John MacArthur says what no-one else will say about the virus (Feels different / Eschatological) by christnmusicreleases in politics

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Americans think tyranny is just fine, but if you knew a little history, shouldn't you be concerned?

Antifa Hands Out Weapons from Bag During Storming of US Capitol by MarcoPolo in news

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The police state with a smile will soon become a hardcore police state with a boot.

Social Justice = Socialism says John MacArthur by christnmusicreleases in politics

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If the king of England said 500 years ago that he owned all the names in the world in the future, wouldn't you be committing fraud if you used your name?

Anti Maskers In 1919 by christnmusicreleases in politics

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The USA is no longer a democracy and we no longer have rights. Our votes don’t count.

Many Americans feel powerless to do anything about the expanding police state, but we can still fight back.

What good would money do if we have no freedom?

Here are some things you can do to support liberty and slow the rise of tyranny:

Think. Resist. Opt-out. Do not comply. Do not consent. Do not participate.

They can’t kill us all.

What if everyone marked “EXEMPT” on their W-2 forms?

What if everyone threw away their smartphones and modern electronics and starting using typewriters, film cameras, and driving classic cars that the NSA couldn't wiretap or hack?

What if everyone accidentally transposed numbers for their Social Security numbers, addresses, phone numbers, and birth dates on government forms?

What if everyone used anonymous debit cards and cash for all their purchases?

What if everyone disguised themselves by using wigs, beards, hats, sunglasses, head scarves, and surgical masks?

What if everyone used anonymous mailboxes?

What if everyone withdrew their money from banks and hid assets in untraceable private anonymous vaults, safe deposit boxes, and holes in the ground?

What if everyone placed tree branches in car trunks that covered their license plates or used a license plate spray?

What if everyone pretended to be deaf or foreigners who couldn’t speak English when stopped by the police?

What if everyone carried 200 cans and job ads in their cars and told the police that they needed to use the restroom and they were heading to the recycling center to get money to feed their sick child?

What if everyone refused to register their cars when they bought them and just used old license plates or registered their cars with misspelled names?

What if everyone printed out fake documents that said they had car insurance or bought car insurance and then canceled it?

What if everyone had fake ID’s or said that they lost their ID’s at the bus station or couldn’t find their licenses in their messy car?

What if everyone told the police that they had melting ice cream in the car and needed to get home?

What if everyone refused to give their names to government officials?

What if businesses just used copies of business licenses of other businesses?

What if everyone didn’t buy health insurance?

What if Libertarians got jobs with the government and ignored law-breaking, stood up for citizens, and sabotaged and slowed the government?

What if everyone used radar detectors to avoid checkpoints?

What if everyone kept the police busy by taking road trips and throwing marijuana seeds out of car windows when they crossed over riverbanks?

Wake up. Stand up. Think, read, research, and talk with friends, family, and neighbors about the changes happening in the USA. Learn about the American, French, and Russian revolutions. Watch pro-freedom movies like “Lives of Others”, “Sophie Scholl”, “Argo”, “Zero Dark Thirty”, “Hunger Games”, “V for Vendetta”, “Gandhi”, “12 Years a Slave”, and "Citizenfour".

Get involved with pro-democracy groups.

Sign petitions against Unconstitutional laws.

Donate to civil rights groups like the EFF and ACLU.

Arrange and attend protests.

Write to your elected officials.

Write letters to editors with your viewpoints and contact the media to ask for more stories covering government tyranny.


Publish a blog or website with news and your views about freedom.

Run for any political office.

If called to be on a jury, refuse to convict someone of breaking an unjust law.

Raise awareness by passing out flyers, sponsoring billboards, and buying ads calling for more freedom. Leave notes inside library books that say, "The NSA is wiretapping your phone." Go to sports games and display banners that say, "The NSA is reading your emails." Print out articles about NSA wiretapping or CIA torture and leave them in places like waiting rooms or bus stations.

Raise awareness of tyranny by wearing a Nazi uniform in public.

Exchange your laptop and mobile phones with strangers to confuse the NSA.

Cover the cameras on your mobile phone and computer.

Confuse license plate readers by parking far away from your destination.

Go to open mic comedy performances and do an act on tyranny in the US to get people thinking.

Don’t be terrorist, but act like one. Report everybody as a terrorist. Confuse and slow the government.

If the government refuses to listen to Americans, drop-out, work off the books, stop paying taxes, and apply for as much welfare as you can. Drain the system. If we are being ignored, we may need for society to collapse before we can rebuild it. Americans need to kill the beast that is killing us.

Resist. Talk to government employees. Try to persuade them that by working for a corrupt government they become an enemy of the people. If a government employee tries to enforce an Unconstitutional law, tell them that Nazis said they were just following orders, too. Don’t allow police, the TSA, or any other agency to illegally search you or take your DNA. Do not obey. Opt-out. Do not consent. Carry a copy of the US Constitution with you at all times.

Take out as many loans as you can. Don't pay them back. The government, corporations, and illegal immigrants don't have ethics, why should we?

Buy guns, gold, and stock up on emergency supplies. Be prepared. Anything can happen. Watch what happens to the stock market when the US stops printing money and goes bankrupt.

Increase your privacy. Buy prepaid anonymous phones. Take steps against Internet spying.

Look at countries where you can move to. Consider obtaining a new passport and renouncing your US citizenship.

Consider getting involved in a secession movement.

If things don’t improve and the government doesn’t return the rights of Americans, the US Constitution allows Americans to form a new government.

While I fervently hope this doesn’t happen, if all the above actions fail to return freedom to Americans, the USA may turn into a violent revolution one day.

Feel free to suggest other ideas that promote freedom.

Pass the word.

Arnold Schwarzenegger directly compares Trump and rioters to Nazis in scathing video by [deleted] in politics

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Americans think that you should use cash to buy Bitcoin and then you should buy gold that you can sell for cash.

10th January Update Current News (the insurrection act has been signed) by mrwizardd in politics

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Your belief in religion depends on your point of view.

You might think that atheism and religion are the same because they both depend on the unproven.

Nazis hate churches and say Christians are cucks for the Jews, but Fascists think that Nazis are moral because Fascists
hate homosexuals and masturbation.

Communists think that morality comes from the state.

Libertarians don't care if you are religious or not.

Christians think that Christianity must be the right choice because the elites are evil and hate Christians.