API useless due to captcha? Or? by floppyjedi in SaidIt

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It's not possible for an European to register on Truth Social and there's no discoverability on the site without an account. The only way I was even able to obtain the link to his account was because I remembered I had once spotted that a direct link worked, then tried a few permutations of URLS which didn't work, then asked on 4chan which finally worked. So obviously not "easy", the discoverability is almost as bad as it gets.

Likely the reasons for not making it easy for Europeans are that it's not really useful for the campaign, plus GDPR woes so for discoverability of that content is best done by a third party. And if it isn't by reposting then it is by news media which will invent things to say but those are less useful than nothing. Posts directly from the source with commenting on platforms that aren't hyper polarized is the best way to tackle this.

So I disagree that this would be "just bot spam content" considering it is otherwise fairly impossible for an European to integrate his tweets to any of their common collated media feeds otherwise (of which we think scarily little of what goes in to assembling them!)

API useless due to captcha? Or? by floppyjedi in SaidIt

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Thanks but that's a bit besides the point considering point is adding multipliers with none/minimal maintenance burden and I wouldn't be surprised if moderation considered that even a bit hostile towards this site