Water electrolysis hydrogen production helps promote green growth in Ningxia, China by Chop_Chop in Hydrogen

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Great cover story for the production of tritium and deuterium.

Maricopa County Elections Officials DELETED ENTIRE DATABASE from Voting Machines - Including "All Election Information" from Main Database -- With Copy of Senate Letter by scrubking in politics

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I suppose if you lie and tell half truths often enough someone will believe you, but it will take more than name calling and lie to win around here.

How do you drink your coffee? by Zapped in AskSaidIt

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The first 2 cups have milk, the second 2 are black.

They actually did it. This is disgusting. by jet199 in politics

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That is hilarious as shit!!! You might have had to have been in the military to appreciate the dark humor and irony of it.

I'm not American, just found out Biden is 78 years old?! Leave politics aside for a moment - how the fuck is an 80 year old allowed to lead a country? by book-of-saturday in whatever

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I'm sorry you must think that we're still a democracy, That time has come and gone quite some time ago.

Can you say nigger faggot on this website? by ChimpGoyGirl in SaidIt

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You can, but it lets everyone know you're a douchebag.

Twitter bans Senator Doug Mastriano after he led hearing over Pennsylvania election discrepancies by Drewski in censorship

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Can't say I'm shocked, authoritarians are the same everywhere really.

"Our greatest struggle would come in 2010 as we tried to bring the 1st Amendment to the United States” Julian Assange by EndlessSunflowers in quotes

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Sad but true, even more so today.

Democrats Aren't Even Campaigning And Now Biden Will SKIP The DNC, Are Democrats Planning To Lose?? by Tarrock in politics

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If their smart they will lose and lose good enough to make it look like they tried to win. The economic shit storm that is headed our way will be remembered for the rest of the century.

"It’s easy to be a communist in a free country. But try being free in a communist country." - Aubrey Huff by muellermeierschulz in quotes

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The only way is to be dead and they usually arrange that for you.

Looking for books on forgiveness. by Jesus-Christ in books

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Brother, let me tell you from someone who knows and walked down that damn road to the end. You don't need a book or a seminar or power self actualization bs. Forgiveness comes from honesty; from being honest with yourself about what you did and why you did it. Then making a choice not to do it again ever for as long as you live and accepting that your choice will reverberate throughout eternity.

The choice is always your, as we are always free. Your forgiveness is in your hands, but it requires honesty, perseverance, and will to live better.

So, how'd you pick your screen name? by theFriendlyDoomer in AskSaidIt

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Mine is from a poem