Awesome! - but I think we need a downvote, and here's why by codywohlers in SaidIt

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I don't know....being ignored sends a very strong message. While an insightful post may get buried and therefore ignored from time to time, hate filled rancid posts that are ignored will go away and not be plastered on the front page.

Not downvoting forces you to engage in meaningful debate or it shows ambivalence. Maybe that can help divide and conquer techniques falter a bit. If you don't feed the stray cats in your neighborhood, they will look elsewhere for food.

Not saying you are wrong, just some thoughts.

Hillary Clinton Returns: ‘I’d Like to Be President’ by useless_aether in politics

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She's going about this all wrong. She needs to simply state that she identifies as president. Then, we would all have to accept her as president or be culturally insensitive jerks. It's socially not allowed to be so insensitive, therefore she would gain the consensus because we would all recognize her as president.


Reddit pulls a YouTube - /r/911truth quarantined as misinformation, government info added by d3rr in MeanwhileOnReddit

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All are quarantined due to shocking or highly offensive content....except 9/11truth. (For the real story, go to the 9-11 commission's official page. Thanks admins of reddit, but I don't think the real story is there.)

I downloaded the official mobile app. When I search for r/911truth it does not come up. Other subs with similar names do. Even the relevant post list doesn't have one link from the original site (but I may have missed it, still need more caffeine).

Just a side thought, could this be detrimental to reddit alternatives? This move is likely to flood alt sites with a lot of racist crap. Can definitely see mainstream touting the integrity of reddit while showing the alternatives as platforms for hate.

The Tin Foil Hat Podcast With Sam Tripoli -- #119 The Return of Magnora7 - Black Cube Co., Anthony Bourdain, Sabotaging the Iranian Nuclear Deal and more by magnora7 in magnora7

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Really good show; you come off as knowledgeable, calm, and open to other perspectives. Lots of good info about stuff I didn't know!

Something I thought of while listening: The way I understand asphyxia, after about 3 minutes a person loses consciousness. When a person loses consciousness, every muscle relaxes and goes absolutely limp. There have been cases in which a person is alone and choking on something, passes out, muscle relaxation will cause the obstructing object to dislodge (if it is not wedged), and they wake up breathing on the floor. Wouldn't suicide using a doorknob to asphyxiate require a constant force to obstruct the airway? At some point the victim would pass out before death, removing that force. I don't have any idea how it was set up but thought I would throw that out there.

Anyway, awesome interview!