the Wokies.

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This would be the 50th time some lesbian left but this time and every time this happens, they cant imagine a lesbian not being as retarded as them in their man hating politics so it must be the illuminati or some psyop...even though this would be lesbian #50 doing this.

It's weirdly comforting that I wasn't the only one lol.

/s/LGBDropTheT is private right now by cqtz in whatever

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I'm not sure why the mod "went nuclear." It lasted for about a day in a half, and it didn't spill out into other posts, it was mostly directed at me, and she only messaged me twice to take my stuff down, and had very brief dms with me later on. The later messages we had in dms she didn't seem as if she was completely pissed off or anything. I'm not sure what happened with her. Or why she would have been this upset over any of this. Some here are saying she's an incel, idk I never really interacted with her before.

The part of "One woman was talking about how some lesbians take a while to feel comfortable admitting they have 0 interest in men" isn't exactly true. It was one user having a very different conversation from my post with me over how she slept with men and how she has "lesbian" friends that suck dick when they're drunk, she then asked me when I came out, I answered, mentioned how I've never been with men, and that seemingly set off a wave of users there talking about having sex with men and other things. The post I made wasn't about any of this, it was just about the user platypus saying there were "two types" of lesbians, one being fine with sleeping with men. But, other users began hounding me about sleeping with men, and one user started asking me about how not all lesbians are revolted about dick and why I would have a problem with that. Dicks weren't mentioned at all, I'm still not sure why she thought about that lol. This kept going and I did have a break down, as shown here, because at the time I had no idea why I kept getting wave after wave of comments some of them were like interrogations, some dms asking me about very personal details, others were claiming I said things I didn't say, and others were accusing me of hating them. Whenever I replied back to those accusations the other person would move the goal post, and make it about something else, again. Looking back, it was the first one that commented the two paragraphs that derailed the conversation, and made it about something else, while I was still talking about the ovarit post. I, at the time, thought having a screenshot, and even a link to the conversation, on what I was referring to would have prevented misunderstandings but I was wrong. I got overwhelmed with the massive mob that was after me, many of them were my friends taking part in it. I'm not sure if it was the first or second post but one of them got to 70 comments. I made a post explaining the situation, but TumbleweedFireflies in a couple of minutes took it down, and said "You don't accept anyone other than "gold star" as being a lesbian, and that's OK. But you don't get to bring that battle here. You don't get to throw a tantrum when others have compassion for late-bloomers, you don't get to blame lesbians for internalized homophobia or comphet, you don't get to prescribe intent and put words in our users mouths that they didn't say, and you sure as hell don't get to invalidate lesbian struggles growing up and recognizing their homosexuality just because it didn't match your timeline or awareness. You can be true to yourself without gaslighting everyone here..." Again, as you can seen in the screenshot it was about "there being two types of lesbians" that I was talking about, not anything she mentioned. I wasn't even thinking about the gold star stuff, I never even talked about it before this mess happened, I wasn't talking about any of that with the original post. She allowed my angst post on how I don't want to be a lesbian anymore to stay up for a day and a half, in which several users there were saying they were happy about, but my post trying to get the mob off of me was taken down. I think I have my defense post saved somewhere. I tried to get the post back up because the messages got worse, and that the mod was accusing me of saying things I didn't say, and the one person that was on my side messaged her about it. She accused him of being me, and instantly banned him. Afterwards, I don't know what she did or said. I don't get why she went off. Or why she even cares.

But, I was surprised when my friend messaged me about the sub being made private. It didn't effect the group at all. It's not that big of a deal.

All of this from one post I made about two short comments I thought the group would have a laugh at. Despite all of the hate I've gotten, I do hope the group is brought back, hopefully not with the incel mod this time. I still agree with the movement, even if that one group is filled with jackasses.

Anyway, thanks for reading. I wrote this out after seeing this, sorry if it's a bit all over the place.

*Edit: I forgot the mention in my dms with TumbleweedFireflies I said what she was accusing me of was slander at that point, and she agreed with it(?). Told me to get a lawyer.