Russian man fined £365 for calling Putin ‘fantastical f***head’ in first use of new censorship law by useless_aether in censorship

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it was in a russki version of fb, the VK. he literally just wrote that on his wall. Putin is a piece of shit, im telling you as a Russian. It gets really funny in comparison with US and their media controlled by leftists but Russian media is 100% under Putin, the total opposite. Despite what they say, collusion did happen, simply because Obama's democrats were giving Russia's corrupt elite a bad time, and those idiots thought if they support a republican things would change. But Trump is not an idiot and he cucked them with more sanctions. So the national propaganda on TV was like YAY trump won, awesome. But now that he sees Russia for what it really is, he is not making it any easier than the democrats used to. So state propaganda went back to REEEE at Trump, and America is bad again. They are so pathetic in Kremlin, utterly cringe government.

The Terms and Content Policy by magnora7 in SaidIt

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How is this site any different from reddit, if both are following US law and under it, all the things we hate reddit for are technically applicable here. Or is it just the demographic/political divide? So that the cucks and SJWs stay there and we can have a more like-minded discussions? Will this place be the same and just as targeted by all sorts of faggots if it grows and becomes simply more known to attract them?