LETS MAKE SAIDIT CRUSH REDDIT by Honestanonymous in WatchRedditDie

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We need to make sure that we're adding new, diverse and interesting content every day. What killed voat was that the low quality racism drowned out the high quality posts. What's keeping people on Reddit is that one sub for their obscure hobby or that one game they play.

Hollywood BEGS Johnny Depp To Drop Suit On Amber Heard. The man was fired from Pirates of the Caribbean by mere accusation with zero evidence. The media doesn't even apologize to Johnny Depp for painting him as a wife beater even when he's innocent. by Chipit in Movies

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However you look at it, this is a fucked up relationship. It's impossible to know who is the "victim" here without having all the evidence laid out before you because both of them look like nobody your grandma would want you to date

What were your opinions on radfeminism that got you censored? by [deleted] in Gender_Critical

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I got banned for saying that abortion is patriarchal oppression and its purpose is to keep women sexually available and to allow men to avoid taking responsibility for the results of their offspring. Abortion doesn't un-rape someone, or un-abuse them. I know too many women traumatised by being forced into abortions by a patriarchal system that says that women who get pregnant must bear all responsibility and must erase their shame. There will be reasons why in certain situations abortion (especially early medical abortion) is the most compassionate option, but I don't think it's something that we should promote or normalise.

Saddest moid of the week by madandunabashed in PinkPillFeminism

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This is what is known as projection.

With all the reddit users coming over lately, I wanted to share something. This is what happened to Voat. by Alduin in propaganda

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I've been on voat about 6 years and they're have been some gems of posts on there, but you're right - every single post and sub gets dragged into the weird nazi fetishization. If this works better then I'm in.