How Reddit Was Destroyed and how SaidIt can Change the future. — Reddit died with Aaron Schwartz. It's only gotten worse since then. Today I'd like to take you through the steps how Reddit was destroyed and how sites like SaidIt can change the world by Orangutan in AntiExtremes

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I agree, and hope there is enough critical threshold going here to spur some transfers of the non-faux folks. I don't really even bother to post much over there anymore. It's utterly useless because they don't seem real, or are NOT out to debate/convince but attack and scream loudly over you, while magic down votes come in unorganically.

Putin: Russia's new hypersonic missile can rip US air defenses apart. by HibikiBlack in WorldNews

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I believe Putin has already been promised certain oil/gas rights for their military help, which would solidify even more control of natural resources for Russia, making Putin have a lot of power/influence by supplying Europe. I have had quite a lot of difficulty trying to understand exactly what we are trying to do in Syria though..are we back at sabotaging Russia in the world again?

Power I think Putin wants the old USSR's power and prestige back. He seems to be doing it too, through gaining territory back (Crimea already, and possibly more of Ukraine)). By consolidating the oil/gas companies to government control and gaining more ground in Syria, Russia will have increased its sphere of influence.

Posturing Yeah, especially scary is the underwater autonomous nuke we can't really detect since its super small and at very deep depths. That said, if there is a nuclear war, it really doesn't matter anymore.

i'd like to think that Putin and his countrymen that are with him see that any type of limited exchange would be unthinkable. And maybe that's why he and our president have been so blustery lately.