Biden Administration Asked Youtube to Remove the Dislike Counter by scrubking in censorship

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Antifa, KKK, Proud Boys, and pro-life groups are all on no fly lists now.

German researchers create, then erase, false memories in people’s minds by muellermeierschulz in whatever

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Americans think that the globalists support gun rights because the elites cannot be killed by bullets.

NewsFlash is a program designed to complement an already existing web-based RSS reader account by [deleted] in Linux

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Americans say that they would rather go to jail than submit their DNA, get tested, be vaccinated, or get a microchip implant, but what will you do when the Gestapo tortures your family until you comply?

forget gpus! mine bitcoin with game boy + raspberry pi pico. it may take a quadrillion years, but a game boy can mine by [deleted] in bitcoin

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You know that you live in the Twilight Zone when the US is a bankrupt warmongering police state and Americans look you in the eye and say that the USA is a peaceful and free country with a balanced budget.

"It's Worse Than We Thought" | Edward Snowden by EndlessSunflowers in conspiracy

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The elites are not your friends.

The globalists do not want to destroy the economy to save the environment or to make home prices cheap for illegal immigrants or to reduce prices so that the ruling class can buy property at a low price. The elites want to kill off the 99% so that the ruling powers can steal the wealth and land of the world.

Americans in 1910 or 1960 might have had the courage and intelligence to resist tyranny, but now Americans are too degraded, depraved, dependent, dumb, and divided to revolt.

Americans are living in a fantasy land now and think that they are safe from tyranny because the globalists would never kill millions when everyone has a mobile phone, but the Internet hasn't stopped Myanmar and China from having police states.

Do you think that the elites cannot shut off the Internet?

Tyranny happens in stages. First groups are given yellow badges then the government closes businesses. Later groups are herded into ghettos and then sent to concentration camps.

Wake up.