The "Hard-Work" Pill by Administrative_worth in Incels

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b-b-but Danny DeVito...

Why do you guys hate women? by Chad_the_Larp in Incels

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People who don't hate women either never met one or are <50 IQ

Even women hate women

Been a NEET 5 years its actually hell by Invisicel in Incels

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They don't, it's a meme. NEETs exist only as long as their parents allow them to. As soon as they get tired of this shit/lose the ability to provide/die, the NEET has to put on the McDonald's uniform.

Turns out all the "self-improvement" bullshit didn't give them anything of value in the end. And most NEETs don't even try to do that, they just lay around all day and play games/watch anime.

NEETcopers are about as retarded as christiancopers/muslimcopers.

Is roping actually a good way to go? by Invisicel in Incels

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Look up videos of people roping. It's definitely unpleasant unless you break your neck right away. Some frantically try to get out and call for help, to no avail.

I'd recommend a very tall bridge, head first. You won't feel a thing.

Oh, and don't bother with suicide hotlines or therapy. Nobody cares about you, even people working there. Nobody except for us.

Some IT cucks are downvoting all the posts. JFL, what a bunch of pathetic losers on a friday night HAHAHAHa by FailedSpecies in Incels

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It's so cucks can't censor through mass downvotes. Of course, on Reddit you can still see these messages, but most people don't bother scrolling to the bottom.

Every 15 seconds, a woman is battered by a man. by basedandblackpilled in Incels

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It's what they were born for. To get Chad genes and give birth to a healthy child.

You were born to inseminate a female and raise kids. That's what you're trying and failing to do.

You're asking women to forego their biology, while simultaneously not willing to do the same yourself. Pretty hypocritical ngl.

How can normscum listen to shit like this 24/7 but still have the nerve to condescend to us? by [deleted] in Incels

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It's because normal people don't treat us as equal. To them we're disgusting monsters living in the slums who are incapable of feeling love anyway. So we're not missing out on much.

Kind of similar as to how the working class was (and arguably is) treated. People above them believed that if you're a part of the working class, then you're stupid, easy to take advantage of, etc. So they thought there wasn't anything wrong with sending them to mines and having them live in dirt houses. To the "normal" people the working class were essentially animals—incapable of understanding their current predicament and therefore feeling sad about it, so having them do the toughest and dirties jobs while providing them with only stuff barely needed to survive was OK in their books. Needless to say, they were wrong. Just like how today's normies are wrong about "sex not being that big of a deal" for us.

Sitting next to some soyboys on the ferry by TheDogPill in Incels

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JFL it's always about height with you manlets.

Look buddy, you can get a gf like that, too. Even if you're 5'2 or whatever. Just be willing to have an open relationship with your "gf" exclusively banging Tyrone, while you're working your ass off 18/7 to pay for her expensive lifestyle.

You won't get sex, you'll raise a black kid, you'll fuck your physical and mental health up, but hey, at least you will have ascended, right?

Height > Face by mlcurrycel in Incels

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Eh, it doesn't really help Shapiro's subhuman face. Though it does make JP look worse.

The only solution to the ongoing genocide of free speech advocates on the internet is an unstoppable blockchain/tor based reddit clone by CrackingYs in Incels

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Sounds good, doesn't work.

Blockchain means you have to store all the shit on your computer. Somebody posts CP? Good luck explaining to le fbi man it's not yours.

You also need a lot of storage space. Average length of a tweet is 33 "characters". If we ignore metadata requirements and assume only people using English use it, this leaves us with 33 bytes per post. That's about 300 million posts for 10Gb of storage space. Not many people will be willing to dedicate more space than that for interacting with a platform. Again, this is without metadata, assuming it's only English (languages that don't use Latin take up more space), and without file upload. As a reference, 2 years ago Reddit stored around 30 billion comments.

One thing that might work is some sort of a "rolling" blockchain, the imageboard model where there can't be more than N posts at a time, with each new post (or thread) forcing deletion of the oldest one. Though that sort of defeats the purpose of blockchain, so it's probably better for it to simply be p2p, like a continuously updated torrent.

Then there's Tor. Not sure how familiar with computers you are, but connecting to a network such as Tor requires an entry node. You connect to this entry node, and it tells you "hey buddy, here's where you need to go from me!" and gives you an IP address. At this point you're good. As soon as you're through the entry node, you can use Tor as you wish, and there's very little your particular ISP/government can do to stop you other than cutting your internet access altogether or outright swatting you. But the very first connection, it requires you to be able to reach this entry node. And guess what, the IP address of this node is public. It has to be. Your ISP/government can just block all the entry nodes, if they desire so, and cut off your access to this network completely.

The second issue is not really solvable through tech. You basically need to build such a government (or other ruling body, such as a corporation) that values internet access freedom and privacy.

But this comes with problems. Now terrorists can plan their attacks with ease. Pedophiles can exchange their materials without fear. Human traffickers get record profits.

Though I personally think it's worth it. Bans don't stop terrorists or pedophiles or drug dealers or whatever. They just deter the 1% of lazy or dumb retards from engaging in these activities, while the other 99% always find a different way of communicating. But good luck explaining that to a mommy scared of her daughter being kidnapped, or a 9/11 survivor paranoid about terrorist attacks. They'll gladly give away all their rights if that means they get 1% safer.

Do you think the younger guys on here will be settled for eventually? by goodbye1 in Incels

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for men based on this dataset, there is a "double-dip"; there's more early sexual contact in 15-19 in men than in women; this continues into the 20-24 range when the women catch up in sexual contact. This reaches an inflection point in the 25-29 age range; men who have not had sexual contact by then tend to stay that way until after 35, where there is a second dip of men having first sexual contact. This slows down once more; any men who hasn't had first sexual contact by their late 30s, tend not to in their 40s.

men lose virginity in their teens

those who didn't? they lose it in their thirties, i.e. get settled for

don't worry, there's plenty of Chad's leftovers with kids for you out there, dating apps are full of them

just accept that your bone structure is so bad you don't even deserve to father your woman's kids, let alone take her virginity

after horrific actions of Elliot Rodger, female fan wears tshirt and wants to be his waifu. Can find similar stories of female fans of Boston Bombers and Columbine shooters. Females are truly retarded and promote this behavior by 8020rule in Incels

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Imagine if Gigachad did a mass shooting. Women would probably get the authorities to pardon him lmao

frens are wageslaving while Stacy makes gud bucks in easy job, is it fair? by isolation in Incels

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Define "fair"

The worst bluepiller-men are usually relatively attractive themselves by superdonkey in Incels

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People will believe a rigged game is fair as long as they keep winning.

women are habitual liars by [deleted] in Incels

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This was debunked at Braincels

It's a joke

Take a chill pill you misogynysts

Confused about Foids by Prey_eyes in Incels

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They're only disgusted when it's dick picks or sex offers from a low value male. If it's Chad, they turn into nymphomaniacs.

currycel in the making by [deleted] in Incels

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this kid still chinmogs me jfl

The most important thing is not to win, but to take part by [deleted] in Incels

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good genes cause good looks

but good looks doesn't mean good genes because you can get good looks through gym and surgery, while being genetic trash who only survives thanks to the wonders of modern medicine and democracy

we will end up like peacocks if you let women choose the hottest

we already have

peacocks tricked female attraction with nice tails, just like we are tricking it with gym, medicine and wealth/power

made humans successful

haha, good one

The most important thing is not to win, but to take part by [deleted] in Incels

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Being able to throw a disc 40m further than Chad after years of training doesn't mean you'd make a better mate.

Looks are directly correlated with genes, by choosing hot men she chooses good genes. This is great from an evolutionary perspective, it's definitely not a disaster. Sure, society will become more violent as a result of this, but it'll hold. Eventually women will be brought into their place and we'll go from 1% of men having access to pussy to 99% (but not 100%).

If your situation troubles you so much, I suggest you take the tried and true way of getting pussy that incels 50000 years ago used.

I see a lot of fellowcels giving up on joining saidit by symplefellow in Incels

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Most went to r/MGTOW.