Less OA by d3rr in SaidIt

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you're a good egg

Fat? I don't think so, child. This is only beer and brat insulation. I bench 250. You think you can body shame me? Well, that's a First Name that I am not willing to Last Name, child. by 1073waaf in OpieAndAnthony

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Lets never forget, the main character of this, six-figure-earning, self published writers supposed Magnum Opus is "Firstname Lastname"

This is the new saidit pyramid. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION AND OBEY you fucks by brothamanarmy in OpieAndAnthony

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What better apex of a pyramid of paint-by-numbers conversational constructs than a dead child who was ejected through a car windscreen accompanied by entry level surround sound system equipment. This is some biblical shit.

Just gotta bless the new place with my greatest hit by AdriennesBull in OpieAndAnthony

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I was waiting for this, thank you

Most popular comedy program in People’s Republic of China by TheChosenFag in OpieAndAnthony

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ching chong ching chong