Glenn Greenwald Reflects on Viral RFK Jr. Interview: Israel, China, & More by ageingrockstar in WayOfTheBern

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Outstanding Greenwald video + cute dog.

Like the idea of the Locals Q&A. Substack authors should also host Q&A's with subscribers.

Jimmy Dore Show: Here’s Why Cornel West Switched To Green Party In Presidential Campaign by Maniak in WayOfTheBern

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Doubt Hawkins would run if Cornel West is already running. Besides, who would support him?

Cornel West switched and is running with the Green Party. by Crazyjanecreepyjeff in WayOfTheBern

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arranged a meeting with Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka

I don't think they actually run the Green Party though. As both of them are no doubt well aware, the GP needs a purge of the wreckers and idpollers.

I bet Baraka wishes he had run in 2020. I think he had declined for health-related reasons but I'm sure he regretted this when he realized the entire campaign was going to be virtual because of Covid. And that Hawkins was going to be pretty much the worst Green candidate since David Cobb.