Child porn van gets 280+ upvotes on Reddit by MisterQ in MeanwhileOnReddit

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that is a really cool service... so, do they come to my house with a van full of girls? oh my gawd.. do they charge by the hour?

send me a pm.

How This 33 Year Old Went From Working As A “Human Guinea Pig” To Afford A Wedding Ring To Making Over $21,000,000 Online by Mela in WorldNews

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I am now signed up for a risk free medical study that will pay me $200.00 to eat five hundred horse condoms and then dont take a crap for at least 72 hours.

woohoo, i am gonna get paid.

Rachel Auerbach and the Public Kitchen in the Warsaw Ghetto by crackerjack in news

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the nazi holocaust was a very difficult event and some actually try to deny that it even happened.