A possible Atlantis-like structure? The Cuban underwater formation. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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Speaking of Atlantis, what do you think of the Richat Structure in Africa as the possible location of Atlantis? I find the evidence presented in these two videos very compelling.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDoM4BmoDQM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyV8TUlV3Ds

Does anyone know where I might be able to find a cracked version of photoshop? by Bigboy77 in piracy

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The crack by M0nkrus works. Search around piracy forums such as r/Piracy and you should be able to find the link to his website. You'll need to torrent to download it.

Charlie Ward posted a segment from Tucker Carlson. Tucker points out that the redaction code on a Fauci email indicates a criminal investigation is taking place. It is coming! All the evidence collected during President Trump's administration is coming to a bottle neck, its ready to explode. by Questionable in conspiracy

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Nothing will ever come of this. Q is a psyop to keep you distracted, always waiting for your secret saviors to come rescue you, never pursuing real solutions yourself.

If there was ever an Alien war you can bet it's staged just like all others. by noworldsystem in WorldNews

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"Global problems require global solutions." It sounds crazy, but a staged alien invasion could very well be the catalyst for bringing in some form of global governance. We've already seen what TPTB have been able to achieve using the Covid panic. Any threat, real or fabricated, that affects everyone worldwide can be used to demolish massive amounts of civil liberties for "the greater good".

It's not really so hard to believe it's possible. Militaries everywhere no doubt have all sorts of advanced aerospace technology that is kept top secret. Since ordinary citizens don't have access to the advanced sensors and satellites that would be used to detect the "aliens", officials can claim whatever they want and no will be able to verify it. I recommend this video for a deeper explanation of what could be.

However, I don't believe this is coming any time soon. This is a situation that would probably be the final keystone to finalize their system of total control only after all the groundwork has been laid, such as EU-like unions around the world. People would not be so willing to accept total centralization of power unless the world was already mostly centralized.

Reddit's pre-covid anti-antivaxxer hysteria: Trying to nail down the time frame. by wristaction in DownTheMemoryHole

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This user notes that "Antivaxx memes are getting old" about 2 years ago, suggesting that anti-anti-vax memes were at their peak when it was posted. A cursory search of r/DankMemes for keywords supports this.

Some keywords that may aid you in your search:

  • anti-vax, antivaxx, and spelling variants

  • unvaccinated kids/children

  • Karen

  • polio

  • measles

  • autism

  • vaccines cause/don't cause autism

Entering these terms into Google Trends and observing the change over time may reveal some interesting patterns.

Reddit's pre-covid anti-antivaxxer hysteria: Trying to nail down the time frame. by wristaction in DownTheMemoryHole

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I remember seeing the thing you are describing, at least a few years ago, maybe as early as 2018. I was asleep then, so I remember agreeing with it. Now that I look back on it, I think it seemed like the phenomenon came on suddenly, like a popular meme that persists for a while. It seemed to be rising along with the "Karen" and "flat Earther" memes.

The site I spent the most time on was Reddit. I saw a lot of it on the meme subs like r/DankMemes, as well as in comments scattered around the site. One instance of it I remember clearly are written jokes that compare unvaccinated children to things that are dead or live only a few years. I also remember stories in r/LegalAdvice type subs about minors who allegedly were upset that their parents didn't vax them so they wanted to get vaxxed without their parents' knowledge or consent.

Essential or Expendable by EndlessSunflowers in LateStageCapitalism

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Your employer should decide what wage you deserve, not the government.

Something to Keep in Mind During These Time, Just a Heads-up by salvia_d in WorldPolitics

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If you want to keep Google away from your data but still want the content on YouTube, try Invidious, a frontend for YouTube. You can even transfer your subscriptions and create playlists. It has the option to proxy video data so your IP address doesn't make any requests to Google.