F.R.I.E.N.D.S The Show That PROGRAMMED MANY MINDS, and NOT in a Good Way by Jesus in conspiracy

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This guy has the same peaceful joy as someone else I watch, The Paradise Paradox. I wonder if that's a living-clean-after-drugs thing, a seeing-the-world-clearly thing, a spending-time-in-the-real-world thing, or what. Regardless it looks nice, I want it too.

Leaked Pentagon Video - Flu Vaccine Use to Modify Human behaviour by useless_aether in DepopulationWatch

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Maybe this is possible, but this specific video is not from 2005 like the date in the overlay suggests, and the audio has been replaced. The brain scan in the slides (one brain, not two people's brains as the speaker says) is from a 2010 study of a meth user. There are also many instances where the speaker's gestures don't match what he's saying.

Flu shots are really important, because the TV man said so. by useless_aether in DepopulationWatch

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What the fuck?? Basically, "We didn't check if this actually reduces the flu, but we're pretty sure it will."

FBI drafted Interpol resolution calling for ban on end-to-end encryption by Mnemonic in Internet

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The law is an ass

You might enjoy The Law, by Frederic Bastiat

This is why I left reddit by [deleted] in MeanwhileOnReddit

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This is happening in online spaces generally, as "cancel culture" becomes more widespread. Fortunately it seems to be driving people into smaller but better-moderated (or even decentralized) spaces.

I don't currently buy crypto, but I want to. Is there something like Stockpile.com for cryptocurrency? by onemananswerfactory in cryptocurrency

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I'm pretty sure both Coinbase and Uphold let you schedule purchases of crypto.

Seeking technical advice on several router / wi-fi / Free-NAS / co-op ideas. by JasonCarswell in DIY

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Offering freely accessible wifi might expose you to legal concerns if someone used it to harm someone or attract legal attention to your ISP account. Something to consider.

This world is in desperate need for more Black Metal featuring a theremin by [deleted] in claims

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Nevermind the world, I think I'm in need of it. Do you have a link to some music like this?

The opponents of liberty are sowing disinformation across all social media to promote their agendas and justify their power mongering. Is there a moral case for libertarians to do the same? by sawboss in Libertarianism

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Sowing disinformation is building your support on rotten ground. Like many other destructive strategies, it works best in the short term, and actually backfires long term. Tyrants who plan to eventually go public with their domination don't worry whether their supporters will eventually understand the truth, because by then it will be too late.

The cause of liberty doesn't have this luxury, but since our rulers gain consent by lying, we have a powerful and persuasive message for people who we help to see things clearly. And once someone sees the world as it actually is, they can't unsee it.

My Body... My Choice.. by useless_aether in DepopulationWatch

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It's Kayode Ewumi. The meme is called "Roll Safe".

IPFS uploads by Gangster in IdeasForSaidIt

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If you use spee.ch as your image host your content will be served over IPFS, and the metadata will be hosted on the LBRY blockchain.

Do you archive your favourite webpages? by Vulphere in AskSaidIt

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I archive videos, images, and text from news stories that I suspect will be changed or removed later. I would run a self hosted archive site like archivebox or wallabag if I took archiving more seriously.

VA: Fatal dog experiments moving ahead despite criticism from Congress, veterans groups by dcjogger in politics

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The public objection to lethal testing on dogs specifically seems ethically inconsistent. If killing pigs for food is ethical, so is experimental surgery on dogs, assuming they are treated humanely. The article tries to frame this as an ethics issue, but it seems more like a puplic relations problem to me.

Why are SJWs so Physically Unattractive? by useless_aether in whatever

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Identity politics is an ideology of envy; it makes sense that such an ideology would hold a strong appeal for unattractive women. They seek to elevate their status by being publicly seen as allies or victims.
This is also why SJW ideology is over-represented publicly: it's by necessity a public performance.

SaidIt.net on AlternativeTo.net by JasonCarswell in SaidIt

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This is the thing that finally got me to make an account on AlternativeTo. Thank you!

Tips & tricks to get the most out of saidit by magnora7 in SaidIt

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I already use RedReader for Reddit, so the fact that this is ported to SaidIt is a real delight. Thanks for your work and for this useful information.

What's inspiration behind your username? by Vulphere in AskSaidIt

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The Norwegian system vs The US system by magnora7 in politics

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Are you saying that the private solutions that we have today, that are working today, can't possibly work?

The Norwegian system vs The US system by magnora7 in politics

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I'm suggesting that in pure capitalism, companies would fill the roles that government mostly fills today. We already have private courts (called arbitrators), private security (mall cops, bouncers, security guards, etc), private package delivery (FedEx, UPS, DHL), private health care, private schools. The difference between a private company and the government is that private companies aren't allowed to use force to get what they want, they have to follow the same rules as people do -- no stealing, no attacking people. If a company comes to you and says, "give me 30% of your income or my thugs will kidnap you" you can tell them to pound sand, and you can defend yourself against their thugs.

The Norwegian system vs The US system by magnora7 in politics

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"Unfettered" capitalism would be 0% tax and no regulations, private courts, private everything that used to be government's job.

SaidIt is an alternative to Reddit, as we all know. What other major sites have alternatives that might not be well known? by Icalasari in AskSaidIt

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My focus besides just having another option, is censorship-resistance. These are still third parties, and their website could be taken down etc. But they seem to respect privacy and deserve trust:

Youtube alternatives:

d.tube - runs on top of steemit blockchain, content served over IPFS, storage paid for by part of steem rewards from upvotes
BitChute - Uses webtorrent to serve video content

Gmail alternatives

Protonmail - serious about privacy, integrated PGP is nice
Fastmail - serious about privacy, very flexible options if you own your own domain name

Chat programs

Keybase - not just secure chat, but file sharing, group chat, and lots more. Great user experience with PGP under the hood.