The whole “Natsee” thing- typecasting women as fascist by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I decided to look into him. I don't think he's trans? But I could be wrong. KF claims that KaaraRaven/CorvusCalvaria also uses the name allthefoxes (there is some contradictory info about this on KF because Kaara was trying to trick them into thinking he wasn't allthefoxes, or so they say).

He worked at Discord and approves of babyfur/cub porn (that means drawn furry kiddie porn), though I don't think he's into that himself:

Someone documented his antics:

The last page has a screenshot of Kaara/Corvus talking about abusing his admin abilities to take over r/yiffinhell (YiH). r/yiffinhell was anti-furry but reddit's furry admins kicked out the old mods and took it over to make it pro-furry. It's the same as what b*rdfinn is currently trying to do with r/detrans.

The whole “Natsee” thing- typecasting women as fascist by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I recognize that mod from r/drama. He's been on reddit for at least a year under the name KaaraRaven he just got a new account.

To be fair not all furries are crazy, like how not all transgender people are crazy. Some furries want to rape real animals, while some are harmless eccentrics that just think Disney's Robin Hood is cute. I'm not sure what sort of furry this mod is.

But I guess that explains why drama isn't banned, subs run by trans furries get special privileges regarding what sort of speech is allowed. Like, I saw a drama comment with 128 upvotes that said a black man was based for causing an accident that killed a white woman (based is slang, akin to awesome):

That's acceptable to say on reddit, yet subs like r/truelesbians somehow get banned for hate speech.

The whole “Natsee” thing- typecasting women as fascist by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Who is corvuscalvara? Did you misspell the name?

Is fun another way of downvoting? by PencilPusher55 in whatever

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Check out this mod on Reddit... talk about pedophilia red flags by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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The accusations of certain mods putting CP up on subs was confirmed via various screenshots.

Screenshots can be faked, I wouldn't consider it confirmed unless there are or copies of posts by mods admitting to putting up CP. Remember that genuine nazi and ethnostate subreddits (such as r/200acres) got banned by these mods too, so they have some disturbing enemies. Individual users spamming cp is fairly believable, mods doing so is doubtful.

These normal redditors have nothing to gain by accusing a mod

The alt-right has a large grudge against the mods for repeatedly banning their subreddits, bringing down reddit would be a win for them as it would cause people to flood to websites like saidit, where the alt-right is allowed to exist and can attempt to recruit more people to their ideology. They could also accuse the mods out of a simple desire to troll and wreak havoc.

Considering how technically savvy some of these super mods are, I can believe they'd be capable of doing so without being caught.

Why would the mods need to organize CP spamming brigades when they could simply justify the bans on grounds of "hate speech"? Imagine how dangerous it would be for them if anyone snitched (like I think someone claimed to have done), it could mean actual jail time and loss of their treasured positions at reddit.

The first sub the mods are accused of putting CP on is r/Coomer That sub was not policed at all and the bad posters overwhelmed the decent ones. Here's an archive of the most upvoted thread posted 6 days before the ban (let me know if the link doesn't work):

Picture is from the film Joker, just before the main character murders the man who reprimands him for laughing.

You're laughing. The transgender suicide rate just hit 50% and you're laughing.

Comments (there were also good commenters arguing against this crap, but they were a minority):

Hoping for the day it becomes a 100%. Fucking degenerates.

Stop with the losing attitude. We can surely get to 100% if we only try.

Woah, we're half way there

I'm laughing at his genderless degenerate of an adopted negro pet thing

Also several comments denying the holocaust:

Never forget the 6 gorillion. > May the 600 million be forever in our hearts > Why are we talking about the 60 million? > Implying there was a first six million tho, amirite?

There's no need to spam CP when the mods can just point to this shit as breaking reddit's rules. I'm not denying the possibility that the mods may have CP, but is there solid proof of that? Be careful that if you accuse them of something false, it will also cast all your real evidence into doubt in the eyes of outside observers. There is already solid evidence that nekosune and some other mods are pedophiles on account of being adult babies.

The whole “Natsee” thing- typecasting women as fascist by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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You shouldn't brigade KF because they're a group of trolls who document eccentric people or psychopaths for the sake of laughing at them, not out of a sense of justice. They also harass people who can be argued to be innocent of wrong doings, and sometimes doxx their own members for laughs. You can use their research as evidence against people who are legitimately abusive, but I'd advice to not join their forum unless you don't mind sharing the bad reputation that comes from associating with them or being doxxed yourself.

Furries and transgenderism go hand in hand because like furry fandom, autogynephilia is a fetish (not saying all transgenders are AGP's, but many are).

Check out this mod on Reddit... talk about pedophilia red flags by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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It’s also possible that since there is a demand for more anime/manga here, we have been getting to see how creepy a wider variety is.

I think MezozoicGay is japanese and speaking from such a perspective. There is plenty of sordidity in japanese geekdom that westerners seem ignorant of, for example 1986's Gundam ZZ has an 11 year old character named after a cartoon child porn magazine (Elpeo Ple) and one of Enix' (now Square-Enix) first games was violent child erotica (Lolita Syndrome).

Was trolling through egg_irl and decided to check someone's comment history. Wonder why there is such a link between hardcore anime pornography and transgenderisim. by LoganBlade in itsafetish

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Wonder why there is such a link between hardcore anime pornography and transgenderisim.

Masculinity, anime, and gender dysphoria, an analysis of media-induced transgender identification:

Nina Paley Receives Lifetime Achievement Award Despite Years of Being Blacklisted by fijupanda in GenderCritical

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Good for Nina Paley. Insane that an animator like her can be blacklisted, while people who have drawn kiddie porn are allowed to work on cartoons for children as long as they don't disagree with trans activism.

If SAIDIT doesn't work out, would anyone be interested in creating a GC subreddit on Reddit where we speak entirely in code? by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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The alt-right have already tried this several times and failed. One of their first attempts was r/frenworld, where they would communicate in frog cartoons. 'Frens' were white nationalists, 'nonfrens' were jews and 'bop' was kill. It wasn't as sinister as it sounds, it was mainly stupid as hell. Later they created subs like r/epicairconditioners where they posted about how the WHT3 air conditioner was the best. They still got banned.