Randy husband buys sex doll that looks like wife for when she's not in the mood by HongKongPhooey in NotTheOnion

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She's twenty-three years old? Bruh. That's a pretty rough 23 years!

Completely Incompatible As A Food Source by Questionable in whatever

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Holy shit bro I just found out people are putting something on their FOOD that will explode if you put it in contact with water! Have you heard this bit about sodium? We basically can't even process this stuff AT ALL in our digestive systems, it's incompatible with life!

OUR memes, comrade by iamonlyoneman in memes

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please don't steal my meme bro

Hey, Associated Press, what's that on that casket over there? by Chipit in WorldNews

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it's a z with a cancel sign through it, because the soldier was a not-z

Mother of Fucking God. by Questionable in whatever

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Please no swearing on this christian website

Germany: Number of young people falls to record low. People aged 15 to 24 have never made such a small share of Germany's population. No civilization has ever come back from such a demographic collapse. Germany is dead. The coroner has ruled assisted suicide. by Chipit in WorldNews

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Not to worry comrade, there are plenty of young people in Africa and the Middle East to fill in the gaps!

Michael Moore Calls for Full Repeal of Second Amendment -- 'You Don’t Need a Gun' by StillLessons in politics

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Children in schools are protected with "gun free zone" signs

Called the police on parent who left his kids in a hot car by RedViking in whatever

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Because OP is a lying virtue-signaling karmawhore, is my guess

Trans cheerleader kicked out of camp for allegedly choking teammate by P-38lightning in news

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Choking someone out for an insult? Pretty stereotypical female behaviour.

Would you beat the shit out of reddit powermods just to get you're account back by Sensitivead in AskSaidIt

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How do you do it? by Adventurous_Ad6212 in TumblrInAction

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This post was written by a bot.

On Reddit This Morning; Gender Propagandist Accuses a Person of Transphobia for Using the Terms "Masculine" and "Feminine". by [deleted] in TumblrInAction

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nothing more violent you can do

So . . . curb stomping a tr00n is less violent than noticing dick skin isn't a vagine? Wow.

Monkey Pox Is Coming...Be Ready for the Hoax by CreditKnifeMan in WorldNews

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As someone engaged in zero buggery and not getting intimate with strangers in general . . . yeah I'm not caring about this one, like at all.


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There was no personal liberty reversed. It's like someone blowing smoke in your eyes and you complain that it's no longer cloudy when the smoke dissipates.

FDA clears ultra-thin panties that women can wear while receiving oral sex that will protect their partner from contracting STIs from infected genitals by HongKongPhooey in NotTheOnion

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Do they help with the smell also? asking for a friend.

As long as the child consents: Finnish Supreme Court says sex with 10-year-olds is A-okay … by TheRealPanzer in Europe

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by an asylum seeker

Dirka dirka sexual emergency

JasonCarswell regularly bans users in the Chat, breaking Saidit rules by [deleted] in SaidIt

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I doubt most users care

accurate. Chat should be chopped off the site. Do your discussions in the post comment sections or go

Joe Biden said: "Two (black) congressmen look like they really could play ball and the other (brown) one looks like he can bomb you." by iamonlyoneman in NotTheOnion

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casual racism: it's ok when the blue team does it

Rip u/d3rr by [deleted] in SaidIt

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Tell us you have a sandy vag but use more words

In honor of the 3-year anniversary of Epstein 'killing himself', a reminder: by iamonlyoneman in news

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They won't, I'm friends with the Clintons LOL