Where are you from? by blackrainbow in GenderCritical

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You mentioning “far right” as somehow equivalent to GC was enough for me. 😅 Sure, there are probably people on GC peeps from VARIOUS different backgrounds and ideologies - you’ll see some conservatives here as well. That doesn’t mean gender critical feminists are far right. What nonsense.

I never mentioned that GC was far-right or equivalent to far-right, I mentioned that far-right ideas were influencing GC, there's a huge difference between those two statements. GC is mostly leftist, but you see statements and ideas on this sub that come directly from /pol/.

Somebody on this sub mentioned how Soros is behind Gender ideological advertisements. Soros being behind transsexual propaganda has been a neo-Nazi point since the 90s.

You sound like a man by the way you talk

I am a man, I've never claimed different.

You obviously have a huge hate for conservatives, and not surprising considering what you say about your upbringing. But radical feminists are finding an ally in conservatives, some conservative ideas are already spreading in here. And every alliance eventually comes at a price.

Where are you from? by blackrainbow in GenderCritical

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Conservative ideology is not the "fix" for this or anything at all

I mostly lurk, I lurked on reddit and I lurk here, and I've seen ideas and terms which come directly from /pol/. GC is already influenced by far-right ideas.

I'd even wager a lot of conservatives would love to see more of the woman-erasing TRA bullshit because they also tend to (surprise!) loathe gay people, so in their logic it would make much more sense to just transition a person instead of admitting that they simply are sexually attracted to the same sex.

Being conservative I disagree with this. Only culture where I know that is the case is Iran, in Southern and Eastern Europe transsexuals are considered worse than homosexuals. But there is the opposite example where women are forced into becoming men. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albanian_sworn_virgins

My rapist has come out as trans (possible tw...) by Lilithe in GenderCritical

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It saddens and angers me that a rapist can LARP as a woman, and thus be treated like an idol.

It would be fine if it stopped at that. We have already had cases of rapists LARPing as women, being sent to women's prisons and raping some more. Because apparently trans rights are more important than right not to get raped.

Are we conditioned to ignore sexism? by PeakingPeachEater in GenderCritical

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I've had a discussion about this a month ago at my work, and I think it's a combination of sexism and the fact that women are generally less assertive the man.

The reason I say this is that at work in my department there are 3 women (it's IT so it's a male dominated industry), one complained to me in private how she gets ignored (I'm a man BTW) and it is true. She had the exact experience you've had. But she is a foreigner (and we don't have many in our country), so she doesn't speak the local language, which immediately gets her ignored, but a bigger issue is she's from a culture where women are less assertive, she also complained how she doesn't like the way we converse here, how there is a lot of cursing, even in presence of women, which resulted in her being withdrawn from interaction with other coworkers. Culturally here everybody curses, men and women.

But another woman in my department is extremely assertive, she doesn't get ignored. I'd even venture to guess that she has never experienced this kind of sexism with being ignored because she has always been assertive.

Last example is a man from my department who is extremely meek and non-assertive, he also gets ignored all the time, and saddled with tasks nobody wants to do.

There is a sexist cause to this behaviour but it is not only sexism. Be more assertive, approach interactions with mentality of "I know best, fuck the rest", I think that is the only solution. Repeat yourself, be louder, etc.