Reddit drama over Chanellor now hitting the papers and media. Everyone basically saying "WTF were they thinking?" by GConly in WatchRedditDie

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redit = pro pedo

Given The Choices, "Anal" Is Chinese Preference For Covid Testing by christnmusicreleases in news

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sounds like the kind of BS to come out of china.

The Reichstag Fire Decree suspended most civil liberties in Germany... This gave the X Party (who won 8% of the vote), a majority of 52% by zyxzevn in history

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The actions of the police im seeing today are literally akin to nazis though.

The Biggest Gun Forum Just Kicked Off The Internet Without Explanation by scrubking in politics

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There is only one site that actually supports free speech which is hosted this way and they are constantly on the verge of bankruptcy and the owner has been personally attacked several times.

Something to Keep in Mind During These Time, Just a Heads-up by salvia_d in WorldPolitics

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give it a year and this place will get attacked like voat did, voat in its early days had hoards of sockpuppet accounts come out of nowhere and start posting CP, then a bunch of complaints were also filed with the FBI.

Elon Musk: People Are Going to be 'Super Unhappy' With Big Tech As 'The De Facto Arbiter of Free Speech' by MarcoPolo in politics

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wtf are you talking about, no Np2 was shut down because of nazis like you.

The WEIRDEST People in the World: How the West Became Psychologically Peculiar and Particularly Prosperous. His argument is that WEIRD people—Western, Educated, Industrialised, Rich and Democratic—have psychological characteristics that differentiate them from most other humans who have ever lived. by Chipit in books

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No shit.

I spent a lot of time working in the middle east and india in my younger years, All of those skyscrapers in dubai and all of indias infrastructure was designed and planned out by imported western engineers, every successful skyscraper, Gas pipeline, Plumbing system, Electrical grid, metal bridge, major highway in the world that has ever existed has been designed, planned and supervised in construction by western engineers.

Even historically the ancient middle east, northern africa, northern india and the silk road's share the same DNA haplogroups as white people, All of the ancient worlds wonders were created by proto-Europeans.

semites (all arabs) are a historically new development in the middle east.

Looking on a historical timeline I'd say the only non-western groups to have ever developed anything of note were the ancient chinese, Mayans and Maoris.

Don't Talk to The Police by Drewski in videos

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This is the video that everyone needs to see, Ive tried to explain to too many people why you should never talk to police even if you think your helping they can use it to try pin the case on you to meet their quotas.