The House of Rothschild: Volume 2: The World's Banker: 1849-1999: Famously, it was the London house which advanced £4 million to Disraeli's government in 1875, allowing the British crown to acquire a substantial shareholding in the Suez Canal Company. by Jesus in Rothschilds

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Such flaming retardation. The Hitler and Stalin families were responsible for tens of millions of deaths, yet no one believes Germans or ex-Soviets control the world today. Yet if it's the Jews, retardation reigns.

In Microsoft Windows the Police May Get Access to All the Files (and That’s Almost Impossible to Stop, It’s Very Difficult to Prevent This) by [deleted] in TechCompanies

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What about gaming?

You don't have every game available in Linux, but you have several tens of thousands. And they often run faster than the Windows versions, with a higher framerate. So basically, if you can live without the last 25 triple-A games during the year they come out, Linux is as good as or better than windows for gaming.

William of Orange (William III) accepted a bribe of 2,000,000 guilders from the Marrano (crypto-jew) Antonio (Isaac) Lopez Suasso to invade England and overthrow its rulers, who were against the creation of a Central bank. by Jesus in Rothschilds

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Wow! This in explosive! The Jews secretly control the world!

Check out the Protocols of the Elders of Zion -- it goes into great detail on this.

And don't miss Mein Kampf -- it's an amazing book by an inspirational leader.

And if you agreed with anything I just wrote, you are a weak-minded, pathetic loser of a human being. I pity you.

"I Was Raped by Top Democrat Donor - I Know More Than You Will Ever Know About Their Evil" - Hollywood Actress Goes Off on Biden and Democrats by scrubking in politics

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Frankly, I'd still vote for Biden (while holding my nose) if he were a serial murderer. The stakes are too high. Another four years of historic nepotism, corruption, incompetence and criminal negligence will destroy the US.

Reddit response to a post about a trans identified male saying that when wombs become available he'll use them to make white babies. Antifa sub members are surprised and disappointed that trans fascism exists by Immortallogic in censorship

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Just reply "I'm not transphobic -- I fully support transvestites and transsexuals. It's the autogynephile posers that pretend to be trans that I don't accept".

They'll be so flabbergasted they won't know what to respond.

Reddit response to a post about a trans identified male saying that when wombs become available he'll use them to make white babies. Antifa sub members are surprised and disappointed that trans fascism exists by Immortallogic in censorship

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Reddit admins defend three groups to the death: transgenders (as seen everywhere, especially in the massacre of all gender critical subs), rapists (they insist on keeping dozens of hardcore rape and rape porn subs alive and well) and pedophiles (remember /r/jailbait? many others have popped up since and remain with impunity).

None of these groups -- transgenders, rapists and pedos -- is anywhere near big enough to generate any significant income at all for Reddit.

So we can be quite confident we know how Ohanian and co. spend their nights and weekends.

WARNING: Reddit collects metadata and tracking after latest update by ISaidWhatISaid in WatchRedditDie

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Every site can do this, and most do. There is a solution, however: the Tor Browser.

The reality of sex-change surgery. Author is a hardcore TRA, yet what she describes is horrifying by captchadog in GenderCritical

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Some highlights...

Returning home from the movie back in Louisiana, Carlie took a closer look at her new vulva. While most two-week-old post-op vulvas won’t be pretty to look at, Carlie was alarmed when she found a “large, thumb-sized piece of dead skin kind of floating out of it,” she says. The next morning, she called the emergency number she had been given and sent an email to Dr. Rumer’s office. On Monday, the office suggested Carlie email photographs of the area of concern so the surgeon could take a look. A few days later, Carlie and her mother say they heard from the doctor, who was on vacation and told Carlie she shouldn’t be concerned. If it continued to hurt, her mother, a retired surgeon, could cut off the hanging skin, Dr. Rumer said.

The advice shocked both Carlie and her mother. She says her genitalia smelled “horrible” and her labia was hanging by a thin string of skin. A week after the conversation with Dr. Rumer, Carlie says she visited a local gynecologist, who was alarmed and brought Carlie to Oschner Baptist Hospital in New Orleans for emergency surgery. Part of Carlie’s vagina had been affected by necrotizing fasciitis, an infection that’s a risk in any surgery. Generally, it results in a loss of tissue in the infected area.

A team of doctors, none of whom had experience with a post-op vulva or vagina—post-op genitalia are slightly different from their cisgender counterparts—operated on Carlie.

Reddit reports 18 percent reduction in hateful content after banning nearly 7,000 subreddits by [deleted] in news

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That's just uninformed. Reddits' admins are strongly pro-pedo, pro-rape and pro-trans. The Democratic party ain't.