Children, one rule... by PatrickSTomlinson in OpieAndAnthony

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The ebsite is pretty reliable for relatively up to date faggot news with fellow faggots.

This is what happens when you let children create as many accounts as they want from the same IP. Saidit needs moderation now or it is dead. by 34679 in SaidIt

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Dude, you have no idea how huge the Opie and Anthony remaining fan base is. We are all different people I assure you. Some fat faggot probably DDosd you, or some Bovine guy did it. We just want a place where we can be total shitbaskets together. That's all. Our friendship with one another is inseparable.

This is the new saidit pyramid. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION AND OBEY you fucks by brothamanarmy in OpieAndAnthony

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"I'm trying to partake in a skilled battle of wits and reason, and you stoop to that low?! Ugh!"

"Shut up faggot."

Sam Roberts sucks his son’s dick. We need to stop this dangerous pedophile. by SamSucks in OpieAndAnthony

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Sam isn't man enough to get his own cock sucked.

Less OA by d3rr in SaidIt

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I would tell you if I was being motherfucked. Genuinely.

As dead as this sub is... by moleguy9k in OpieAndAnthony

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hmm, how very insightful. Not very fun though.

I don't how I feel about this by StutterinPrickYou in OpieAndAnthony

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Join us brother.