men are innovate whilst women are imitative by letsgobish29 in Incels

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While that's true I think the term incel was actually "invented"/"coined" by a female lesbian, but without a doubt many areas where men were innovative was invaded by females (computers, smart phones, internet, social networks).

Are mods intentionally trying to ruin the design? by disyuinceltehe in Incels

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lol also why are you not a moderator anymore? Only Darkness is listed right now, what the hell is wrong with this site..

Community feedback thread by [deleted] in Incels

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I really don't like the new stylesheet at all, it's really hard to look it. Ideally I'd like something that resembles the one of braincels more, it'd probably also attract more users as it's more widely known. Even the standard one, just preferably not this imho.

Braincels archive by disyuinceltehe in Incels

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You're so welcome! Love your videos by the way, keep it up!

Incels exist because women's faulty, fucked up, inferior genes never get filtered out of the gene pool by CrackingYs in Incels

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Brutal and blackpilled. Well said.. one of the first good blackpills on this sub.

Goooood Morning by disyuinceltehe in Incels

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Pretty good fren, I think it's starting to get more comfy here isn't it?

Anyone want to brigade r/femaledatingadvice? by [deleted] in Incels

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Brigade it how? I'm open for ideas.