why so few posts despise we having 9k frens? by OpenSVideoEditor in frenworld

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default subs - people who register are force subscribed to all of the subs currently on saidit

What's your all-time favourite manga? by Vulphere in Manga

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id have to 100% say Made in Abyss. the story line is great and really fulfills the mystery fantasy i enjoy. also moth

Does saidit have no mechanism for changing moderators? by UmamiTofu in SaidIt

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there are also people (like me) who want to request anysub and everyreddit to make their list of moderated subs grow ridiculously. its one of the reasons why Powermods are a thing, redditrequest enables them

i don't like Reddit. now give me fun only (insightfuls will be BLORKCED.) by deveyer in Reddit

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[[ echo (this.context.message.alltext()) Um sweaty? I just spent three hours combing through all of your reddit comments from the past two years, and oof, that's a yikes from me. I literally can't even right now. Oh sweet summer child, you do realize you are making me lose all faith in humanity? I'm literally shaking rn. Lets unpack this. It's almost as if maybe, just maybe, your toxic, problematic behavior towards PoC is because someone hurt you. Just shut up and listen. It's called being a decent human being, and as a white person, YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE.

Let that sink in.

i don't like Reddit. now give me fun only (insightfuls will be BLORKCED.) by deveyer in Reddit

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is this htargetted aharassment???? you just got banned from reddit forever burdyy!!

Welcome to Saidit.net! by magnora7 in SaidIt

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omg is that the real ELON MUSK???