Thomas Hartmann: Should Democrats Trade the Southern Border for Ukraine? | LOL. The State of Working Within the Democratic Party 2023! by stickdog in WayOfTheBern

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Interesting thought experiment: is there anything that modern Dems wouldn't sell out in order to keep the money flowing to Ukraine? Would they abandon gay marriage? Abortion rights (what's left of them)? Affirmative action (what's left of that, too)?

Cynical me says: nope, they'd put it all on the chopping block and let it go. They know their chance of hanging on to the White House is gone already, and what's really important is keeping those defense contractors happy.

@SecDef: The United States will remain deeply committed to the security and self-defense of the State of Israel. Let me be clear: our support for Israel’s security remains unshakeable. And it always will be. by Maniak in WayOfTheBern

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I wish it was that kind of support. I fear, however, that with respect to Israel it's the kind of support that would not waver even as live stream video shows Israelis force marching Palestinians into gas chambers.

@Michael64510013: Hamas attacked civilians and brutalized them, completely unprovoked. Justice is being served, the animals are being hunted down, just as they should be. by Maniak in WayOfTheBern

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"Unprovoked." You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

@AIPAC: Thank you @SenSanders for your strong opposition to a permanent ceasefire with Hamas. by Maniak in WayOfTheBern

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I am bitterly disappointed in Bernie. I unsubscribed from his email list, citing his lack of support for a ceasefire. He's gotten his last penny from me, moreover.

@_noor_z: What’s the point of the UN anymore? If you can’t stop a genocide because of the veto of one country, truly what’s the point? by Maniak in WayOfTheBern

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New proposed rule: a country engaging in or actually supplying the weapons to conduct a genocide can't veto a resolution to stop said genocide.

It's basic conflict of interest rules.

@SenatorBrakey: The difference between inflation and inflation rates is akin to the difference between speed and acceleration. Politicians may try to confuse you by celebrating that the rate of acceleration has decreased, but you are still picking up speed in the direction of a brick wall. by Maniak in WayOfTheBern

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Sophistry. A person who can't pay their rent or afford food isn't going to be persuaded by the argument that the shortfall is actually less than it would have been if the rate of inflation had remained the same. A shortfall is still a shortfall.

These sophists are going to be really surprised come election day, that's for sure.

Israel rounding up hundreds of Palestinian boys, men and disappearing them by chakokat in WayOfTheBern

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There was a scene with bound men and boys sitting in a bulldozed sand pit. Absolutely chilling parallel to scenes of European Jews before they were all machinegunned by Nazis during WWII. I hope the Gazans in the sand pit survived, at least to detention.

Silly Nikki - “For every 30 minutes that someone watches TikTok, every day, they become 17% more anti-Semitic.” LOL! by RR_2023 in WayOfTheBern

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In other words, they're watching videos of what Israel is doing in Gaza. I'm actually surprised that this is only making them 17 percent more "anti semitic," which term we now know just means "against the policies Israel is now carrying out."

@SetPixels: These two things happened in the same hour. by Maniak in WayOfTheBern

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Some genocides are more equal than others, apparently.

Texas v. Pfizer Alleges Extensive Misrepresentations About Covid Vaccine Efficacy, Censorship of Critics | naked capitalism by RandomCollection in WayOfTheBern

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Unfortunately, this may be more of a publicity stunt than a legit lawsuit. For example, I don't know how they get around the Prep Act, which is the governing immunity legislation for all these covid measures including the covid vaccines:

The standard there for liability is virtually ironclad. Even if Pfizer lied through its teeth to the FDA, made up all of its data, and never conducted any clinical trial at all, there would be no liability unless willful misconduct is found, and by definition no conduct is willful misconduct unless the Dept. of Health and Human Services decides to take enforcement action against the party. HHS will take enforcement action against Pfizer when hell freezes over, we all know this. They're too corrupt and too eager to cash in with the pharmaceutical industry after they leave "public service."

Maybe a publicity stunt is the best we can hope for, after all. If discovery is allowed, that is, and if the suit isn't dismissed before any discovery is taken.

Hunter Biden Indicted On Multiple Felony Tax Charges Including 'Office Expense' Deductions For 'Over-The-Hill Strippers' by penelopepnortney in WayOfTheBern

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I remember reading somewhere that he paid his back taxes (in the neighborhood of $2 million) with a loan from a 'friend." Nice to have friends like that, eh?

I wonder what connection this friend has to President Biden and/or the Democratic party.

@ggreenwald: When even CNN personalities admit Israel deliberately killed yet another journalist - this time the Reuters videographer Issam Abdallah in Lebanon, along with 6 others seriously injured - it's because multiple investigations confirmed it. Maybe this says something about Israel? by Maniak in WayOfTheBern

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There can be no question any more that Israel deliberately targets journalists for murder (and their families). The only reason for this must be that they're trying to limit coverage of their genocide for propaganda reasons.

@CornelWest: The US veto at the UN to block a vote to end Israel’s barbaric genocidal campaign in Gaza is an act of spiritual obscenity and moral bankruptcy. by Maniak in WayOfTheBern

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So I now know who I'm voting for.

The Great Schism – Will It Be Quietly Ignored? by chakokat in WayOfTheBern

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Israel's actions "subject to law?" Since when? They are committing war crimes daily.

The so called international "rules based order" has been exposed for the farce it has always been. The rules only apply to other countries, never to Israel or its toady, the US.

US Seeking Plausible Deniability as US-Armed Israel Erases Gaza by RandomCollection in WayOfTheBern

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"Plausible?" Hardly. Doesn't pass the laugh test. All the bombs Israel is dropping come from the US, to begin with.

Greta Thunberg calls on world to 'crush Zionism' - Video of controversial young climate activist shows her shouting anti-Israel chants in pro-Palestinian protest sparking outrage online by neolib in WorldNews

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So just because you oppose the genocide of the Palestinian people you've "stepped in the ring" for Hamas? Interesting.

Ooopsie! JPMorgan fined $4 million for "accidentially: deleting 47 million emails including some requested in Jeffrey Epstein and market manipulation subpoenas by stickdog in WayOfTheBern

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They should have just hired Hillary's lawyers. Then they could have gotten away with claiming all the deleted emails just pertained to Chelsea's wedding.