Just received my first mega ban from a Reddit sub because of My GC views by Kai_Decadence in GenderCritical

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This is awful Kai. I am a fellow goth. I saw you get cancelled real time yesterday and immediately thought of your posts here. Weirdly I had no idea of your views before I saw your posts here recently in the last few weeks. I just knew you from your vids which are cool. I was thinking it was brave of you to post under your main online name considering the risks. Then within days you get cancelled.

The whole thread condemning you is pretty self serving.

It is news to me that we now have to cancel other goths for having differing opinions about gender. I always thought there was one thing the goth scene demonstrates is that gender roles and expression are utterly subjective. I love the scene because it destroyed the gender policing, so common in wider society when I got into it long ago. Because it was a safe place for all genders and sexualities to flourish. Now look where we are in 2021.

A gay Black goth has been cancelled for just thinking WRONG! It is appalling.

The crazy thing is the posts they link to just show how reasonable you are and indeed how you don't actually hate trans people at all. It is like saying an atheist is a bigot and hates all Christians when he just questions Christianity.

I don't know you if you saw this from Aytakk further down in the thread in part of the thread that was downvoted:

"I also have a friend in another city who was hit on by a trans lady and she wasn't interested. When asked why she said she doesn't like dick. The trans lady kicked up a big fuss and ended up being excluded from the bigger group because of her behaviour and attempts to divide friendships over it. From what I could tell it was her disruptive behaviour that got her outed as there were other trans people in the group too."

Classic piece of predatory homophobia from a trans person. This is exactly the problem that people are refusing to admidt exists. How they hell can we say Trans people are totally safe when some pull this stuff. I have a bunch of trans people who I love, but I just can't support overruling women's safety concerns, because I know this type of things happens. Notice how Aytakk has to justify the expulsion as if it is inherently unlikely a trans person would pull this kind of stuff. It is just brainwashing. Reality is most trans people are fine just like most men are, some however are not safe and we have to admidt predators exist and support women in staying safe. Yet Aytakk somehow can justify cancelling you even though he knows this stuff actually happens.

To add to the insanity they are comparing cancelling another goth who expressed support for the Confederacy to being Gender Critical as if the two things are remotely comparable. Because supporting feminists is the same as endorsing slavery and a war which killed 100,000s of people.

If you question the narrative at all this is what can happen. It is chilling.

Gender Census 2021: Worldwide Report [Data going back to 2015 looking at pronoun use and rise of nonbinary and gender terms, latest has 44,000 users but hardly any older participants showing it is a social trend. Useful data for gender critical takes. Please share.] by gloom in GenderCritical

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Indeed, this is just the tip within Gen Z there must be millions of people into this stuff. Which is terrifying to think about.