When someone says trans women are women, use this. by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Because they have AGP and the only reason trans people were grouped with LGB in the first place was because the LGB wanted to make sure to include HSTS.

I was misgendered today. An older man said 'sorry sir' to me.lets see if you can guess my response.. 1. Screamed about the violence of this comment 2. Cried 3. Went about my day by Finally in GenderCritical

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'Dysphoria' is a misnomer. You can tell an anorexic that they're thin all day long and it'll do nothing to convince them. If a TiM's dysphoria was real, you could call them a man all day long and it would do nothing to convince them that they're not a woman.

It seems that to a certain extent transgenderism may end up destroying silicone valley as a world technology centre, they have no awareness that the rest of the world does not see the world as they do. by Esseteee in GenderCritical

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Why wouldn't they? All mass media is corporate. CNN and MSNBC I think would be considered center right in most of Europe. We have zero leftwing mainstream media. Even freaking NPR has sold out.

A TiM Has Now Made It Into the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. by carmellakimara in GenderCritical

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Whoa! I'm so glad you articulated this. I noticed something was very unnatural (he's more or less half moon shaped), but would you mind discussing artistic anatomy further? Heck, if you wanted to create an entire separate post discussing photography of biological men and women vs. TiMs and TiFs, I would love it.

That ban wave seems to have just started by deAccount in MeanwhileOnReddit

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California produces most of the US's food supply and conveniently I live here, so... You're likely the one that's going to suffer in regard to food, hope you like corn.

That ban wave seems to have just started by deAccount in MeanwhileOnReddit

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I have two minds about it; 50 separate boats with various alliances like the West Coast and Northeast alliances that were created because of poor federal government response to COVID-19, or the Northern states just simply take over once again and this time we take no prisoners. We stamp out every bit of "confederate" pride, but also eliminate all Reservations, all funding for Reservations, get rid of H1Bs, and completely deport any Chinese, Russian, and Saudi Arabian nationals.

We also need to establish English as our national language, because legally it's not.

I would also put heavy restriction on Muslims immigrating here, because their beliefs aren't compatible with western culture, and too many on the left refuse to admit it and Europe is having major problems with it right now.

That ban wave seems to have just started by deAccount in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Honestly? Native Americans conquered a ton of other Native Americans and didn't give them "Reservations." Much like we conceded too much to the Confederate States when they lost the civil war, IMHO we conceded way too much to the Native Americans, and they haven't even managed to do anything with it; just have obscene alcohol and domestic violence issues.

So it's come to this. by gparmesan in GenderCritical

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Someone mentioned this on /r/LGBDropTheT and so here I am. Thanks so much for creating it.