Sam Bankman Charged with 7 New Felonies by Faty in cryptocurrency

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Misleading headline. Charges were refiled, he actually had one of the previous charges dropped. The campaign finance charged was dropped because it was one of the conditional of Bankman's extradition.

Why Reddit is Collapsing: The Coming Reddit Crisis by hfxB0oyA in WatchRedditDie

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Not sure why you are bring up some pharma drugs where government funded. This has nothing to do with how reddit was funded. Reddit was funded via angel/venture capital - funding sources below.

There's been a whopping 736 Tesla crashes involving Autopilot mode and 17 deaths since 2019 by [deleted] in technology

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Just because users requested it, it does not remove Tesla's libility. That's not how product liability works in the US.

"Products Liability is generally considered a strict liability offense. With regard to products liability, a defendant is liable when the plaintiff proves that the product is defective, regardless of the defendant's intent. It is irrelevant whether the manufacturer or supplier exercised great care; if there is a defect in the product that causes harm, he or she will be liable for it.

Overcoming Liability Even When the Product is Defective Even when a product is defective due to a design flaw, some courts will use one of two tests to find that the defendant has no liability.

Risk-Utility Test the defendant is not liable for a design defect if evidence shows that the product’s utility outweighs its inherent risk of harm. Consumer Expectation Test a reasonable consumer would find the product defective when using the product in a reasonable manner if a reasonable consumer would not find the product to be defective even when using it in a reasonable manner, then the defendant is not liable, even if the product's design flaw resulted in injury"

There's been a whopping 736 Tesla crashes involving Autopilot mode and 17 deaths since 2019 by [deleted] in technology

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Add to this, we have no way to independently verify Tesla's claim that self driving mode is safer as Tesla has not made the data they collect available for independent verification.

There's been a whopping 736 Tesla crashes involving Autopilot mode and 17 deaths since 2019 by [deleted] in technology

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Tesla has several cases under investigation by NHTSA. Reading the article below is appears that Tesla disabled one of the self driving car safety features based on customer requests - the requirement that you hands be on the wheel. In its current form, the autopilot is ripe for misuse. That entry in the owners manual will not shield Tesla from liability if the NHTSA finds them at fault.

The Globalist Propaganda Machine Has Clearly Gone All Out to Whip Up as Much Anti-Russian Sentiment as Possible. This Could Be an Ominous Sign. by raven9 in conspiracy

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I don't need the anti Russian propaganda to know what to think about Russia. I can form that just by Russia's actions.

Fuck Russia!

Texas Senate approves bill to stop social media companies from banning Texans for political views by [deleted] in politics

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Not likely to survive a Supreme Court level challenge. I can't see how this would not be viewed as compelled speech

Similar to Miami Herald Publishing Co. v. Tornillo

Flu Deaths Five Times Higher Than COVID Deaths by scrubking in politics

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Data is about 1 month old but look at the section labeled average deaths per day world wide.

Flu is at 1000 deaths per day, Covid is at 3000 deaths per day, just about to overtake tuberculosis as the leading cause of worldwide deaths.

Young White Mother of Three Year Old Boy Killed By Black Lives Matter Mob For Saying "White Lives Matter" by MassTooter in politics

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Man arrested for burning down Police station. by Canbot in news

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1 rule, don't record yourself committing felonies.

From the article: "Videos posted on Snapchat by the suspect of himself setting fire to a police station in Minneapolis Minnesota ..."

The COVID-19 mortality rate is turning out to be around 0.3% instead of 3-4% by magnora7 in WorldNews

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I absolutely agree that we should be reevaluating the complete quarantine approach to Covid-19. There is always a possibility no vaccine will be found for a vaccine is 2+ years out. But I do take exception to people pretending Covid-19 just a bad flu. Our population has no existing immunity to Covid-19 and its killing a lot more people than the flu. Doing nothing means we get worst result than Italy when the healthcare system gets overrun as it nearly did in New York.

The COVID-19 mortality rate is turning out to be around 0.3% instead of 3-4% by magnora7 in WorldNews

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Cite source for this because I read nothing that supports your assertion.

The COVID-19 mortality rate is turning out to be around 0.3% instead of 3-4% by magnora7 in WorldNews

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First some definitions:

Mortality rate - #deaths by disease/total population.

Case fatality rate -CFR - #deaths by disease/total diagnosed cases.

The flu has a CFR of about ~ 0.1% (Source:

For 2019 CDC estimates 35.5 million people got the flu or about ~11% of the US population. And 34,200 people died of the flu last year.

So ok multiple that 34,200 by 3 to get your estimate for Covid-19 - 100,000 deaths.

Now lets look at this another way.

As of today (about 3 months into the Covid outbreak) we've had 67,682 deaths. Already this is almost twice the deaths of last years flu. Source

The flu has a vaccine and a large percentage of the US population has some immunity to the flu because of that. The is no vaccine for Covid-19 at this point in time. So you're looking at a larger percentage of the US population getting the disease.

Even assuming an optimist 15% of the US population has already gotten the disease, you need ~70% of the population covered to get herd immunity. So again optimistically at least 4 times more people get the disease - 67,000 * 4 = 268,000 deaths. If a lot of people get the disease all at once as we've seen in several European nations, that CFR rate for Covid-19 goes up even higher. In the US we've so far avoided overwhelming the healthcare system.

Still think this is just a bad flu.

Oil Futures Go Negative in Historic Rout by edwwsw in news

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May oil future contracts went negative today. That is they're paying people to take the oil. The problem is there is no storage for the oil that is to be delivered in May.

Coronavirus: Trump-Led US Doing Much Better Than Western Europe by RickC-137 in politics

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Here to say the same thing. Its a little early to compare US to Europe when the US is at least 2 weeks behind. Most models are predicting regional peaks in the US over the next 2 to 6 weeks. If those models are anywhere near accurate, its soon going to get really ugly in the US. Watch NY as they are one of the early states and are probably days away from hospitals being over capacity.

Why did you switch to Saidit? by legendgamer320 in AskSaidIt

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I haven't completely switched to Saidit, but I use it to get alternative viewpoints as reddit has been become a huge left leaning echo chamber.

We could've forgiven the entirety of every single student loan yesterday, but instead -- Fed to Inject $1.5 Trillion in Bid to Prevent ‘Unusual Disruptions’ in Markets by magnora7 in news

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The fed is issuing loans (repos actually), not free money.

The repos make the loans essentially collateralize. The borrows do have to pay these back + interest (usually low rates).

The money to this isn't coming from SS.

the problem with illegal immigration by futurefunk in politics

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taking the jobs that other people are not willing to work for low wages

I'm good with the points you are making with the exception of this one. Low wage jobs can have low wages because there are people willing to work them. If their are not people willing to work them, then either the job goes offshore (not feasible for most of the remaining low wage jobs) or wages increase to the point were someone is willing to work it.

The strongest arguments for limiting any type of migration centers around stability of the employment markets.

Moto Robbers crash with a police truck (with Half-Life 2 sound effects) by zoristtot in WatchPeopleDie

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Here's a video that shows the accident from a different angle. - High-Speed Impact Wraps Vehicle Around Pole by edwwsw in WatchPeopleDie

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According to the write up, the other two passengers (this one included) were injured. Likely adrenaline or shock kicked in right after the impact.

A chainsaw beheading what a treat. by LunaLovegood in WatchPeopleDie

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You may be right. When I first saw the scene in Nacro's I immediately thought of OP's video.

A chainsaw beheading what a treat. by LunaLovegood in WatchPeopleDie

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Neflix Narcos did a scene loosely based on this video. - Man gets crushed to death between trucks by edwwsw in WatchPeopleDie

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Looks like he left the truck unattended and is started to role. WTF though, trying to stop it by standing in front of it. - Man eaten alive by brown bear - aftermath by edwwsw in WatchPeopleDie

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Sorry I did debate whether I should post that one. Just a bizarre set of circumstances. He ironically predicted his own death.

Certainly can remove this post. - Fatal Crash of RV Flying onto a Ferry Boat by edwwsw in WatchPeopleDie

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It's believed he may have had a mechanical problem and breaks failed.

Reuters now has an article about the_donald being banned from reddit. Yet no articles about the Vertias video showing google conspiring to prevent Trump's re-election. by magnora7 in MediaAnalysis

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Quarantine is just a precursor to being banned. Seen it happen to enough subreddits already.

Florida Seeks to Make Sharing Footage of Mass Shootings Illegal by Robin in censorship

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This will not survive it's first court challenge as it clearly violates the first amendment. - Going 260kph ends in RIP by edwwsw in WatchPeopleDie

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Go to about the 1:30 mark, you'll catch a few seconds of the biker at 260 kpm before they lose control

AOC Is Right About Aid to Israel - cutting aid to the country should be “on the table” to say the least by EndlessSunflowers in WayOfTheBern

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US debt to GDP - from 82% in 2010 to 105% in 2017 (

Israel debt to GDP - from 74% in 2010 to 61% in 2017 (

Glad we're paying off someones debt /s - Severely stabbed inmate dies on prison yard by edwwsw in WatchPeopleDie

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Not my typical post. But felt like I needed to contributed. Thanks for setting this back up.