Dictionnaire de l'Académie française en ligne by jansegers in languagelearning

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La neuvième édition est encore en cours ... l'Académie l'a achevée jusqu'à la lettre S et au mot SAVOIR en octobre 2019.

Saidit now has over 4000 user accounts! by magnora7 in SaidIt

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I've had troubles with my Reddit account since day 1 I made it. I couldn't follow subreddit nor post on them for no apparent reason.

Saidit.net is running quite fine, better than Voat.co did - I've the impression it's now inactive ...

I'm having troubles to see the subcategories using the Brave browser while logged in.

Toki Pona : a constructed minimalistic language with only 123 root words, 14 sounds/letters and 10 grammar rules, ideal to combat Alzheimer's disease by jansegers in languagelearning

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Invented by a Canadian translator and aiding her to combat depression, Toki Pona was first published online mid-2001 and has had a remarkable success for a constructed language ...