Just block port 53 in your firewall by [deleted] in privacy

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That's a good idea that I should have thought of as soon as DNS over HTTPS servers became popular.

My remaining issue with DNS is how to avoid tracking from whichever DNS server you choose. In this case, the author is using an AdGuard client and presumably AdGuard's DNS servers. I do, too, currently, but I do not want to have to trust any server individually.

I envision an at-home DNS server which uses any number of upstream resolvers which could use any one of traditional DNS, DNS over TLS, DNS over HTTPS, or DNSSEC, as you choose. Then send requests for name resolution of random domains throughout the day. Keep some responses for longer than the given time to live. Allow some statistical analysis locally to check how well masked your network traffic is to tracking.

The random polling could also run on a computer on the network, I suppose. Have a script which browses sites randomly. "Randomly" would have to mean choosing intervals which obfuscate other traffic on the network, probably start with a Poisson distribution.

Moms - Million Dollar Extreme comedy sketch by Schloss in videos

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I knew this was an iconic sketch but hadn't seen it yet. Thanks.

How can you drive traffic to your website? by Melissacrump in Internet

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I feel very strongly that the "blogs" which follow this advice are in fact, garbage ruining the internet. It has nothing to do with the roots or spirit of the internet.

s/jailbait banned for sexualizing minors by [deleted] in reclassified

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I want to agree with that and at first glance, yes, given sexual content between disparate groups, there's a line, but at that point we've started with a line between the example groups in the first place.

More than that, pornography was famously said to be difficult to define "but I know it when I see it" by Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart.

YouTube creators very recently have faced disabled comments and demonitization if YouTube determined that a video was "made for kids" with a list of factors creators should consider which are far from clear-cut.

reddit has banned subreddits for "a violation of Reddit’s content policy against sexual or suggestive content involving minors or someone who appears to be a minor" or similar, while something similar from a popular television show would get a pass elsewhere on the site.

edit: point is, child sexual abuse material and terrorism are where censorship starts. If it proceeds further it's often because the initial lines just... needed clarification... that's basically what reddit has said.

s/jailbait banned for sexualizing minors by [deleted] in reclassified

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First they came for s/jailbait, and I said How was that subreddit even a thing in the first place?--

Because I thought there was a ban on porn anyways.

Someone in /r/Physics provided an estimate for yield of Beirut explosion, and explains how he calculated those numbers. by FediNetizen in whatever

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I came up with 1kt earlier just by looking at the video and using nuke map. The fireball extends up to the neighboring building without going past it, which matches about the 1kt fireball radius.

Massachusetts Court Bans Legal Term 'Grandfathering' Due to Racist Past by scrubking in KotakuInAction

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This is the original reporting which imo should be the link used.

I realize now that this kind of news article--which discusses in context some government ruling/any announcement/any press release/any published paper--deserves TWO links in the post. 1. The source (in this case the court document) and 2. original (or later, if better written) news article

Internet Archive is censoring archived content by sproketboy in news

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These people seem well intentioned but are not technically savvy. I think they are confused.
The 404 page which IA is showing is a Medium 404 page. Therefore these people are claiming that the IA not only censors by briefly showing the censored material, but then by injecting a redirect to a fabricated 404 page under a false name. This ought to be obviously not the case.

To test what was happening I had to type the link in question from the video. It would have been nice for them to have included it in their description: web.archive.org/web/*/https://medium.com/@communismkills/here-are-the-companies-that-support-antifa-black-lives-matter-and-want-you-dead-1d79b1845f59

I got the same result, fine. So I clicked on one of the articles linked from the 404 page about mugs and cats (not censorship worthy). Immediately there were three odd redirects where the wayback machine complained of "301" or "302" or something before ending at a page. So right away it looks like the wayback machine webpage parser has troublesome, quirky behavior with medium's odd framework.

I went to the first article I could search for (looked for "medium ai article" and found a link formatted similar to the one in question) and it is some bland technology blog post which ALSO has the same 404 behavior:

So these people were incorrect. I will also note that the Wayback Machine DOES have some kind of blacklist, but it is much more straightforward. The result will say "This URL has been excluded from the Wayback Machine." See: https://web.archive.org/web/*/boards.4chan.org/b and I believe 99% of the time it's robots.txt exclusion (https://boards.4channel.org/robots.txt) but that other pages which are manually requested to be removed from the archive might also show the same message. I can't prove this but I drew this conclusion myself from previous observation.

Egyptian women sentenced to 2 years imprisonment for TikTok dance videos by Ifeanyiwrite in WorldNews

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I knew Egypt was Muslim but wow, it must truly be terrible living there under those rules. I noticed @haneenhossamm has been deleted but tiktok.com/@haniinhossam11 still has her videos, and from what I see she has her hair covered and is wearing long sleeved shirts and pants/dress in every video. It's amazing to realize that today, there exist people in governments who see this as a problem and see the solution to be to throw people into human cages.

edit: the guy's account is tiktok.com/@abdo_farhat and those videos are still up. They are just about the same in content as the women's videos but with less head covering.

Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship | The White House by [deleted] in politics

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Of course "preventing online censorship" in the name means this order creates censorship. If websites today all became liable for user-provided content there's no way in hell that in 2020 you're going to get nearly the same level of protection back in a new replacement law.
Look at the DMCA which in 2001/2002 everyone and their brother hated online because any company could take down a file from your website with just a letter. Nowadays DMCA counterclaims and the "burden" of sending notices to websites would never be included in any copyright law. The MPAA/RIAA, wouldn't let that kind of law get passed these days.
edit: there's a lot to parse in this order. It looks like it's trying to limit any possible political censorship. But in general I'm against regulating websites regardless of the intentions.

Historical programming-language groups disappearing from Google by [deleted] in programming

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It's okay, you can say "fuck" here.

MGMT - Time To Pretend by [deleted] in MusicVideos

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My favorite songs of theirs are the most popular ones, but I'll also suggest the following:
Check out MGMT's "Congratulations" and Post Malone's cover "Congratulations ft. Quavo" and Superorganism's cover of the cover
MGMT remixed "Evident Utensil" originally by Chairlift

Lorn - Acid Rain by invertebruh in music

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The top comment says this alludes to a Native American idea that when you die, you may dance and death must watch you, and that the wooden indian statue just inside the diner verifies this.

But there has been an indian statue in that spot in Cadillac Jack's, the place where this and many other music videos are filmed, for years so I don't think the statue is meaningful.

MGMT - Time To Pretend by [deleted] in MusicVideos

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Blasted this in angst in my car nearly every day in 2010.