Freemasonry Created by the Jesuits:— The 4 Jesuit Vows = The First 4 Masonic Degrees by engoodz in Jesuits

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Cf: —32° Freemason, Illuminatist, Nicholas de Bonneville (1760-1828); “The Jesuits Driven Away from Masonry and Their Dagger Shattered” [—Didn’t Work], p. 352, 406-7, (Paris: 1788)

🇻🇦 The Vatican BUILT the World Trade Center! by engoodz in Jesuits

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u/HibikiBlack Thanks brotha appreciate it, and you to man, keep up the good work!

The Secret 1830 General Assembly of the Jesuits: “Fathers of the Order, that part of the world to which I would direct your attention, is our Province of the U.S., there I wish to concentrate all our efforts & labors. The Constitution of the U.S. is favorable to our designs. …” [Found Mar. 17, 2019] by engoodz in Jesuits

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Gesuit Superior General, Jan P. Roothaan, S.J.

  • B.1785-D.1853
  • Dutch Gesuit
  • Polymath
  • Polyglot
  • The Gesuit created Rosicrucian Order's "Invisible Superior"
  • The "Unknown Superior" of [G]esuit created Freemasonry
  • Professor of the Gesuit "Gymnasium of Dunaburg"
  • Professor of Gesuit
  • Casuistry Theology at the Gesuit "College of Pusza"
  • Rector of the Gesuit ate College of Turin"
  • Present at the Gesuit infamous "Secret Conference of Cheiri"
  • Gesuit Vice-Provincial of Italy
  • 21st Gesuit Superior-General (1829-59)
  • Founded the infamous Ultramontane/Fascist Propaganda Fide antisemitic pro-Holocaust Counter-Reformative Gesuit "La Civilta Cattolica" magazine
  • Credited as the "Great Re-builder of the Society of Jesus"
  • Puppet-master of the Gesuit created Roman Catholic Freemason "Carbonari" Revolutionary Societies
  • Successfully reincorporated the never-Biblical observant Anglican "Church of England" under the Roman Catholic Church with the Gesuit created Theology of "Tractarinsim" and “Pusyeism" within the secret Gesuit mission of the "Oxford Movement"
  • Mastermind behind the; "Black Hawk War," the "Second and Third Seminole War," the "First Afghan War," the "First and Second Opium Wars," the "Maori Wars," the "First and Second Anglo-Sikh Wars," the "Mexican-American War," the "Second Anglo-Burmese War," the "Crimean War," the "First and Second Wars of Italian Unification," the destruction of the Papal States in order to reestablish the Temporal Key of the Papacy with the 1929 Gesuit "Sovereign City State of the Vatican," responsible for the loss of +/-12 million lives

The meaning of the number 201 to the Jesuits. The numerology behind the Coronavirus "Epidemic" and their relation to the main figures behind the corrupted Big Pharma companies. by HibikiBlack in Jesuits

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“Nel settembre del 1772 Caterina II occupò la Russia Bianca. Sotto il dominio della sovrana non cattolica passarono circa 900.000 cattolici di ambedue i riti e insieme ad essi 201 gesuiti.”

“In September 1772 Catherine II occupied White Russia. About 900,000 Catholics of both rites passed through the rule of the non-Catholic sovereign and together with them 201 Jesuits.”

Gesuit Priest, Fr. Marek Inglot, S.J.; ‘La Compagnia di Gesù nell’Impero Russo (1772-1820) e la sua parte nella restaurazione generale della Compagnia,’ p. 43, (Rome: 1998)

The First Two U.S., Inc. Freemason “Founding [Catholic] Father” Presidents; George Washington & John “The Jesuit Basher” Adams—Regularly Attended Catholic Tridentine Mass at a Jesuit Church & Mocked the Reformation While Under the Church’s Counter-Reformative Jesuit Invented Baroque Architecture by engoodz in Jesuits

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@HibikiBlack Thank you brother. I've been very blessed by YHUH, I pray you are covered by the shield of YHUH's Ruach Ha'Qodesh asked in the name of his yahchid, Yahusha. :) <3

The Egyptian Priests of the Nile—Freemasonry defines “DELTA” as THE GESUIT “I.H.S” which a 17th c. Gesuit explains is: “Isis, CORONA*, Serapis”—& is the Jesuit Ratio Studiorum’s “Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm” (the BASIS of Masonry): maskers & vaxxers are, DEAD CATHOLIC CONVERTS TRIANGULATED by ROME by [deleted] in Jesuits

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💡 En Goodz; ‘Present Everywhere Yet Nowhere Known: Egypt Defines “DELTA” as the Roman Militia & Why It Matters,’ – Unlearn 08, (Toronto: Aug. 24, 2021)

⚠️ MASKS Are NOT and Have NEVER Been MANDATORY in CANADA by engoodz in Jesuits

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📜 MASKS HAVE NEVER BEEN MANDATORY IN CANADA: From 24 Mar 2020 to Present | ft. LEO & Special Guests