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They will censor any media that opposes their ideology (right-wing, nationalism, Catholicism, homophobia, etc.) and reveals their mistakes, corruption and such. So they would shrug at hearing that "Koalicja LGB" was banned on Twitter. Even more likely, they probably eat popcorn watching us LGBT people infighting.

Some media (mostly liberal) are deep in TQ stuff, yes, but they are the only one criticizing PIS and it's politicians on valid issues like corruption. All right-wing media are in the pocket of PIS' politicians and their supporters and it's not even a conspiracy theory, because tracing those connections is easy and it's known by the public.

Also small local press media around Poland were recently bought by Polish state oil corporation - Orlen - so there's even a bigger pressure on independent media.


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Yeah, he said that it's our government's idea and he hope they are successful. And I believe it's like cutting your whole arm off just because your thumb got infection.

I am sure our government wouldn't care even the slightest about LGB Alliance's censorship on Twitter, they would just use it only to censor (by fines) any free media that dare to criticize them. They tried to add more taxes for our independent media just a few weeks ago, so I am not making this up. They are loosing support so they need to crush freedom of press and media before next elections in 3 years.

And I want to make it clear. I'm against giving so much censorship power to private corporations like Facebook or Twitter, since whether we like it or no, they heavily shape our societies - and can change the outcomes of elections. This needs to be controlled. But our government are autocrats - they won't use it for free speech.

Gay couple was stabbed in the back by knife just two days ago in Warsaw. This would never be covered by 'free' media if PIS (Law and Justice) could make it happen.


[–]hermiona52 3 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 0 fun4 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

Let's hope they won't do so, because they will censor everyone they see as enemies - us LGB people too. Don't forget that our current President a few months ago said we are not people, but an ideology. They hate gay people.

Just because I am cautious of the T part of our acronym, doesn't mean we should start supporting right-wing autocrats.

Lurkers, I see you 👀 by TalerTest in Lesbians

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Well, in my case since I'm from Poland, I grew up and live in an entirely different environment than western lesbians. I think most posters here are from US and UK? So I often can't really relate to many struggles, so I just kinda lurk and read about your experiences. At the same time I don't really bother to share my experiences, since it's nothing that older western lesbians haven't been through. We are just a few decades behind in experiences.

Thoughts on the Term "Marriage Equality" by mvmlego in LGBDropTheT

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Oh yeah. A few weeks ago (or months? time flew fast in 2020) there was a news that a first lesbian couple married in Poland.

And I was like "How?". We don't even have a right for civil partnerships, let alone a right to marry. So I instantly thought that someone trans was involved. And sure it was, a marriage between a male and female.

They celebrated it as some kind of progressive win for lesbians, when actual lesbians like me won't be able to marry for a next few years or more likely decades. I was and still am fucking outraged at this.

They don't get to take from us those important milestones.

MtF on another "lesbians" subreddit: "I feel like I'm not attracted to women the same way other woman are" yeah no shit, you have male socialization by reluctant_commenter in LGBDropTheT

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Honestly, this sub is not bad. Trans topic rarely comes up and I check it out every day. It's the best we can hope from Reddit this days. Not much, but at least something.

I want to get off Mr TRA's Wild Ride (personal vent) by TransspeciesUnicorn in LGBDropTheT

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I watched Queen's Gambit and I have no idea who was supposed to be that person.

Percentage of homosexual women by Elvira95 in Lesbians

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I might agree with you. Any estimates right now will be biased. And it will stay this way until we live in times when being a lesbian, or bi or gay won't be an issue at all. A norm (like being a redhead is a norm even though a minority). When there's a generation that is born in such times, grow up - then we'll be able to see a real statistics. But I don't think any of us will live to such times, since stereotypes are still too integrated in our society.

After all, majority of lesbians still feel uneasy even using a word 'lesbian'.

Trans person throws a huge fit because a lesbian who doesn't want dick; another trans person accuses them of transphobia, assuming their huge fit was actually a parody intended to insult trans people. by reluctant_commenter in LGBDropTheT

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But haven't you heard? Relationships are about being cute, holding hands, and cuddling together to anime. Not this filthy sex.

Reading lesbian fanfiction be like... by hermiona52 in Lesbians

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You need to find a fandom/pairing, then on your right side on a desktop you have all of the filter options. There's an 'exclude' section and you just type tags. While typing it automatically gives you suggestions.

Or like in my case, I saw so many 'girl penis' and 'magic cock' tags in fanfics that I just remembered them.

On mobile, you have 'Filters' button on top of the screen, and the rest is the same like on the computer. The screenshot I uploaded is from my phone.

The Wilds by [deleted] in Lesbians

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I'm waiting for the next season of The Expanse to show up to subscribe Prime again. I'll definitely check it out then, so thanks!

Edit: OH SHIT IT'S ALREADY HERE! Who needs sleep, pshhh.

And now I have no excuses to not watch The Wilds.

Why do people think LGB drop the T was right wing? Look at #8 reason and the bulleted points. I want to go to the discussion since I have an account, but I'm not sure. by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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Where is this authoritarian socialism? I'm a leftist from Poland and have quite a good understanding of some countries in European Union which are trying to get closer to social-democracy in opposition to pure neo-capitalism, but I never heard of one 1st world country that is socialist.

If you're an American, then there's a big chance those things that are considered as socialist are normal even for economical right-wingers in EU.

Does your family know you're gay? How did they take it when they found out? How do they feel about it now? by piylot in Lesbians

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That is quite shocking to be honest. Sweden always seemed to me as a really progressive country, but I guess there's no a perfect place. I'm sorry. And I hope everything in your life is fine by now.

Does your family know you're gay? How did they take it when they found out? How do they feel about it now? by piylot in Lesbians

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In big cities it was not that bad before COVID. Dating apps suck as always, but it's not hard to meet a lesbian in a real life, whether it to be a workplace, local LGBT bar or soccer teams (and other places). In the biggest cities it's probably even better.

Does your family know you're gay? How did they take it when they found out? How do they feel about it now? by piylot in Lesbians

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Big city in Eastern Poland, 26 years old. My older brother knows and is supportive. My mother though... when I told her a year ago, she told me she doesn't acknowledge it, she doesn't accept it, and if she saw me with a girlfriend she would kill me. Her reaction is mostly a shock, but also she is a conservative Catholic who grew up in a small village, so it wasn't really surprising.

I'm sharing an apartment with my younger half-sister who I never told, but I guess she has to at least suspect it. Her parents (my uncle and aunt), who are close to me, don't know at all.

At least all my friends know and everyone at my workplace who bothered to ask or it came out naturally in a conversation.

Drop everything and watch The Haunting of Bly Manor on Netflix by hermiona52 in Lesbians

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Sorry for the late reply. What surprised me mostly that not Dany nor Jamie died just like that in the climax of the story. Usually lesbians die just like that in pointless way. Instead, they lived happily for over a decade.

A low bar indeed! xd

And yeah, I'm 26 and living in a homophobic country so all of Dani stuff was absolutely relatable. I watched it with my half-sister who doesn't know I'm a lesbian, so I had to hide my smirk in certain scenes ;)

The enbies are trying to insert themselves even into women's strike. by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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During protest through mutual friend I met a younger lesbian (she was born in 1998 I think, so I am 4 years older) and we both were angry that this day we were encouraged by organizers to bring rainbow flags. In Lublin - one of the most conservative cities in Poland. We both agreed that focusing on LGBT rights during protests about abortion ban is just plain stupid. There're so many conservative women around here and we should never abandon them. They should walk with us. We fight for all women, even if they wouldn't attend to a Pride March. So me being me, I brought a Polish flag to that protest.

Which is curious, since at some point a media reporter (from TokFM) asked me why I brought such a flag when we were surrounded by rainbows. I said that as a lesbian I find it important to reclaim our colors from nationalists, especially in such times.

In Norway, "misgendering" someone may soon be punishable with up to 3 years in prison. Even though it's easy to "misgender" because Norwegians can change their legal sex online. (And what about those speshal snowflakes the "gender-fluid"?) by BEB in GenderCritical

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I mean, you can say many things about Norway, but it's prison system is one of the best in the world. Following Wikipedia:

Norway has one of the lowest recidivism rate in the world, currently 20% within 2 years, with approximately 3,933 offenders in prison, and one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

And 21 years is maximum you can be sentenced to, but it can be extended a few years at a time if criminal doesn't show he or she was rehabilitated.

This comes from a Pole (we don't have that good prison system, not even close), but prison should never be about a revenge, not even about a justice I think (at least not entirely). It should mostly be about a rehabilitation of criminals and Norway is one of the best countries in that category.

Have you ever had a foreign girlfriend? What country was (is) she from? What did you like and dislike about her? Have you ever wanted to date a girl (woman) from another country (let's assume she would be living in your country already)? What country would that be and why? by Ricky_Ticky in Lesbians

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I sadly never met any person from Lithuania, so I have no idea how that accent sounds (I'll check it out today on YouTube) but it wouldn't be surprising. Poles and Russians (I think Belarusians and Ukrainians too - even though I work with them I can't take them apart from Russians) are often mixed together by accent and it apparently sounds very harsh, especially with our hard 'R'. And that 'th' sound... gosh. I'll never not feel stupid saying words like 'although', 'thought', 'think' and so on.

Why am I like this? by wherethelonelyroam in Lesbians

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Yeah, one day I'll probably push myself to do it, like my job pushed me to feel comfortable calling to people and answering calls (customer service, although fortunately mostly a text support). I almost regret we didn't get cameras with us when we were sent to home offices in March, because I had so many Zoom meetings by now I would be a pro.

...but at least I could wore PJs while getting trained by a lady from an Egypt haha.

In all seriousness though, I'm 26 so being lonely wasn't that burdensome yet, but it'll probably change the older I get. This will probably be a final push to get out of my comfort zone.

Why am I like this? by wherethelonelyroam in Lesbians

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That's why I decided to stop online dating. If I never meet someone - so be it. I feel so self-conscious in video conferencing, Skype, Zoom and so on. But meeting face to face albeit in a public space (coffee shop or things like this) is completely fine for me.

Have you ever had a foreign girlfriend? What country was (is) she from? What did you like and dislike about her? Have you ever wanted to date a girl (woman) from another country (let's assume she would be living in your country already)? What country would that be and why? by Ricky_Ticky in Lesbians

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Oh I can certainly confirm that Poland is traditional and Catholic... so as an atheist, lesbian and feminist I completely detest this side of Poland and Poles.

So... an anegdote. When I was a kid I always argued with my mother why I had to help her clean the house while my brother was playing video games and she said "because cleaning is for the girls". This is actually a good memory, because a feminist was born inside me that day ;)

Have you ever had a foreign girlfriend? What country was (is) she from? What did you like and dislike about her? Have you ever wanted to date a girl (woman) from another country (let's assume she would be living in your country already)? What country would that be and why? by Ricky_Ticky in Lesbians

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Miranda Lawson is such a babe... and I watched 2 seasons of Handmaid's Tale and I've never felt more conflicted about a tv show character ;)

Have you ever had a foreign girlfriend? What country was (is) she from? What did you like and dislike about her? Have you ever wanted to date a girl (woman) from another country (let's assume she would be living in your country already)? What country would that be and why? by Ricky_Ticky in Lesbians

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It's good to hear that there's at least one person who likes Eastern European accent haha. I always feel self-conscious about it when speaking with foreigners, especially from Western countries. Like it's something bad, you know? Even in schools we were supposed to speak with British accent but when I tried to do it I always thought it sounded so fake and stopped trying.

As for being blunt and straightforward I honestly wouldn't risk such generalization for Polish women. There's probably an equal number of more polite women to those blunt ones, so I guess there's nothing in Polish culture that reinforces either of those traits.

Edit: oh and for me... gosh, that Australian accent. There's a reason I have a never ending crush on Courtney Barnett.

I'd just like to remind y'all that lesbians can still get pregnant! by RedditHatesLesbians in LGBDropTheT

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God, I need an eyebleach now, ugh. They really destroyed a word sapphic to me.

Good News: Brand-New Guidance from UK Government Says New Relationship & Sex Ed in Schools Must NOT Promote Gender Stereotypes & "Born in Wrong Body" Myth, Expose Kids to Inappropriate Materials (Porn), Ignore Safeguarding, Override Parents, or Favor Any One Group Over Others - Must Be Fair To All. by MarkTwainiac in GenderCritical

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There were so many post recently of people loosing hope. As you can see, there's hope, but hope needs to be fueled by hard, hard work.

Good job everyone who made that happen. I truly admire you.

Someone explain this anime shit to me by Femaleisnthateful in GenderCritical

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Exactly. People like me (and majority of population), who can watch ambitious movies, go back home and watch She-Ra and other guilty pleasure media just doesn't exist I guess. No fun allowed.

I listen to mostly indie music, but when I go partying and dancing you bet your ass I'll have fun with my friends to mainstream pop or even disco-polo (extremely shitty music from Poland but perfect to dance).

Gaming Lezzies: Hogwarts Legacy - Official Reveal Trailer is here! by SailorMoon2020 in Lesbians

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I didn't really like most of them but... Quidditch World Cup was so good! I remember it so fondly that recently I was even tempted to get it again somehow. The only thing that has stopped me was realization that my memory of this game is probably a lot more beautiful than what this game was really like ;)

Gaming Lezzies: Hogwarts Legacy - Official Reveal Trailer is here! by SailorMoon2020 in Lesbians

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As per my username and being a gamer - I am so excited. I wondered why we didn't have any good HP games in previous consoles generation.

What’s an involuntary habit you have that you think a lover would find cute some day? by [deleted] in Lesbians

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There is something about this lopsided smirk, right? I know it should just be a stereotype but it's true in my case too.

Feeling so alone in this social climate as a lesbian... I would rather the L be removed from the LGBT than this. by sickofit in LGBDropTheT

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Having a thing for each other is an understatement haha. The last season (and especially the last episode) are full on Catradora and it's amazing.

You HAVE to watch it, believe me.

Wait no- by Roseelesbian in LGBDropTheT

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I lost my faith as well from reading Bible in church library.

Exactly, similar to me. I was an extremely devout Catholic as a teen. But I was also a bit of science nerd and in about a year I learned a lot which didn't help with my faith at all.

I finally understood Evolution Theory, which meant Adam and Eve never existed -> Original Sin never happened -> Jesus didn't need to sacrifice himself. Which is like a foundation of Judaism and Christianity.

Then I learned the Big Bang didn't need God's help. And learned about history of religions, how many stories in Bible were in a way stolen from older faiths in that region. And I started to realize I wasn't that straight as I thought (although admitting that I'm a lesbian took me a few years more).

So as a good Catholic I searched for answers to my doubt by reading the whole Bible, from the first to the last page.

It was the last nail in the coffin to my faith. Ever since (and it's 10 years now) I was and am an atheist.

Wait no- by Roseelesbian in LGBDropTheT

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I know you posted it as a joke, but the only reason we are not mentioned in the Bible is because it's extremely misogynistic. Even in ten commandments women (that you should not covet them) are mentioned alongside with slaves, animals and neighbor's other property. Even ten commandments are written from the perspective of men, law men should uphold, let alone the rest of this book... which I highly recommend reading if you want to loose your faith (as I did).

How do you feel about non-binary people being attached to the lgbt community? by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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I could write the same thing, I agree with you wholeheartedly. I still attend to marches in Poland since one day I want to have an option to marry another woman. But I sure am glad that this whole nb bollocks hasn't reached our country yet (well, except Margot...).

Either way, cheers from Poland.

Feeling so alone in this social climate as a lesbian... I would rather the L be removed from the LGBT than this. by sickofit in LGBDropTheT

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I just have to say it... seeing Catra and Adora as a kid or teen would help me so much with figuring out my sexuality. For that alone I will forever adore this show, even as an adult.

Book genre/s that should have more lesbian storylines? by [deleted] in Lesbians

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Thank you, I'll definitely check it out!

Book genre/s that should have more lesbian storylines? by [deleted] in Lesbians

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So... can you point me to a good lesbian space opera novel? I need it in my life so bad.

Received a 3 day ban for pointing out the truth that women experience more severe abuse than men. Apparently that’s “promoting hate” 🙄🙄 by TiredAndSick in GenderCritical

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I first heard this phrase in Courtney Barnett's song "Nameless, Faceless":

I wanna walk through the park in the dark

Men are scared that women will laugh at them

I wanna walk through the park in the dark

Women are scared that men will kill them

I hold my keys

Between my fingers

Meanwhile in Poland: Margot, a self proclaimed ''nonbinary woman'' is ''saving queer kids from the consequences of disinformation about LGBT community'' while being arrested for damaging a truck with homophobic signs on it and physically assaulting the driver. Way to go, LGBTQIAWHATEVERTHEFUCK+! by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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I actually agree with you. But on the other hand, situation in Poland and arrests and the treatment of said arrested people by the police opened so many eyes. So many moderates changed their stance. Our public conversation suddenly shifted from discussions about what rights we should get to how we should be fighting for them. It's... absolutely amazing. It's like overnight majority of people agrees that we do deserve equal rights, but everyone has now opinion if we should be more passive or aggressive.

In some way Margot was just a spark, he doesn't really matter anymore. I don't think anyone really cared about him that much from the start. It was just a final straw after a few months of horrific actions of our state institutions. If it wasn't Margot it would be anyone else.

No matter what Margot does now, the change already happened and I think things will quickly get better...

...that is if PIS loses next Parliamentary elections. Same-sex partnership will happen probably in the first year, and marriage equality will not be far behind. Only if PIS loses

Meanwhile in Poland: Margot, a self proclaimed ''nonbinary woman'' is ''saving queer kids from the consequences of disinformation about LGBT community'' while being arrested for damaging a truck with homophobic signs on it and physically assaulting the driver. Way to go, LGBTQIAWHATEVERTHEFUCK+! by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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I'm just gonna add this - although him going by women pronouns to counterweight his male body (as a non-binary) is eye-rolling, that he fucked up this horrific truck is actually impressive and even that he pushed a driver (he didn't bit him or such) is understandable. A little bit of context for non-Pole folks here.

About a year ago a certain film document about paedophilia in Catholic Church in Poland was released. Of course Church didn't decide to change, but to move attention away from this film and its findings by going all out homophobic. They started to claim we are a danger to family values, that we are plague, after Pride March in Białystok city one priest participated in 'cleaning streets' from LGBT. Also during that march people were attacked, it was literally a hunt for LGBT people. Young gay man had broken collarbone if I recall. And Catholic Church praised attackers for protecting family values.

At the same time more and more regions of Poland started to declare themselves 'free from LGBT ideology'. I live in a city surrounded by those regions.

Then it got even worse in recent months and weeks before Presidential elections. Our current President said that we are not people but an ideology. Ideology worse than Bolsheviks'. Politicians from his party (PIS) said things like 'They are not equal to normal people'.

There were more things said like this and all if a span of mere weeks. We were absolutely dehumanized and even I, who usually am not very emotional, I was wrecked. When I heard words like above I actually had tears in my eyes. There's no way to explain how awful it was in Poland.

Then this fucking truck. This truck plays recordings at full volume, that basically mostly lesbian and gays are paedophiles. It drove around Warsaw and no one could do anything about it. Moreover they parked it often for a few hours each day under a building of certain young leftist group.

So... they heard the worst things imaginable from the highest level of politicians in government and religious leaders, that we are not humans. At the same time they were listening for hours a day, that we are paedophiles (closed windows are not enough to block this truck).

Even I, a woman who is completely not violent, would break. Because even without this truck I was close to breaking. And I would help them wholeheartedly in fucking this truck up. Now, I wouldn't push this huge guy, but I understand that in that kind of circumstances it happened.

That Margot is in a spotlight is not ideal, but everything that happened ever since that incident turned into our version of a small Stonewall. Non-LGBT Poles started to reject government propaganda and started to support us.

To sum it up - fuck PIS and fuck Polish Catholic Church. These are a true vile people.

Someone posted this link to try to prove that gender identity was inate, but all the genes they found associated with transgenderism just so happen to be the same ones associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder. by Tovasshi in GenderCritical

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It was an interesting interview for sure, but one part I found just... eh. Not surprising but just plain stupid and sad.

Unlike children typically diagnosed with gender dysphoria, these kids did not, prior to puberty, exhibit any (or only exhibited very few) of the readily observable, hard-to-miss indicators that would need to be present to meet criteria for a diagnosis. For example, it would be hard not to notice if a child had a strong preference or strong rejection of specific toys, games and activities, or a strong preference for playmates of the other gender.

In Poland at the end of each of the first three years at elementary school you didn't get normal report cards with grades, but overall descriptive performance. So after second or third year I basically was praised by my teacher, but at the very bottom she found it important to add that I usually spend most of my time with male friends, socializing and playing with them, mostly ignoring my female friends. I mentioned it to my mother a few years back (I'm 26 now) and she said my teacher once hailed mother to school to show her this 'different behavior' of mine. During play time I of course was having fun with guys, teacher brought me to a corner where gals were playing... and after a few minutes I naturally navigated to guys.

I grew up with only male friends in my area, I have a brother 4 years older than me, and guys always had so much fun ways to play - of course I preferred their company. It was that simple.

To think that it could be considered a sign of gender dysphoria now is just ridiculous. I am a woman (although also a lesbian but I don't think it matters - it would be just a stereotype) and everything I do is womanly because of that. Even when I scraped my knees climbing roofs or playing soccer.

Who did you get crushes on as a child? by Depressed in Lesbians

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Oh I'm definitely getting Ellie's tattoo from TLOU2. I'm actually saving money for it. Ellie is like an ultimate crush.

Who did you get crushes on as a child? by Depressed in Lesbians

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The first crush I was oblivious to was Samantha Carter from tv show 'Stargate SG-1'. The one that made me actually question my orientation was Liara from Mass Effect game trilogy. From there on it was quite a few difficult years of internal turmoil, so this game had a huge impact on my personal life.

Real life crushes (oblivious in primary and secondary school)? All of my science teachers. And especially my math teacher in secondary school. She was so amazing, I stayed up after each class to ask some math questions just to spend more time near her and learned hard to impress her. I was so stupid haha.

It's not ok to make trans "lesbians" sad by pointing out that men often say "You haven't tried a good dick yet" by TarshishJupiter in LGBDropTheT

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I also rolled my eyes at the one with comparing having a dick to body hair. I have a PCOS so I have a looot of body hair. But guess what?

Only woman can have PCOS.

JK Rowling Doubles Down in Her Support of Women & Children & Her Wariness of Trans Agenda In New Statement Explaining Why She Has Returned Her Robert F Kennedy Award for Humanitarianism by MarkTwainiac in GenderCritical

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Yeah. I'm a socialist and I fight for my right to marry in Poland (or to just live normally as a lesbian) and this whole gender stuff has nothing to do with science. And nothing with a true left which focuses mostly on economical issues. If I would to point a finger, it would be a modern liberalism, which is conservative on the "money" side of issues. And they only support the T because they seem woke and make a profit out of it.

I made this new LGBTQWERTY+WTF flag even better now. Thank me for it. by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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What the hell I just read. It sounds exactly like something from The Onion, but it's for real... holy shit.

How Quickly Would You Move In Together? by CJLez in Lesbians

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I know it's been 2 days but... I feel you. I think my solution would be having my own lair. Like a cool basement or a room that I can go into where I can be alone for a few hours to recharge my batteries. I also love to go for a walk (or run) with music or some podcast. I am a person who can go a few weeks without seeing anyone without a trouble, so personal alone time is important to me.

Reading List from TL by Mobymaybe in Lesbians

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I just finished reading The Tyrant Baru Cormorant. Gosh, not only it's a marvelous book series, but Baru is so unapologetically lesbian. I am honestly surprised it's written by a man, since it's so real and relatable. She might be my favourite character in any media alongside with Ellie from The Last of Us 2.

Just was thinking by [deleted] in Lesbians

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You got me thinking about something that is only loosely connected to your post. I have a friend who is a make-up artist and she is apparently very good (at least judging by the money she is making). On her saloon's fanpage she's often posting the before and after photos of her clients. I noticed how if it's a strong make-up I usually am more attracted to the before version than the after one. I don't know why, but those face imperfections are part of these women, and it all makes them perfect in my eyes. And generic (even if beautiful) make-up makes them loose their character, things that makes them a unique THEM. Isn't it a bit weird?

Late Bloomers? by colormegood in Lesbians

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I wouldn't call myself late-bloomer since I realized I am lesbian when I was 17... yet 9 years later I still didn't have girlfriend (I had only one kiss my whole life). I'm living in a homophobic country (Poland), growing up in homophobic (and religious) family. I knew one day I would leave my city and move to a bigger one, more open and tolerant one. So my life is in kind of a suspension. I would never want to commit to a relationship knowing I will definitely move out of this city and possibly even this country. It would be unfair to both my girlfriend and me, to one day just say to her "Hey, I am moving out next month. Either you go with me or we break-up".

I had several crushes on women definitely out of my ligue (or co-workers so it's a no go zone), and those who had crushes on me weren't really my type. So I am working on myself, successfully loosing weight (should reach 56 kg by the end of this year), putting away money for better clothes, tattoo and other stuff.

If everything goes well I'll move out of my city this year (to Wroclaw in Poland, awesome place) and will open my heart to possible relationship. And if I will go my whole life alone? Well, I like living alone. I can imagine far worse future than this.

How do you stay active/exercise? by Vernalmuffins in Lesbians

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Actually... it was just for clothes shopping haha. I took a scenic route through the city and it was my running day, so step to step and it ended up being 30k. But I really like to walk so it's not all that bad.

How do you stay active/exercise? by Vernalmuffins in Lesbians

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Holy... 25-30k steps per day is a fuckton of walking. I walked 30k yesterday and it felt like I had run a marathon

I'm really impressed.

How do you stay active/exercise? by Vernalmuffins in Lesbians

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I am following a running plan so it gives me a motivation.

And I work from home since March so I started to walk more, especially since I love to discover a new music while walking in the park or listening to some interesting podcasts. And if I need to say buy something from one mall or another that is like 6 km away? I walk there too instead of taking a bus.

LGB orgs in several countries are dropping the T; LBG Alliance mentions forming a US group by wafflegaff in LGBDropTheT

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This is absolutely the best news on this matter since the last few months if not more. So fucking good!

What do you think about pride month? by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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It's important, but I live in Poland - one of the most homophobic countries in Europe, so you know...

i swear there's no actual females on a sub made for actual females by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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I sadly think it's not Reddit... it's just a fucked up norm in our reality. Since society view us in sexualized ways and Reddit is created by people, Reddit is just a visualization of said society and reality it creates.

But it's also not so bad. For example Polish side of web is extremely far-right and conservative. Since Reddit is mostly for people capable of reading in English, our Polish sub is the most liberal place where you can find other Poles. If not for Reddit, I would have to avoid social media completely.

Can't take it anymore. by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I think some European countries are fine. I noticed that if language is extremely sexually dimorphic, where it's hard to even make one sentence without revealing your sex (like majority languages in Europe), all this enby and queer stuff is not taken so easily by general population. I think France is one of the coolest countries as one of the most important places for feminist movement.

But some French lady should probably jump in, since me being from Poland it might be just a case of grass being greener.

Does anyone else here can't relate to men? by oofreesouloo in Lesbians

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I am the same. With my male friends I love to talk about movies, games, new tech, stuff like this. And those conversation can be quite long and in-depth. But... when I need to talk about my personal stuff, my feelings, my crushes, problems with mental health of my mum and all the trouble it causes... only female friends of mine know about this.

Coming out vs "passing" by notdelusional in LGBDropTheT

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I would also add that coming out is not a process that is done once and it's over. We're coming out multiple times throughout our lives. So situations in work like answering what you're doing for weekend with "Spending time with my girlfriend/wife" as a woman is coming out. Basically we never stop coming out because this type of conversation will happen all the time.

Do you feel like it's ok for you to hit other women as a lesbian? by 3XP3NDABL3 in Lesbians

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I am pretty sure it's not okay to hit anyone.

JK Rowling book sales unaffected by transgender views row by RadioSilence in GenderCritical

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Exactly. I am a huge SW nerd and I loved TLJ so I think that Episode IX goes against plot and themes of its two predecessors. But you wouldn't find me on the social media whining and raging about it because I don't won't to spoil the fun of people who liked it. I just moved on. It's really not that difficult.

Male rapper: ‘I broke women’s weightlifting record & you’ve no proof I didn’t identify as such’ by dandeliondynasty in GenderCritical

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I just hate it so much that right now it's only mostly media like Russia Today care to publicize such things. They do this only to push their own propaganda which is on the extreme opposite spectrum than woke TRA propaganda. That this is "western culture". I weep for woman's rights and LGB's rights in Russia.

Is She a Lesbian - Hands in Pockets by sallyseton in Lesbians

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Oh my favorite pair of jeans are of boyfriend type, I could fit my wallet, keys, phone AND my hand in each pocket. And they are so comfortable. I'll probably grieve once I wear them out.

JK Rowling book sales unaffected by transgender views row by RadioSilence in GenderCritical

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I absolutely hate this review-bombing mob. It happened with The Last Jedi and lastly with The Last of Us Part II. I just don't get it. If I don't like something I just move on. And I definitely would never rate something I didn't read/watched/played. I just don't get it.

What's a lesbian stereotype you think is hilarious or actually like? by Rubyredpython in Lesbians

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Soccer (or football for us European Lesbians). Only it's not really a stereotype, since majority of lesbians I met are football players (myself included). Gosh, those parties in gay clubs with members of different teams...

What's a lesbian stereotype you think is hilarious or actually like? by Rubyredpython in Lesbians

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OMG haha. I love your comment!

who is your favorite famous lesbian? by [deleted] in Lesbians

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Courtney Barnett. Gosh, I love her so much and her concerts are absolutely amazing.

New Research Shows a Vast Majority of Cis People Won't Date Trans People - as a remainder of a study published a few years ago by hermiona52 in Lesbians

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Only 12% of all participants selected “trans woman” and/or “trans man.”

Virtually all heterosexuals excluded trans folks from their dating pool: only 1.8% of straight women and 3.3% of straight men chose a trans person of either binary gender. But most non-heterosexuals weren’t down for dating a trans person either, with only 11.5% of gay men and 29% of lesbians being trans-inclusive in their dating preferences.

Surprisingly, among the 127 participants open to dating a trans person, almost half selected a trans person of a gender incongruent with their stated sexual orientation. For example, 50% of the trans-inclusive straight women and 28% of the trans-inclusive gay men were willing to date a trans woman, even though one wouldn’t expect either straight women or gay men to be attracted to women. Similarly, 50% of trans-inclusive straight men and 69% of trans-inclusive lesbians said they’d date a trans man, even though both groups are presumably only attracted to women.

I guess the majority of people are TERFs haha. And I highlighted "surprisingly" from the last paragraph since if you're homosexual or heterosexual it shouldn't be surprising that how our bodies look derived from our sex is hugely important in those exclusive sexual orientations.

The one reason we all can't speak our minds is cancel culture. Cancel culture was created by so-called progressive democrats. I've only ever voted Democrat in my life, but I just can't support that anymore. Don't downvote till you've read please. by 100_percent_truth in GenderCritical

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Honestly, as someone from Europe Trump vs Biden is like choosing between far-right candidate and just right-wing one. The Left is starting to materialize in form of AOC gang and Bernie, but I'm baffled how anyone can really vote for Trump if you care at all about democracy.

Yeah, TRA is anti-science in many things. Trump is anti-science in ALL things, especially the most important ones - like healthcare and global warming.