Derek Sloan, MP interviews Pastor Artur Pawlowski by christnmusicreleases in politics

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Originally published May 11, 2021

I had a chance to sit down and chat with Pastor Artur Pawlowski back in early April, a month before he was arrested on an Alberta highway for having the audacity to worship God in defiance of government restrictions. He told me all about the targeted harassment he’s faced at the hands of the authorities since this crisis began, and how much it reminds him of the life he experienced growing up under communist repression in Poland. He also shared a valuable lesson about surviving the wolves who now threaten Canadian freedom.

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The vaccine is totally safe folks. by InvoluntaryHalibut in videos

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Yes, strokes, heart attacks, and bruising over your entire body is all psychosomatic somehow.

Canada Montreal 2021 May 2 - People protesting by zyxzevn in NoNewNormal

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Based Quebeckers. Original picture is incorrect though, it's from a previous rally.

Short term, high-dose vitamin D supplementation for COVID-19 disease: a randomised, placebo-controlled, study (SHADE study) | Postgraduate Medical Journal by christnmusicreleases in news

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Basically proves what we already know already - Vitamin D prevents and cures infections.

Megadrought: Western USA Entering Worst Drought in 1200 Years by christnmusicreleases in ClimateSkeptics

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Today on TRUNEWS, host Edward Szall looks at the increasing mainstream science reports on the coming megadrought in the Western US. With forecasters saying that they haven’t seen anything like this in 1200 years, how will this impact the food supply and migration of people?

The team looks at the Biblical response to ‘climate change,’ and look at continued reports of a global cooling cycle.

Covid Passports Linked to 1933 Sanitary Treaty and 1944 Travel Certificates by christnmusicreleases in politics

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Today on TRUNEWS, host Edward Szall reports on how the CDC is doling out freedom on a piecemeal basis as the American population submits to the vaccination mandates. As preschoolers are masked and jabbed, there is an awakening of individuals who refuse to give in to the Covid plan.

The team also digs into the Chinese Communist origins of the World Health Organization.

Oscars ratings plummet to record low, 58.3% drop off from last year. by P-38lightning in news

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If your hope is in this world and this life, you've got the wrong focus.

All of these things are prophesied to occur. We need to be ready for eternity.

On the issue of censorship on Reddit in general, and regarding Christian and music subs by christnmusicreleases in censorship

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In case your head as been buried in the sand, you should have noticed by now that Reddit is looking more and more like an internment camp or locked-down Palestine these days. That's done intentionally. They will usually create an excuse: spam, self-promotion, monetization, etc. but it's really just about control, because most posters, like myself, are posting content for free. (All my websites continue to be free and ad-free, and are strictly community related, and my channels are free to join, and I operate them strictly as a free community service without any remuneration or any donations). Moderators in Christian subs here have wrongly accused people of having certain intentions without offering evidence. This is morally wrong, and stifles the Christian community in free expression.

Reddit was created by Zionist investors as a Digg replacement to control people's opinions, is overwhelmingly managed by bots, and some opinion managers based in Israel and America, and more recently, China.

Have you noticed that Christian subs will ban content out of the blue accusing them of various things in order to stifle Christian content? Also done by design. Non-Christian mods posing as Christians (along with some useful idiots that go along to get along) have been put in place in these subs to subvert, stifle and limit Christian free expression, whether it be in music, theology, or general Christian thought. They rile up division among the lines of ethnicity, nationality, and other insignificant differences: we are one race, the human race. This keeping the people down through division and censorship is a part of the Great socialist experiment, also known as the Great Reset - not just an economic reset due to Covid, but also a social reset where we lose our connections to our family, friends, community, church and most importantly, God.

I only post here occasionally to reach out to those who haven't found a better alternative, my main content is on other platforms. Let me list some:,, (upcoming),, and are some good choices. If you want something more Reddit like, of course there is and (be wary of Zionist agents posing as white racists here). Don't forget,, and other niche websites that cater to the security-aware and free-speech conscious.

Meanwhile, until I converse with you there on those platforms, if you're looking for free Christian music, playlists and release lists, with no hype, no drama and no spam, check out my main site:

Mr. Kelly Cole takes his son from a 3 year old rapper to Dove Award Winner by christnmusicreleases in videos

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In this episode we catch up with 2 time best selling author Kelly Cole to talk about his career as a manager to his son Aaron Cole. He talks about the hard work they put in, working with multiple record labels and casting the vision for Aaron to be an award winning artist. We also talk about how Kelly got into book writing and he gives advice on how anyone can write and publish their own books. Follow Kelly on all social platforms @Mrkellycole and check out his book writing master class at

The Book of Genesis (2016) | Full Movie | Venus Monique | Cabil Gibbs | Jordan Jones by christnmusicreleases in Christianity

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A woman in hiding tells the story of humanity in this inspiring Biblical drama exploring the beginning of man's relationship with God.

Written and Directed by Craig Cunningham Starring Venus Monique, Cabil Gibbs, Jordan Jones

Oscars ratings plummet to record low, 58.3% drop off from last year. by P-38lightning in news

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Blackpilled much?

Oscars ratings plummet to record low, 58.3% drop off from last year. by P-38lightning in news

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Good. MSM is trash.

MARK OF THE BEZOS: Amazon’s Palm Vein Scanner Freaks Out Christians by christnmusicreleases in news

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Today on TRUNEWS, host Edward Szall reports on the latest efforts to implement a global identification system, fulfilling the prophecies of Revelation 13. New pay-with-your-palm and facial recognition technology are providing an opportunity for ruling oligarchs to control the populations of nations.

The team also examines the latest on NATO’s aggression towards Russia, as Putin produces a phantom inflatable army to dupe the West. Finally, Israel’s impenetrable Iron Dome defense may have been compromised, as an ‘errant’ missile nearly hits the infamous Dimona nuclear development site.

Great News! California Lifts Church Gathering Restrictions | John MacArthur | Grace Community Church by christnmusicreleases in Christianity

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Full Interview with Pastor James Coates: