Taxpayer-funded subsidies are hard to kill by voter in news

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Not all subsidies need to be killed. One of the ways forward could be to be selective in subsidies.

Oil prices drop as ‘trifecta of trouble’ may cause glut - created by U.S. stockpile builds, OPEC overproduction and the watering down of Iran sanctions by magnora7 in business

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In another decade, oil may even lose its place of prominence in energy. Its fate could be similar to that of coal once solar prices drop further.

Are High Taxes on Cigarettes Fair? by doubleblog in PublicPolicy

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You have a point. It is the strongest criticism of high taxes on cigarettes and there is a lot of truth in it. However, high taxes find a lot of support too, since there appears to be no other tool to target it. Think thanks like WHO also advice in favor of it. There is some validity in the argument about social costs that are borne by the public, which may be more relevant when the Government finances health care.

What is Ragweed Allergy and What are its Symptoms? by doubleblog in Health

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Have these medicinal qualities be exploited as yet. Not many people seem to be fully aware of them, but it sounds very interesting.

Foods Arthritis Sufferers Should Avoid by doubleblog in Health

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Yes. Oxalyc acid has a tendency to form calculi with calcium which can get deposited into any places that have a tendency. It is bad also for people with kidney stones.