/r/news mods ban pro second amendment users, remove top comment with 500+ upvotes, and call users "gun nut brigading losers" in PM. Uncensored Link by d3rr in MeanwhileOnReddit

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No shit. Who the fuck uses reddit these days. Left that place 3 years ago since they started to censor everything. Can't imagine how it is there these days...

Outrage ensues as Michigan grants Nestlé permit to extract 200,000 gallons of water per day — As Nestlé works to extract more clean water resources, residents in Michigan cities, most notably Flint, struggle to find what they believe to be affordable, safe water. by Orangutan in environment

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Corporations want to own the drinking water and sell it to citizens. Nestle tried to lobby for this some years ago and it is surreal how they are now allowed to do what they want with the water.

This shows the scriptures were quite correct. How pure evil flows through the genes of the rich and greedy. Everything will turn to shit as the pure dark is getting stronghold of the nature. Until the next cycle.

George Soros talks about the need to crash the dollar for the sake of one world currency. how is this related to the banking crisis and cryptocurrencies? by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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(((Bitcoin))) (((Japanese inventor))) As if they are not planning on world currency with crypto.

Extremes suck, but where do the early adopters of said.net fall? by CapnCrinklepants in politics

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Fuck all. But I enjoy to tease SJW.

1 in 59 children has autism in US, CDC says - 150% increase from 2000 by magnora7 in news

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White guilt is real holy shit.

Do any of you use the "Recently Viewed Links" box on the bottom right? by magnora7 in SaidIt

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Never used it while on jewddit when I was there. Do not see any function for it myself.

Julie Flores by teflon in whatever

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Maybe its a cooking family.

Niggerfaggots by Egeslic in SaidIt

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Hey don't talk shit about (((them))). On a sidenote it is good to have some logics and good facts like that pyramid of discussion. But too much of the top tier only facts talk make it boring too.

Announcing a new feature for saidit: You can now vote something as both "insightful" and "funny" at the same time by magnora7 in SaidIt

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Interesting implementation me like.

The Sumerian's idea of reincarnation. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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Heard about Sumeria 20 years ago. They truly were amazing and the things they discovered. Astronomy etc. Seems like civilizations just loop, they disappear then reappear and discover the same things again until they destroy themselves.

Maybe reincarnations are similar.